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Intellitots Preschool is a fun and stimulating experience for young children. The preschool offers a creative learning environment where children are free to explore, express and experiment.  Located in DLF Phase IV close to Galleria, the preschool attracts children of discerning parents who are looking for a world class preschool.  The preschool also offers a high quality afterschool care program with a number of enrichment programs to choose from.

Intellitots preschool is known for their child friendly instructors and very good child teacher ratio. The school boasts of a child teacher ratio of 7:1 and has live music in classrooms with specialized and internationally trained staff for musical drama, storytelling, baby yoga and phonics instruction. The classrooms are air-conditioned and there are a number of specialized outdoor areas for physical activity. Parents are regularly invited to interact with teachers, watch morning assembly  and volunteer for storytelling sessions and other activities.

The child-focused creative curriculum developed and followed by Intellitots revolves around development of vocabulary related to real world themes, with an emphasis on the development of language and numeracy skills. The preschool values the uniqueness of each child as a competent learner who is eager to learn and can be resilient and self-assured given a secure and stimulating environment. Intellitots strives to get children to experience the joy and highs of learning and set them on the path of becoming confident and successful individuals.

Mausmi Dubey, mother of 4 year old Anahita states ‘Intellitots according to me has  a unique environment for young children which is a combination of intelligence, creative skills and affection that helps them to stimulate their young minds. The structure of their programs are designed and formulated to bring out the creative skills in every child and they are committed towards effective child development. My daughter has been associated with them for over a year and we are very pleased with her development. The best part is that she looks forward to coming here every day.’

Landline : 0124 – 4223860
MOB : 9990800892
ADD : Intellitots Learning, 4101 DLF Phase IV, Near Vipul Square(Naivaidyam), Gurgaon
Email :


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Amiown Pre-School

Junior Wing of Amity International School

Sector 27, Gurgaon.

Contact – Admin 99-711-33582 ( Nancy)


Age Criteria

For Prenursery: 2+ as on 31st March 2010 (or children born between 1st April ’07 and 31st March ’08)

a)      Forms are only available online. The admission for pre-nursery is over first, then comes nursery.


Amiown Pre-School is the junior branch of Amity International Schools (they have in sector 45 Gurgaon). When I went to the school, the orientation process (student-teacher-parent interaction) for the pre-nursery classes was going on. Without doubt, so many parents and kids were present there. This pre-school is situated in Sector 27 and it not very far off from the main Amity Int School building in sector 45.

There was a havan ( religious offering to God) going on during the orientation. Many parents I talked too seemed quite happy with this change and way of orientation day. The entire admission process takes a lot of time from filling online forms, submitting them online or by hand, waiting for approval list, selection list and then admission but the parents were saying that the entire process was quite systematic.

Everything was displayed on the school’s reception and its notice board. The school had ample space, spacious classrooms, auditorium, green play area and lawn. The use playway method for the kids.

However, it just seemed like an ordinary playschool. There was nothing that Amiown offers and other schools don’t. What I mean to say is, there was lack of innovation and creativity. Maybe it is too early to say ( as they are just 2 years old in pre-schools) but when you compare them with other playschools in Gurgaon ( read ibambini, idiscoveri etc) you feel there is a lot of room for improvement.

The children who will be admitted to pre-nursery and nursery of Amiown will automatically graduate to Amity International’s formal school ( unline Mother’s Pride and Presidium).

The student teacher ratio is 1:20 with 2 maids. The timimngs for pre-nursery ( as told  to me ) is 9:30 to 12:30 pm.

Here is the approximate look at the fee structure:

For pre-nursery

  1. One time admission charges – 35,500
  2. Quarterly – 14K
  3. Approximately comes to – 7,500 per month
  4. Books, uniform and transport extra.


For Nursery – The admission fee is 35,000.

As Always – I would request you to please let me know your views on the Amiown Pre-School and also on Amity International in sector 45 Gurgaon.

 Detailed Review of Panchatantra Montessori School, Sushant Lok II



Block G, Phase 2,  

Sushant Lok,


Haryana – 122001


Landline – 0124 – 4228867

M – 9810192432

Fax – 0124 – 4228868

Emails –,

website –


In my attempt to find best-preschools in Gurgaon, I chanced upon this new and yet to start school earlier and was turned away for not being on time !

Read My Previous Review Here

But I made it a point to make a visit yet again.

Panchatanta school will start their first ever session in April 2010, though the school is still in its developing form. Main Highlights of the school are:

  1. Hard-Core Montessori system of Education Read More About Montessori Method of Education ( more details below)
  2. Great aids ( audio, video, pictorial etc) for children of all age groups to hone their motor skills
  3. Spacious, centrally-air-conditioned classrooms with great furniture, ample play area for kids to play, reading corner etc
  4. Montessori lab – an area where the school will focus on concept building though various aids. Emphasis to be given on numbers, alphabets, counting, time knowledge, geography ( for higher classes of-course),  number composition, phonetics ( not a normal school with Alphabets hanging on board)
  5. All rooms are well lit, spacious with low-seating arrangement
  6. Splash Pool in the making
  7. Kitchen for kids that involves easy, no fuss methods of cooking that would be introduced to the kids
  8. Potters room – where kids would learn the art of pottery making
  9. In a bid to compensate for the lack of play area inside the school, the school is working on building up a playground right in front ( a park) that will be fenced and used exclusively for school
  10. Music and dance room
  11. Art and Craft room
  12. The age for nursery admission is 4 years. The child should be 4 years as on March 2010 to be admitted to Nursery. The school is following the new rule.
  13. The 2-3 year old child will be admitted to Settling Programme ( 3 hours a day)
  14. The 3-4 year old kid – Pre-Nursery
  15. 4-5 yr olds – Nursery and so on
  16. The school will provide meals for the kids
  17. The school will follow CBSE pattern for higher classes
  18. Planning to expand on Faridabad Gurgaon highway in next few years
  19. The principal Shukla Haldar has another school Mira Nursery (Mothers International affiliated) and is hiring teachers from that school too.


Currently the pre-school is only till class 2. They do not plan to get into daycare. My opinion is that the school definitely looks promising in next few years. With all the aids that they have and if they employ it judicially, it could turn out to be a good institution to send your kid to.

Right now, all the facilities are still in the making and it would be too early. I would rather prefer to wait for another year until the school settles completely and then get my child admitted next year.

About The Principal Ms Shukla Haldar ( I found this info on Internet)

Ms. Shukla Haldar is a Montessorian, a painter and a singer. She did her post graduation in the fine arts from Chennai and was then drawn into Early Childhood Education. She joined the London Montessori Centre and distinguished herself as a gold medallist.

Over the last 19 years, she has effectively used a child-friendly method of conceptual learning as the Headmistress of Mira Nursery School, New Delhi. She has been conducting Montessori workshops for various schools in Delhi. She has also authored an early childhood education series and is presently involved with a series on environment for classes one to five.  

I am not very sure but Ms Haldar seems to have co-authored a book called Cursive Strokes (for primary classes I believe). 

About Fee Structure

For session 2010 – 2011

Settling Programme ( 2-3 year olds)

Admission Fee ( One time) – 20,000

Caution Money ( Refundable) – 10,000

Facility Charges ( Per annum) – 15,000 ( 7,500 half year)

Session Fee ( Per Annum) – 10,000 ( 5,000 half year)

Meals ( Per Annum) – 12,000 ( 6, 000 half year)

Tuition Fee ( Per Annum) – 40,000 ( 10,000 per quarter)

Total – 1,07,000

( This is what I got from the Pamphlets at the school)

Drawbacks Of School:

1. Controversy regarding Montessorie method. Would the children studying here be able to match upto other kids in school?

2. Lack of Open space – No lush playgrounds for your kids. The one that is in the making is still very small are not inside the school premises.

3. Montessorie method is very new in India. Parents are still new to it. Would they trust them?

4. Fee structure – They do match upto thier neighbours..Scottish High and Presidium..But I wish they also offered same open playgrounds and ample space for extra-curricular acitivities. High Fees.

Would love to hear the review of you parents.

Alpine Convent School

Sector 56, Behind Jalvayu Towers,

Near More departmental store,



Telephone : +91 124 2306064/2339802

Classes: Pre KG to 8



Other locations


 Sec.-38, Next to Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon 

Sec.- 15, Behind govt. Girls college, Gurgaon



In my bid to find best pre-schools in Gurgaon, which also cater to higher education, I decided to visit Alpine Convent School as it was quite near to my place. Alpine Convent School reminds you of your childhood school that has teachers who look and behave exactly like your childhood teachers ( I hope  you can relate to what image I am trying to project) and doesn’t have that “modern” “commercial” look and feel to it. Not in a bad sense though I rather liked the school.

These days we are so much into schools that just want to “sell” you their product ( read Mother’s Pride and Presidium) that you actually get shocked when a school doesn’t try to do so. ( Atleast I felt so, other parents might have different opinion).

The school follows a CBSE Board but is currently only till class 8th, with obvious plans to expand. The minimum age your child can get admission into Alpine is 2.5 years (in Playgroup). The school has very normal looking classrooms ( we could only see ground floor) and it did looked it was 8 years old! But the classrooms had everything that a child needs to learn from, colourful tables, ample space ( better than Presidium’s classrooms!) and lots of props for children to use.

Regarding infrastructure, the school boasts of a roof-top swimming pool, in-house auditorium, skating rink, library, toy room and other facilities including daycare. The school transport is available all over Gurgaon. The school runs Day Boarding for all classes from 2 – 5 PM. The day-boarding classes are held after the school hours till 5 p.m. The student’s are served hot, nutritious lunch. 

Fee Structure 2010 – 2011


One Time Charge      

Pre Mont to Mont III 

Registration – 100

Admission Charges – 18,500

Caution Money (Refundable) – 1000

Annual Charges

Educational Enrichment Funds (Treks and Tours, Subject Support, Functions) – 3150

In House Activities – 1500

Library, Magazine, AV Lab – 675

Medical – 300

Quarterly Charges

Tuition fee – 2250X3

Added Facilities (Optional)


Mid Day Meal (1:30 pm) – 800

Day Boarding with Lunch (2:00 to 5:00 pm) – 2250

Day Boarding – 1450

Transport – 550 to 1000 (depends on location)

Uniform – 1500 (Summer)

Books – 1300

If anybody’s child is studying in Alpine Convent, please let me know your views.

Indus World School

Plot No- 4109, DLF, Ph-IV,

Opposite Galleria Towers,

Near Mothers Pride,

Gurgaon, Haryana 122009,


+91 124 4059866/4059867

Website –



Mrs. Indira Ganeshan

C 30/3 Institutional Area,

Sector 62,

Noida – 201301

Ph: 0120 647 9666 / 647 9667



Indus World School is started by people who found Career Launcher, India’s no.1 academy to prepare people for competitive examinations. Its founders are the alumina of IIT and IIM, so it came as a surprise to us when the school’s Principal told us, “We are not here to get your child admitted to IIT or IIM. We are here to provide him/her what his interest is!”

“If your child is interested in music, we will tell him to go to Royal College of Music, Trinity.” Impressive.

It was the first school where I was not doing the talking but my husband was ( because his ideology matched with the principal’s). The Gurgaon school is till grade 3 and plans to extend till class 12th. However, there are no exams till grade 3, only assessment. The junior school (up through Standard II) is called “Ananda.” The school with classes above Standard II to VIII is called “Jigyasa” and students from IX and X is called “Sadhana.”

The Indus World School was established by IIT and IIM alumni comprising of R. Satya Narayanan, Gautam Puri, Nikhil Mahajan, Sujith Bhattacharya, R. Srinivasan, D. Vijay Kumar and Shiv Kumar who wished to create “a place of learning with a difference”.

The principal at the Gurgaon branch told us that the teachers of this school undergo a mandatory training for 10 odd days and only then they enter to teach. Also, they do not believe in “Franchise” systems like their neighbours Mother’s Pride and DPS.

“We are not DPS. We have learned our lessons,” the principal, who has more than 20 years of experience, told us. This Gurgaon branch will only operate till class 3 but the school has acquired land on Sohna Road and will have a campus till class 12th there.

Sports are a part of the school curriculum. Till class VI, all students are expected to play at least three sports. After class VI, students pick up the sport they enjoy the most and work at attaining a level of expertise in that sport.

Some of the sports at IWS are cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, athletics, hockey and badminton.

In class IX, students who show promise in a particular sport graduate to sports academies. These are residential academies where the students can hone their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. ( from wikipedia)

All IWS buildings are Wi-Fi enabled and VoIP will be used for teacher training.

So if you are looking for best pre-school in Gurgaon, where they don’t focus on “teaching” but enhancing your skills, then this is the best school. It is a school which has a class-apart ideology and are not into money-making or extracting money like its other counterpart schools.

The building and design of the school will make you get nostalgic about your own school. Though we did not get the chance to see the school’s classrooms from inside ( as it was closed on Saturday), but whatever we saw was very basic, all that a child needs at this age.

Fee Structure


Session 2010 – 2011


Security Deposit – 10,000 ( Refundable)

  1. Registration – 500
  2. Admission Fee – 15,000 ( One Time)
  3. Tuition Fee – 9000 ( quarter)
  4. Annual Charges – 8000 ( every year)
  5. Transportation charges extra


Block G/2, Sushant Lok II,

Sector 57, Gurgaon- 122011, Haryana

Tel : 0124- 4117015, 9313402801

website – 



My First Memories

The very first time I heard about Mother’s Pride group of schools was way back in 2003. I was working an intern at The Hindu newspaper and was assigned to cover this school’s annual function. The first question that came to my mind when my editor Mr. Ashok Kalkur told me about it was – How can a paper like The Hindu cover a playschool’s annual function? Well the reason was simple. The Chief Guest of the function was M. Venkaiah Naidu, the well known Indian politician.

Though I wasn’t a mother back then (not even married) but I could make out the school’s policies were more focused on getting media publicity rather than anything else. The function was held in a big auditorium in Delhi (sorry don’t recall the name now) and had huge media presence just because of the politician.

Small children (must be around 2 to 3 years old) were made to dance and recite rhymes with teachers. Good effort but I really wish everything was no so over the top. They were made to wait a long time since the Chief Guest’s visit was delayed by 2 hours. I hope they were well taken care of back stage.

About Presidium Gurgaon

Well I am not going to delve into more details of that function way back in 2003 but tell you about how I found Presidium Gurgaon – the formal school of Mother’s Pride, which is also going to start its first batch of playgroup this year (2010). The child should be 2 plus by March 2010 to be admitted to their playgroup. They have pre-nursery, nursery, kinder garden as well.

The Presidium Gurgaon is till class 8th but plans to be till 12th, by adding successive batches each year. The school follows CBSE pattern and boasts of great infrastructure, provision of extracurricular activities, computer education from pre-nursery onwards, centrally air-conditioned classrooms, taekwondo and much more.

The classrooms for playgroup and nursery are obviously well-done. Smart tables, small chairs, lots of toys, blocks etc etc. However, I did find them to be a bit small in size. My personal opinion.

I believe that if small children are given a lot of room and space (rather than too many tables and chairs and toys) that will be good for them. You yourself are a better judge. If you leave your child in a small for say 1 hour would he/she be happier to just sit there or rather in an open room (like they have in iBambini or iDiscoveri playschools). You know the answer.

Fee Structure

Roughly till class 3 – 1 lacs 16 thousand annually


Registration – 25

Admission – 200

Caution Deposit – 500

Annual Charges (payable annually) – 12,000

Development & Others – 10,000

Tuition Fees (4800 per month) – 14,400 (quarterly)

Transport (1500 per month) – 4500 (quarterly)

Book Set – 4500 (not applicable for playgroup)

Hocus Pocus Bronze Album – 10,000

Total – 56, 125

My Observations

  1. The kids admitted to Mother’s Pride (the playschool) do NOT automatically get admission in Presidium (the formal school). The branches are Not interlinked. They are competing against each other. So why would most sensible parents want to admit their kids in Mother’s Pride? Wont they just choose Presidium?
  2. From next session onwards (we were told this by Kamayani, one of the person from Admin) that you MUST get your child admitted this year itself because the school will make it mandatory for every parent to pay TWO LACS ( 2 lakhs) as Donation ( 1 lakh plus fee separate) We must admit now or regret later!! I found this VERY Commercial. Looked like we are at the table striking a business deal rather than admitting our kid to some educational institution!
  3. Unlike Mothers Pride, which offers Corporate Discounts, there is no such facility in Presidium. They are just “different” :–)
  4. There was a stark similarity between the reception areas of their next door neighbour “Scottish High International School” and Presidium. Both have a huge entrance, hotel-like lobby with two coffee tables on side and a reception with two ladies! ( talk about competition) The Presidium Gurgaon is not only Scottish’s number one competitor in fee structure ( both have 1 lakh plus fee annually) but also in infrastructure.  
  5. There are several complaints of Mothers Pride in Consumer Complaints India forum, Mouth Shut website and many other blogs ( if you want the link I can forward you, mail me at My question is..Is it only from parents who cannot afford it and hence vent out or are the parents who have put their children in these schools foolish? I just want to know why there aren’t so many complaints of other playschools as well. The ratio was really less.
  6. I would like to hear from other parents whose kids have studied in Presidium and they are happy. Tell me something more than celebrating grandparent’s day or baby shows.


This is my bid to find the best playschool, nursery school and formal school in Gurgaon. Let’s see where Presidium will feature.

Presidium Locations

1. Ashok Vihar :

PS 2, C-3 Block, Ashok Vihar, Phase II, New Delhi. Tel : 011- 4178 1100, 9310981302

2. Dwarka :

Sector – 16B, Dwarka Phase II, HAF Pocket – A, New Delhi. Tel : 011- 32418882, 9311585474, 9312982169

3. Pitampura :

Near Agrasen Bhawan, Behind Rama Market, Pitampura, New Delhi. Tel : 011- 47591101, 9310981306

4. Gurgaon :

Block G/2, Sushant Lok II, Sector 57, Gurgaon- 122011, Haryana Tel : 0124- 4117015, 9313402801

5. Indirapuram

Habitat Centre, Indirapuram Tel: 9311819385, 9310134353

iDiscoveri Preschool and Daycare

Location : (Near Shaheed Bakthawar Chand Chowk), Nursery School Site (Adjacent park), Sector 46

Postal Code : 122002

Telephone : +91 9212804500/9818208833

Location 2 : Park View City 1, Sector 48,

Sohna Road

Postal Code : 122018

Telephone : +91 124 4307520/4307521





iDiscoveri believes in one motto – “Every child is a star” and that is evident from the way they treat kids. Just like a star. This pre-school has a three hour program for toddlers where they tend to learn and absorb quite a lot. The kids first go to their respective classrooms and place their bags and water bottles in their respective places that have their names imprinted on it. This way they tend to recognize their names slowly (through daily repetition) and by the end of the month or two, try and keep their things there.

(Having individual cubby holes with their names also ensures that the school follows the concept of maintaining the student teacher ratio to 15:1.)

Then comes the task of putting today’s day and date on a small board followed by weather. Though you might feel that it is too early for them to learn about day and dates (and weather would be last thing on your mind!) but the school believes that through repetition, they would get a fair amount of idea of all this. This may take time (a month or maybe more) but if your kid imbibes just 50% of what they are trying to teach, that’s more than enough.

Another thing that I really about the school is – their green and environment friendly approach. All classrooms have different coloured three dustbins for bio-degradable wastes and other waste. All the children are taught to put the respective waste in its dustbin. And instilling this habit at this tender age would be a great step to a greener environment.

The school also gives kids a chance to explore themselves. There are separate corners for reading, writing and maths in the room. Depending upon what the child’s interest is the child is given a chance to explore it. Every week the assessment is sent to every parent for the child’s progress.

In a bid to hone their physical skills, the school also has a jungle gym, a sand pit and most interestingly – the kitchen garden with small water tumblers. Each child gets a chance to be close to nature and explore the way the small “baby” seeds develop and blossom into “big” plants. The concept is wonderful.

The pre-school also gives a lot of emphasis to dance and music. Once in every week, the kids are taken to music and dance room, which is on first floor, and given a chance to dance in front of mirrors. The floor also has a play den area, which houses a miniature kitchen with small utensils, a replica of refrigerator, toy cars for boys, doll house for girls and much more.

They also have a day care facility (where the kids get to sleep on small beds) till 5:30 pm and serve food there. After coming back from this school, I actually felt that all the three hours that my kid will spend there, he would be well taken care of and would learn immensely. Not like other schools, where they fail to tell details about their delivery mechanism system and you keep asking, “ What will you do in 3 hours?”

I would love to hear views of all other parents who have sent their kids here. I am highly impressed by this pre-school in Gurgaon. I went to see the Sector 46 branch and the principal’s name is Shalini ( a wonderful, gracious lady, who herself took the pain to tell us about all the aspects of her school). Most other schools I have been to usually task junior teachers to do so. They also have a branch in Sohna Road in Bestech city. I have yet to see this school. I would like to hear views of all the parents who have put their kid here.

A bit more about the school.



The iDiscoveri XSEED preschool curriculum, XSEED is scientifically designed keeping in mind how each child can learn best. It is built around the most recent evidence from child psychology, brain based research and experience of leading practitioners.

The curriculum draws from Western and Eastern educational philosophy, like the works of Sri Aurobindo, Howard Gardner, J.Krishnamurthy, Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori and most importantly our own work with children over the last decade.

The curriculum integrates children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

Theme based learning: Children learn better when they can make connections between what they know and the knowledge being imparted to them.

Fee Structure

Though on the higher end, but it will be worth.

  1. Admission form – 500 ( One time)
  2. Admission fees – 6000 ( One time)
  3. Administrative fees – 1500 ( yearly)
  4. Event charges reimbursement – 450 ( quarterly)
  5. Activity and stationery charges reimbursement – 500 ( monthly)
  6. Tuition fees – 3900 ( monthly)
  7. Transport – upto eight kms – 1650 ( monthly)


This is the search for my best pre-schools in Gurgaon. And iDiscoveri pre-school Gurgaon is definitely in the list.

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