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Amiown Pre-School

Junior Wing of Amity International School

Sector 27, Gurgaon.

Contact – Admin 99-711-33582 ( Nancy)


Age Criteria

For Prenursery: 2+ as on 31st March 2010 (or children born between 1st April ’07 and 31st March ’08)

a)      Forms are only available online. The admission for pre-nursery is over first, then comes nursery.


Amiown Pre-School is the junior branch of Amity International Schools (they have in sector 45 Gurgaon). When I went to the school, the orientation process (student-teacher-parent interaction) for the pre-nursery classes was going on. Without doubt, so many parents and kids were present there. This pre-school is situated in Sector 27 and it not very far off from the main Amity Int School building in sector 45.

There was a havan ( religious offering to God) going on during the orientation. Many parents I talked too seemed quite happy with this change and way of orientation day. The entire admission process takes a lot of time from filling online forms, submitting them online or by hand, waiting for approval list, selection list and then admission but the parents were saying that the entire process was quite systematic.

Everything was displayed on the school’s reception and its notice board. The school had ample space, spacious classrooms, auditorium, green play area and lawn. The use playway method for the kids.

However, it just seemed like an ordinary playschool. There was nothing that Amiown offers and other schools don’t. What I mean to say is, there was lack of innovation and creativity. Maybe it is too early to say ( as they are just 2 years old in pre-schools) but when you compare them with other playschools in Gurgaon ( read ibambini, idiscoveri etc) you feel there is a lot of room for improvement.

The children who will be admitted to pre-nursery and nursery of Amiown will automatically graduate to Amity International’s formal school ( unline Mother’s Pride and Presidium).

The student teacher ratio is 1:20 with 2 maids. The timimngs for pre-nursery ( as told  to me ) is 9:30 to 12:30 pm.

Here is the approximate look at the fee structure:

For pre-nursery

  1. One time admission charges – 35,500
  2. Quarterly – 14K
  3. Approximately comes to – 7,500 per month
  4. Books, uniform and transport extra.


For Nursery – The admission fee is 35,000.

As Always – I would request you to please let me know your views on the Amiown Pre-School and also on Amity International in sector 45 Gurgaon.


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