News And Events

November Events

1. Blogger Meet Up by Tommy Hilfiger

Date – Nov 22

About – Now that all the festive rush has gone by and Children’s Day is just around the corner, we thought why not invite You and your kid for a day out with Tommy Hilfiger! We cordially invite you for a Store Tour cum Bloggers Meet Up in celebration of the successful launch of Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear Stores. As you interact with fellow Mommy Bloggers and Fashion Bloggers of Delhi, let you kids have a great time playing around with one another.
We’ll start with a Store-Tour wherein we will take you through the Store and familiarize your with the TH Childrenswear merchandise, followed by an Open House session where we’ll discuss Kids & Fashion and everything that comes in between.
Venue: Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear Store, South Ex – Pt- 1 Market, New Delhi
Date: 22nd November 2010
Time: 05:00 pm (Tentative)

2. The Child who Loves Colours”

Date – Nov 27, 2010

Place – iDiscoveri Preschool, Sector 46, Gurgaon.

About – The 4th Annual Event of iDiscoveri Preschool SECTOR 46 GURGAON
on the 27th of November 2010 at 1130 hours
“The Child who Loves Colours”
for INVITES please send request mail to

December Events

1. Teacher Development Programme at Chennai by SchoolScape

Dec 10

About –

The Teacher Development Programme being conducted by SchoolScape is aimed at working teachers and parents to enable them to work with children in the second phase of development, from 6 yrs to 12 yrs; Classes 1 to 8.
The programme is being conducted to give schools an opportunity to bring in changes in the classroom systematically and easily in tune with current ideas of education, discussed elaborately in the NCF (National Curriculum Framework) documents, which are also the basis for the RtE Act.
With the programme timed to start from the December holidays, it would prepare the participating educators to bring in changes from the next academic year. The Montessori programme for this age group makes it possible for schools and professionals to decide how the principles and practices could be incorporated into a regular classroom.
The course would help the teachers ensure that they are effective in helping children to learn constructively, rather than mechanically; comprehensively rather than in bits and pieces; with understanding, rather than merely by rote.  The teacher would be able to see the evidence of her efforts in a short time as children explode into learning along with a feeling of responsibility and a psycho-social development.
Benefiting the child, the parent and the professional educator, while the composite learning levels of the school are also raised, the Teacher Development Programme will be multi-beneficial.
The focus of the TDP would be on learning the pedagogy that is intended to be practiced in the schools or education programmes. There would be a heterogeneous mix of lecture-discussions, demonstration of activities, experiential learning, presentations, seminars, group reading, observation, written assignments, games & exercises, practice sessions, along with opportunities for reflection that will all be used as a means to help the participants to discover their own potential.
Skills like singing, art work, leading a discussion, story telling, writing and reading will also be built in seamlessly into the programme.
The subjects studied would be
Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Geometry, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Art
Principles of Montessori theory and practice
Democracy and relationship to school and society
Alternative education in India
Education thinkers and practitioners
Reading will be suggested as part of the course and assignments given pertaining to the subjects being done.
Recommended books could be bought, borrowed or shared
Eligibility & Expectations of the participants
The participant needs to be an adult of 18 years or above on the day the course commences
Fluency in English will help the student to understand better as this is the medium of instruction for the course
(If, participants require translation, a especial person could be appointed and the costs shared among the trainees who opt for it; be it Tamil or French or…) 
Being a graduate of any stream will be preferable
The time schedule of the assignments as and when given need to followed
(The programme being intensive, steady work through the period will enable participants to pace the course work and complete assignments on time.)
Each individual is expected to contribute to being a member of the collective class
It is the assumption that one respects one another, with love, empathy and acceptance.
A commitment to practicing the learning in one’s work and in life would help to bring cogency to the group.
The Course fee: INR 25, 000/
Administration Fee; Rs 5000
Examination fee: Rs 2000/ to be paid by June 2011
Rs 10,000 can be paid with the application and the rest could be paid by Dec 20th, 2010
Fee is not returnable if for any reason the participant is not able to complete the course.
However, if the participant withdraws within 7 days of the course commencing, 50% of the full course fee paid will be returned.
Each participant may incur a further expenditure approx 10,000/- (approx) towards material being given or made by themselves.
Heads of schools, trainers and other interested people could attend one class or a number of classes for a particular subject. They will be observers.
The per day fee will be Rs 400/
Half a day fee will be: Rs 250/
No certificate of attendance or any letter will be given.
Permission has to be sought in advance for attending specific classes.
Admission Procedure
Submit the signed application form with two passport size photographs
Please enclose along with the application form a cv with details of your school, college and further studies
All educational and other details should be supported with attested copies of documents
The first instalment of Rs 10,000 has to be paid by 3rd Dec. The balance amount needs to be paid by the 20th of Dec, 2010. The total amount of the fee (except for the examination fee) needs to be paid before attending the classes
With the application form, a write-up on “My Childhood”, written as spontaneously as possible, should be submitted in one’s own handwriting.
An interview will be held after registering on a date notified to those who register
A letter of admission will be sent after the interview
For registration and other details, contact us at 99410 25046 / 43123363 or send your mail to

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