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List Of Best  Schools In Amritsar

1. DAV Public School
Address: Lawrence Road, Amritsar – 143001
Phone : 91-183-224603
Fax : 91-183-212793
Website –

About –  The school started in 1982 in the B.B.K. College canteen with 200 students and 12 teachers. Today this CBSE affiliated school boasts of  6000 students and over 390 members of teaching & non-teaching staff. 

The modern infrastructure offers a rich spectrum of facilities including five State-of-Art computer labs, well equipped science labs, multimedia halls with LCD projector, well stocked computerized three-storeyed library with 46656 books, 44 Journals, 12 Newspapers, seminar hall, Fine art labs, Music rooms,  Dance rooms, Sitar room, Activity & Creativity rooms, Yoga, Judo & Boxing rooms,  Gymnasium,  Billiard room, Table Tennis room,  Planetarium at junior school,  Science park with open air gadgets, Hygienic tuck shop with nutritious food options,  Separate sub-station for uninterrupted power supply.
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2.  DAV International School, Amritsar
Address: Bye Pass Road, Verka Chowk
Amritsar, Punjab 143501
Phone : +91-183-2264788 / 3292700
Fax: +91-183-2265011
Email Addresses
Enquiries and General Information:

About – The school which started its amazing journey with its establishment in 1998 by the DAV’s visionaries with just 187 students and 10 teachers now firmly and proudly stands as a premier institute with 3800 students and about 175 teachers.
It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Sprawling over 8.5 acres of lush green lawns and nestled amidst highly picturesque & truly wordsworthian surroundings at Verka By-Pass Road, the school provides pollution-free & study-friendly environs for the healthy growth of its pupils. Ergonomically constructed, the three storey school building is well-equipped with all the modern infrastructure and the state-of-the-art facilities.
The school boasts of an excellent infrastructure. It has a fully computerized, well stocked library, Audio-Video room with d audio-visual aids for helping the students learn or for helping the faculty set up the curricula.
The school building comprises of Academic & Administrative Blocks, rich library, Multimedia Room, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Maths Lab, a Fully AC Conference Hall, ‘THE TWINKLING STARS’ , a separate Block for the Pre Nursery & Nursery students. IPA Room, Audio Video Room, JIL Room, Art & Craft Room, Music Room, Dance Room, Skating Room, Basketball Court, Yoga Room, a Yajna Shala, Traffic Park, and fountains are the other significant features of the school.
A National Integration Rose Park based on Geometric Shapes (Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle and Pentagon) comprising of 675 different roses of different colours have been planted. Thus this state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the modern amenities and its beautiful landscaping combined with study-friendly class rooms provide a perfect academic ambience and an ideal nurturing ground for a child to grow up as a complete personality.
•Aesthetically designed campus,
•Airy, well-lit, smart “Technology Enabled” classrooms,
•A Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of about 100 people,
•State-of-the-art Computer Labs with multimedia, Well equipped Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths),
•Computer Aided Learning,
•Yajna Shala,
•Library with the latest books, Internet access & CDROM library, educational cassettes,
•Art & Craft Studio,
•Music & Dance Room,
•Sports such as Badminton, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Aerobics, Skating, Athletics, Chess, Jump Rope & other indoor games,
•Fitness Centre / Health Gym,
•Medical Room – Regular health check-ups, Vaccination camps are organised every year in the school premises,
•Counseling & Orientation programme for students, parents and staff,
•Cultural Resource Centre,
•A hygienic School Canteen.
Admissions – Registration will be open to all irrespective of caste, colour or creed. Priority will be given to Wards of the staff, Real brother/sister of the student on rolls and General category particularly on first come first serve basis. The final decision of admission will remain with the principal, please do not request a meeting with the principal to clarify issues and questions about the admission process or policy.
Admissions are open for Classes Pre-Nur. – X for Academic Session 2009-2010.
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3. Spring Dale School, Amritsar
Address: Fatehgarh Road, Amritsar – 143 001 Punjab (India)
Phone no
+91-183-2710011, 2711764, 5016233, 5016244, 5016255
Fax no
Website –

Facebook Page –

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About –  The foundation stone of the institute was laid by Bhagat Puran Singh, in 1981, who was a famous social worker. Mr. S. Surinder Singh Sandhu and Late Mrs. Davider Pal Kaur Sandhu were also instrumental in doing the groundwork for setting up this institution. The motto of the school is ‘Excelsior’. The school provides individual care for students in the age group of six to eighteen years. They have a junior school in Green Avenue Amritsar.


State-of-the-Art Laboratories  
We at Spring Dale Senior School, believe in imparting knowledge through practical applications.  We have made sincere efforts in setting up ultra modern laboratories for teaching various subjects in an all effective and interesting way.

Smart Class
Smart class is a digital initiative of Spring Dale that transforms teaching through the apt use of technology.  With this innovative and meaningful use of technology, we aim at bringing abstract concepts to life, making learning ever more effective and enjoyable.

Mathematical laboratory
Mathematics laboratory set-up is another added facility that we at Spring Dale provide.  Being activity-centered, the child is placed in problem solving situation and through exploration, he or she provides a solution based on his or her experience, needs, and interests. The students here perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games and solve mathematical puzzles.

Computer Labs
A network of 200 computers well connected with ISDN facility guarantees individual access to computer for each student. These computer labs are separate for the students of junior, senior and pre-college wing.

Science Park
Science Park makes science principles become very engaging and engrossing for the students. When they learn various scientific concepts like mechanics, sound, light, meteorology etc. in informal ways before them, they no more dread the complexities. The students actually get a clear insight into it and get innovative.

Space lab
The unique concept of space lab widens the horizon of young minds and enters them into the enticing world of research. They become aware and dream to explore the unexplored.

Audio-visual Labs
The school has three A/V rooms that concretize the concepts in book for the students. It catalyses the understanding process and clears many doubts that students generally have when they read only through the books.

Davinder Pal Center for Performing Arts

Confidence and Self-belief is what one derives through participation and performance.
The real world demands performance and practicality. We not only endeavor to teach distinctive arts to our students, rather we wish to derive the best out of them too. The students of Spring Dale are taught, keeping all this in mind and thereby present their skills in the field of histrionics, dance, music and ‘Gatka’ – the traditional martial art form. 
Our Courses
1.Dramatics: In dramatics we focus on:
◦Voice modulation
◦Theatrical skills
◦Subduing stage fright
◦Enhancing confidence
2.Dance (Laya-Taal) improves dancing techniques and informs the students regarding the advantages of different techniques.

3.Dhol: Being the most electric dance form, dhol has been a revolution. Spring Dale made a valiant effort to promote this dance form. It effectually came up with a vigorous performance which included 50 dholis, most of them being its students.

4.Gatka, an eternal martial art of the Sikhs needs to be revived because of its colonial importance. Spring Dale aimed at reviving this art and its students performed Gatka in its Performance activities 2002.

5.Vocal Music (Gayaki) is a premiere effort to inculcate spiritual singing habits in the form of Bhajans, Shabads etc. among various students.
6.Instrumental Music is another music form that is taught through electronic boards, violins, tabla, drums and guitars. Spring Dale is the first school in North India and amongst the top three in the country to have a Casio Keyboard Lighting Lab facility. 

Davinder Pal Center for Creative Arts  
  This centre is the creation of the late visionaries Dr Shivinder Singh Sandhu and Mrs Manveen Sandhu. The centre dedicated to
Mrs. Davinder Pal Kaur lays emphasis on indulging students in the field of creativity and imagination.
  Our Endeavour  
  •Nurturing youth with the significance of art
•Polishing creative skills
•Introducing students to Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)
•Rejuvenating old art forms
•Developing an eye for laborious work
  Creative Arts  
  “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”    – Aristotle
  Through the Creative Arts segment, we wish to impart a vibe of inspiration and insight within the students. May it be normal drawings made by students at junior level or may it be innovative artistic creations like Madhubani, Warli etc., students can indulge in distinctive cultural skills through this segment. Apart from this, students can learn sketches, painting, sculpture, model making and other arts.
  Our Courses  
  •Craft: Here emphasis is laid on making different uses of recycled material innovatively.

•Pottery (Terracotta): It aims to invigorate and revive old cultural arts of pottery and introduces students to the sharp and creative labour of old times.

•Tie and Dye (Bandhini): Splendid tie and dye methodology is taught at this level.

•Cooking (Flavours): This section aims to make cooking interesting for the students along with apprising them about the nutritional value and element composition of distinctive food types. Moreover with the increasing imperativeness of hotel management industries etc., it opens another gate for honing cooking skills of talented students.

•Sculpture: Being an imperative form of public art, sculpture initiates students towards carving clay or other cast- off material. Team work, art creation etc. are major unique points in this sector.

•Photography: From basic camera skills to typical use of digital and somewhat technical cameras, students learn all here.

•Graphic: Highly persuading section among students as it focuses on the use of computers and software like Photoshop, Illustrator and 3-D Max, which children find appealing.

•Calligraph: Through this art, students are exposed to various writing techniques and designing fonts thereby enhancing the art of beautiful handwriting.

•Needle Work: To imbibe better hand eye coordination, this lovely art is incorporated and involves the use of a piece of cloth, a needle and thread including materials like matte and net.

•Oil Painting is another interesting art form that allows students to paint various themes related to real life.

Library at Spring Dale is systematically designed. Moreover, its ambience encourages the students to read. With an enormous seating capacity of around 120 seats, this alcove comprises books, magazines and journals pertaining to distinctive subjects. Also, there are latest issues of Time Magazine, IT and CSE publications etc.
Counseling Division  
The school completely realizes the growing stress and anxiety that the modern generation comes across at various levels in their growth. The Counseling division of the school aims at holistic growth of each of their students. It has the “The Life Skills” programme for the student that takes care of the growing needs of the students as individuals.

 In this programme, a wide spectrum of issues related to adolescence are addressed. It is a genuine attempt to equip students with the courage and strength to grow well with its focus on biological, psychological and socio cultural dimension. When such life skills are imparted to them, it enables them to foster healthy relationships and to play leadership roles.

Beyond Classroom

1.Science Club: Student members of this club discuss on latest and important scientific issues, inventions as well as pragmatic uses of various scientific techniques etc. and all this is followed by proper debates so that more and more of ideas could be confidently generated.

2.Interact Club: Formal meeting styles, methods of communication, style of interaction etc. formulates a key part in normal discussions and social gatherings. To be able to present oneself uniquely and converse confidently is the aim of this club. Rotary Club meetings and regular seminars are organized for carving students of this club.

3.Environment Club: World is harmed by the ever lasting environmental issues. Spring Dale considers its social obligation to try its best to help out the society in solving these issues. Its Environment club actively participated in ‘Go Green’ campaign and other problems on eco system, water conservation and noise pollution etc. are also regularly discussed by members of this club, thereby bringing awareness among students.

4.Performing Arts Club: The major purpose of the Davinder Pal Centre for Performing Arts has been to perform eclectic types of plays, dances etc. which touch various issues and thereby create awareness among everyone regarding various societal problems.

5.Literary Club: This club creates intellectuals among the students by arranging a variety of public speaking activities like debates, declamations, read-a-thons and other writing competitions. Exceptional and highly competitive contests in this club have led it to produce some renowned scholars, writers and speakers.

6.SPICMACAY i.e. Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture is an association formed to relive and rejuvenate past heritage and culture. Many conventions, plans, programmes have been organized by SPICMACAY to bring its youth close to the traditional heritage. Spring Dale’s Heritage club also holds seminars, exhibition etc. to promote various cultural artifacts.

7.ICT Club: IT Industry and Computer related trends and inventions are regularly discussed and apprised by this group so that the students are in touch with what’s happening in their field and prepare in line with the present demands. Also various serious issues like hacking etc. are actively discussed to stop its evil effects on the society.

8.Maths Club: For the mathematical genius, this club makes adequate provisions, may it be by holding several numerical contests or may it be by telling distinctive ways of studying mathematical techniques. Mathematical lab is also used to enhance skills of students of this club.

9.Youth for change: Youth is the future and if they are taught and are aware of the various society related issues, the future lies in safe hands. Wearing helmets, avoiding talking on mobiles while driving, saving electricity and water etc. are some of the issues discussed and tackled by this club. This helps in creating leaders out of students.
Student Council
The imperativeness of youth needs no introduction and to enforce this fact, Spring Dale decided to bring forth its students on the front seat so that they could learn and emerge as effective citizens of the society. The Student Council is an elective body of students’ representatives. This Council allows the students to confidently interact with faculty and other senior members on various issues.

Igniting Interactions

Through this section, Spring Dale unfolds the idea of healthy discussions amongst students, parents and faculty. This allows the students to open up and prepares them well for the challenging world outside the school ambience.
4. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Amritsar
Address: Amritsar  Cantt, Amritsar.
Contact – 0183 2560677, 2563677
Website –

About: The Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1  was established in the year 1975 to academically cater to the requisites of the wards of the military officers. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education the school provides secondary and higher secondary education in the school premises to  more than 2300 students in the classes that start from Kindergarten to class 12.

Each class is segregated into 5 sections. The faculty strength is more than 100 members. Instructions are given in the classes on all subjects. The medium of instruction is English. The school maintains playgrounds and play courts for the students.

Two fully air-conditioned computer centre with adequate number of computers and a trained computer instructor help in keeping pace with new trends in Information Technology. Computer Science have been introduced as an elective subject at the senior-secondary level from the session 1999-2000. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms, well equipped Science and Geography Laboratories and a Junior Science Laboratory help to develop a scientific attitude among the students.
5. St. Francis School, Amritsar

Address: St.Francis School 31,
Cantonment Amritsar,

Website –
About – The school is affiliated to ICSE board. All prospective candidates from Nursery to V class must get their names registered at the school office. The dates of registration shall be intimated through the principal’s circular. No registration shall be made prior to the dates specified. Registration for the Nursery, LKG and UKG is taken at the minimum age of three, four and five on the 1st of April.
Duly filled form should be submitted along with the required documents as early as possible. The validity of registration is only 30 days from the date of registration. Incomplete forms will not be considered for admission and will be rejected. False documents or unauthorized changes in the certificate will lead to cancellation of registration.

— Admission —

There shall be a written test followed by an interview for admission. Selection will be strictly on merit, subject to the availability of seats in each class.

— Admission Requirements —

From Nursery to UKG Birth certificate showing the date of birth from the Municipality/Hospital should be produced at the time of admission. No affidavit will be accepted. If it is found that a false birth certificate has been produced to obtain admission, the candidate will be barred from studying in this institution. Date of birth as shown in the birth certificate once registered cannot be altered on any account.

From I Std onwards Admission will be granted only after submitting an Original Transfer Certificate from the last attended school showing the date of birth and class in which the child was studying.

An attested copy of most recent results available from the previous school, if any should be submitted along with the application duly completed. Copies of the certificates submitted are not returnable.

The admission procedure will be complete only when the child is issued an admission card and fee no. after submitting the necessary documents and depositing the fees.

— After Admission every student is required to take —

1. English
2. Punjabi, Hindi
3. Mathematics
4. Science ( Physics ,Chemistry, Biology)
5. History
6. Environmental education
7. Physical Education/ Computer Application
8. Socially Useful Productive Work.

— Computer Education —

There is no area in life untouched by computers. Hence students will be handicapped if there are not introduced to the computers. From class III onwards we give computer knowledge. Computer education is the part of their curriculum and a compulsory subject. Only in IX they have option for computer application or physical education.

— Co- Curricular Activities —

Through a number of co- curricular and cultural activities students are enabled to reveal their innate potentialities and talents. They develop and enrich various facets of their personality, quality, leadership, self- confidence, sportsmanship, team spirit and initiative. Mainly co- curricular activity contests are held to develop the skills of children.

— Sports & Games —

All round development of a person inevitably needs the experience and excellence in the field of sports and games. Realization that healthy vitality is of vast importance to successful living and the determination to maintain it will enable one to sue this field to the fullest. As per the ICSE syllabus sports and games is an essential part of curriculum and special coaching is given to the students. Capable instructors are provided and excellence in individual performance is given special attention.

— School Fees —

1. Tuition fee from Nursery to UKG will be collected in school office.
2. Tuition Fee from I to X will be collected Quarterly in Indian Overseas Bank in advance.
3. All the details of the fee collection wil be given in the Fee-Book.
4. No students will be permitted to write examination without fee clearance.
5. No cheques will be accepted at the fee counter. No refund will be done once the receipt is issued.
6. The school reserves the right to revise the fee structure annually in order to meet the rise in expenditure     due to the increase in the cost of living.
— Procedure for Withdrawal —

Students can be removed or withdrawn from the school as under:

1) By giving one calendar months’ notice in.writing.

2) By the school authorities on any one of the following grounds.

Constant weakness in studies
Irregularity in attendance
Behaviour Problem
Over-age in class
Non-payment of the fees of chronic irregularity in payment
Moral breach considered serious by the School Committee.
Non co-operation of the parents to the school authorities.
Disobedience to the school rules,& regulations.
Note: No students will be furnished discharge certificate until all the school dues, including fine that is unpaid, to the school are realized.

6. Delhi Public School, Amritsar
AMRITSAR – 143115.
TEL. 0183-2440744, 2440755, 6530744
Website –
Email ID:
Admission and Registration –

 About – The Delhi Public School, Amritsar was established in the year 2003 with its first academic session starting from the 16th of April. The school has classes from nursery to class 12. The eminent academic institute follows the syllabus laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) which conducts the secondary and the higher secondary examination.

The infrastructure of the school is provided with a spacious campus that has playgrounds and play courts. Music rooms and dance floors are present in the school along with the laboratories, computer room and a well furnished library.

The Delhi Public School of Amritsar works under the endorsement and guidance of the DPS Society that has included a trained and knowledgeable faculty to instruct the students. The Delhi Public School at Amritsar is a co-educational school where boys and girls are given instructions in English.

7. Indus World School, Amritsar
Address: IWS Amritsar

222, Silver Estate, Majitha Bypass, Amritsar

Phone: 0183 – 2264399 / 2264400

Mobile: 09915 090 944


The Indus World School and its sister concern, the Ananda School, are promoted by the Nalanda Foundation (NF) – an educational society created with the sole aim of providing quality learning comparable to the best in the world. NF was co-founded by a passionate group of educators from various fields: Technology, Management, Design, etc. and are alumni of leading institutes in the country, viz. IITs, IIMs and NID. They share a common vision of ‘a place of learning with a difference’ – one that is futuristic, and nurtures tomorrow’s leaders.
8. Alexandra school Amritsar
Address: Queens Road, Amritsar – 143001,
Board in::ICSE, Affiliated to:ICSE C
 Telephone Number:+(91)-(183)-2210211,2564563
Facebook –

9. Ajanta Public School
Basant Avenue, White Avenue
Amritsar, Punjab
0183 2229879
Board – CBSE
Facebook Page –

10. Holy Heart Presidency School
Address: Affiliated to I.C.S.E. New Delhi (No. Pu047)
Lane No. 2, Ranjit Vihar, Loharka Road,
Opp. Ranjit Avenue (E-Block),
Ph. +91-0183-2507214, 2507215
Email :
Admission –
Website –
About – Holy Heart Presidency School, Amritsar, set up in the year 2000 has its own campus with a built up area of 5000+ sq. yards in 7.5 acres piece of land. It has all the facilities to raise the students according to the International standards. Holy Heart Presidency is one of the few ICSE schools remarked as the best by the ICSE Inspection team. 
The school has a distinction of its own being the only school built up according to Vastra Shastra to train the minds (Students) in the best possible atmosphere. The winds coming from right direction enter the rooms & build the right type of atmosphere in which right attitudes & characters are built.
A school produces the future of the nation. Thus school should be designed very carefully so that the teachers should teach well and students should perform best, if not then the students will not be able to concentrate in studies, will become adamant and inefficient citizens. Holy Heart Presidency is one and the only school in the city which is made totally according to Vaastu-Shastra.
The school’s Administrative Block is designed in such a way to have a perfect balance in the moment of work and the office is in the control of the Principal. The office is right at the entrance having images of God and who so ever enters the office, the negativity of that person diminishes to zero. 
Apart from this the total infrastructure has been created in the south direction which is ideal according to VAASTU SHASTRA. School entrance, Swimming pool, Washrooms, Aqua rooms, Landscaping, Waterfalls, Students’ sitting plan and many other aspects of school’s infrastructure are in perfect harmony with VAASTU SHASTRA.
11. Amritsar Public School
N Canal, G T Road, Focal Point Road, Amritsar – 0183 2588001

12. GD Goenka Public School Amritsar
Address – NH-1, Off G. T. Road,
Manawala, Amritsar.
e-mail :
Ph : 0183-2440011,12,13
Fax: 0183-2440014
 Website –
Admission –
City Office: RBKC Towers,
McLeod Road,
Rani Ka Bagh, Amritsar.
Ph: 0183-3256676, 2402486

About – The best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library and medical room, huge playgrounds, cafe, etc. The prerequisites that make for a wonderful school life – are available, by default, to all Goenkans.
The school boasts of  highly experienced and dynamic teachers believe in imparting knowledge the unconventional way. Our academic pursuits, along with a range of extracurricular activities, help in honing a child’s skills and ensuring that he/she grows to be a mature, responsible citizen.

School boast of certain features which only goenkan’s have in India:-
Building management systems inclusive of electrical, mechanical and security control through one of its kind systems “IBMS” which works as the Nerve center.
CCTV surveillance at all entrance, exits and classrooms for enhanced security.
For the first time parents can see their children studying in school through internet and personalized Login ID’s. Interactive web portal for parents, staff & students for real-time assessment of school & students.
Wi-Fi enabled campus.
Fleet of deluxe AC buses with global positioning system (GPS) helping in tracking vehicle through internet anytime and also telephone connectivity on board to meet any requirement most promptly.
Well designed uniform for students has been conceived and made by NIFT, Delhi, with special attention to footwear, which was designed by Reebok, especially for Goenkans, keeping in view the comfort and styling of the students.
Specially formulated text books and note books by “Classmate” which are registered in name of Goenka, implying the well researched techniques of teaching. Every subject note book follows a unique colour pattern both in outlook as well as contents, made exclusively for the Goenkans.
Medical Room with trained professionals including qualified Child psychologist.

13. Saraswati DAV Girls S.S.School
Contact : Mrs. Bharti Sachdeva, Principal
Address : Dhab Khatikan, Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-545647
Website :

14. Arya Grils Senior Secondary School
Contact : Principal
Address : Lohgarh, Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-542118
Website :

15. BBK. DAV. Senior Secondary School
Contact : R.L. Sharma, Principal
Address : Katra Mahan Singh, Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-556547
Website :

16. DAV Senior Secondary School
Contact : J.P. Shoor, Principal
Address : Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-548465
Fax : 91-183-548465
Website :

17. Manav Public School
Anand Avenue
18.  P.B.N. Senior Secondary School
Town Hall
19. S.L. Public School
Opp. Shivala Bhaiyan
20.  S.S.S.S. High School
The Mall Road
21. Ajit Vidyalya
Ajit Nagar
22.  Alexendra High School
Queen’s Road
23. Alpine Public School
Ekroop Avenue
Majitha Road
24.      Amritsar Public School
G.T. Road
25. Arun Rashmi Sainik School
Haveli Jamadar
26. Arya Girls Senior Secondary School
Lohgarh Gate
Amritsar – 143001
27. Ashok Vatika Public School
Majitha Road
28.  B.K. Educational Industrial School For Girls
Haveli Jamadar
29. B.K. High School
Ghee Mandi
30.  B.R. Modern Senior Secondary School
Shastri Nagar
31. Bhabha Senior Secondary School
Majitha Road
32.  Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan
Batala Road
33. Cedar Spring High School
Ranjit Avenue
Rani Ka Bagh

34.  D.A.V. Public School
Lawrence Road
35. D.G. High School
East Mohan Nagar
36.  Dayanand Public School
Shakti Nagar
37. Govt. Industrial Training School
Beri Gate
38.  Govt. J.B.T. School

39. Guru Nanak Girls Higher Senior School
Town Hall
40. Hindu Sabha School
Dhab Khatikan
41. Holy Heart High School
Green Avenue
42.  Jagat Jyoti Senior Secondary School
Rani Ka Bagh
43.  Madhav Vidya Niketan
Ranjit Avenue
Rani Ka Bagh
 Please let us know your reviews and experiences on the above schools and also about the names of the schools we might have missed. The list is not exhaustive nut indicative.


Here is the list of top schools in Chennai – Part 1. More parts to follow soon.

  1. St. Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School


About – St. Bede’s was started in 1907 to provide Catholic education for children of European and Anglo-Indian descent. It has a boarding house, meant only for the Catholic, Anglo Indian boys. Dayscholar students of other religions are also admitted into this school.

At present there are 52 well qualified, trained, dynamic, dedicated and hard working staff members both ladies and gents; including religious staff who work untiringly for the all round development of the students.

There are 1517 students on the rolls – from the Primary Section to the Higher Secondary Section.

Primary Section: Stds 1-5 = 405
High School Section: Stds 6-10 = 782
Higher Secondary Section: 11&12 = 330

The subjects offered at the Higher Secondary Level are:
Group 1 – Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
Group 2 – Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science.
Group 3 – Commerce, Accountancy & Business Mathematics, Economics
Group 4 – Commerce, Accountancy & Computer Science, Economics

Sports: Athletics, various games like cricket, football, hockey, basket ball, volley ball and tennis are at the students’ choice. The School has Cricket, Foot Ball, and Tennis Coaching Classes. Gymnastics too is offered here. At the Inter school, zonal and national levels our students always return with laurels.

 Various Clubs and Movements: Various Clubs and Movements like the Dramatics Club, Science Club, Blue Cross Club, Phialately Club, Sports Club, National Service Scheme, Junior Red Cross, Scouts, Road Safety Patrol, Holy Childhood, YCS\YSM, the Choral Society, School Band, the English & Tamil Literary Associations, function very well in the school.


Admissions are open to standards I and XI only, as a rule.


Address –Santhome High Road, Santhome

Chennai – 600004

Phone: (44) 24983450




School                 : 

Fr. Rector              : 

Fr. Headmaster      :

Fr. Administrator    : 

2. Sri Vidhya Academy International School, Chennai


About – Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School is inspired from the gurukul style of learning combined with modern tools of 21st century’s education. It is a co-educational school promoting healthy relationship, excellent academia with a spectrum of extra-curricular activities and opportunities to learn many basic skills.



The School has been accredited the status of Cambridge International center by the University of Cambridge and open for admission from classes k.g to 12th. The school limits the intake to 20 students per class with a healthy teacher student ratio. Apart from Tamil, English, Hindi and French, students can opt to learn other oriental and European languages.

The school follows the IGCSE curriculum of the University of Cambridge, London upto class X and for classes XI and XII the GCE ‘A’ level curriculum of the University of Cambridge, London. They will take IGCSE examination end of X class and GCE ‘A’ level examination at the end of XII Std.

Hostel Accommodation


The hostel is surrounded by a green and friendly environment. There are three beds in each room for three students. Each student has a study table, cupboard and a reading lamp.

A separate shoe rack is made available; Students can opt for A\C rooms; rooms are mopped everyday and clothes are washed and pressed. Wardens and maids are there to look after the needs of the students, Students get the help of the residential nurse for any ailment. The bathrooms and toilets are adequate and well designed.


Class Total (Rs.)

L.K.G 75,000

I to III 1,25,000

IV to VI 1,50,000

VII to X 2,00,000

XI to XII 3,00,000

Fees are inclusive of:

Boarding and lodging

Routine in – school medical care

Use of swimming pool, gymnasium, horse riding

Extra curricular & co – curricular activities

Laundry, Saloon

School uniforms, shoes, bed linen, toiletries,

Swim suit, skating materials & sports kits


Text books or resource materials

Language Lab, Science Lab, library, internet browsing

Participation in out – of – campus activities like, adventure sports, performances, trips


Pattabiram Road, Sokkanallur

Pattabiram, Chennai – 600072

Phone: (44) 32914051

  Phone No: +91-44- 26494645 / 26495844 / 26494655 / 94440 88424 

Website –

E-mails – Information:





Career as Teacher : Send resume to

3. Good Shepherd Convent Matriculation School, Chennai


About – Good Shepherd Convent Matriculation Higher Secondary School is located on College Road, Chennai. Started in 1925, the school is primarily meant for Catholics. Students from the other communities are also admitted. The school aims at the all-round development of the student enabling him or her to become intellectually alert, emotionally balanced, morally sound, spiritually orientated, socially committed and culturally enriched.

Address– 32, College Road

Greams Road, Chennai – 600006

Phone: (44) 28276729

4. Krishnamurthi Foundation India, Chennai

About – Named simply ‘The School’ by Krishnamurti, this institution established in 1973 is situated in Adyar, on the grounds of the Theosophical Society. Its setting, with many old trees, a young banyan tree, a pond, an old building and open spaces, is simple and beautiful.

The school has about 350 students and about 35 teachers. It admits children in class 1 after the age of five-and-a-half years. The junior school comprising the Classes I to IV functions in the mixed-age group mode for classes 2,3 & 4, and offers an opportunity for students to learn in an atmosphere of minimum peer compulsions. The junior school day extends from 8.20 a.m. to 2.45 p.m., and includes a variety of activities and learning opportunities. The middle school, comprising Classes V to VII also functions in a mixed age environment. The middle school day is from 8.20 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Students are exposed to social studies and sciences in addition to language and mathematics.

The senior Classes, VIII to X, prepare the students for the ICSE examination. A special programme for Class XI distinguishes our senior secondary classes. Apart from a wide choice of traditional subjects, art and environmental sciences are available for students. The programme for class XI includes drama, travel to understand India better and projects. Student entry into Class XI is subject to rigorous interview and test.

The school has also offered after school special educational opportunities for select students on an individual and special basis.

The Principal,
The School-KFI, Damodar Gardens,
Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020, India.
Tel: (044) 24915845.
e-mail :



5. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai


About – Kendriya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar, a civil sector school, Co-educational, secular school is run by a vibrant organization Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Situated in the heart of the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu State in GPRA Campus, Thirumangalam, it has all along been uncompromising on the quality of education right from its inception in July 1995.

To initiate and promote experimentations and innovations in education in collaboration with other bodies like CBSE, NCERT, etc.

Career As A Teacher: For number of vacant positions at

Address: Island Ground, Pallavan Salai

Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002

Phone: (44) 25360191

Fax No: 26195729


Principal: kvannanagar(at)

Chairman VMC:msamhit(at)

Website –

6. St. John’s International School, Chennai


About – The Academic year is Bi-semester starting from JUNE ending in APRIL

First Semester (Second Week of June to First Week of October)

Activities in First Semester are

Unit Test

Mid Semester Examination

First Semester Examination

Inter-House Intramural Games for Seniors

Inter-house Club Activities

Inauguration of students council

Educational tours

Inter-house Cultural shows

Investiture Ceremony

Independence Day & Teachers Day

Educational Project

Sports Meet

Faculty Training & Orientation Programmes

Group Discussion / Guest Lectures

Second Semester (Fourth Week of October to First Week of April)

Activities in Second Semester are

Unit Test

Mid- Semester Examination

Revision Examination ( X & XII)

Annual Examination for Class XI

Pre-Board Examination

Inter-House Intramural games for Juniors

Inter-House Club Activities

Children’s Day

Career Guidance Seminars

Christmas tree celebration

Educational tours / study trips

Seminars & Briefing Sessions

Faculty Training & Orientation

Guest Lectures

Annual Day

Second Semester Examinations

Preparatory Examination


The Medium of instruction is English.  English is the first language.

Languages Taught – The type of linguistic multiplicity and variety which is available in India is usually not found in any other part of the world.  It is a part of the linguistic reality in India that school education should prepare the children to adjust to it.  Keeping this in mind, the school provides opportunities to learn various languages.

The Style of Education

The School aims to provide modern all-round education with special emphasis on moral and ethical instruction as well as physical education, nurturing character building, tolerance and co-operation, striving for excellence in every field or endeavor will be encouraged.

Maximum opportunities will be provided in the campus to encourage initiative, self-reliance and leadership qualities.  Special efforts will be made to identify any special ability and talent that the child may have.

Admissions – Admissions at SJIRS for the academic year June 2010 – April 2011 has begun.


Dates of Examination  

30th January 2010

27th February 2010

3rd April 2010

8th May 2010

22nd May 2010  

Address: Palanjur

Poonamallee, Chennai – 602103

Website –

Call : 91- 044 – 26812500

Fax : 91- 44 – 26811794

Email –

7. St. Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Chennai


About – St. Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, a Centenarian Institution of great renown, was founded in 1875 by Irish Brothers to cater to the educational needs of the sons of British settlers in Madras, and a few Indian boys, whose parents wanted them to have the benefits of a Western education. It is managed by the Patrician Brothers who have some of the finest schools in India and abroad.



St. Patrick’s imparts a sound religious, moral, literary and scientific education aiming at the harmonious development of the child, through formal class room instruction combined with a wide range of activities.


In order to achieve its educational goals, the school is divided into four sections:

Junior School – Stds. I – V

Middle School – Stds. VI – VIII

High School – Stds. IX – X

Higher Secondary

School – Stds. XI & XII

Each section is headed by a Co-ordinator who is responsible for its smooth functioning.





I – XII 8.15 a.m. To 3.15 p.m. 




Stds. VI – XII 3.15 p.m. To 5.00 p.m.


Admission – Children should have completed 5 years as on July 31 of the year of admission in order to qualify for admission to Std l.


Address: St.Patrick’s Anglo Indian Hr.Sec.School

1st Crescent Park Road,Gandhi Nagar,Adayar,

Chennai – 600 020.

Phone:044 – [24420209, 24454794]


  Website –

8. Sushil Hari International Residential School, Chennai

About – SushilHari International Residential School at Kelambakkam, established over the past six years takes care of the educational needs of children and is open to anyone. Students of this school learn to love what they study, and this is not under duress of any exam or homework.

The school is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the best of the Eastern Values and Western progressive techniques, and situated in an ambience that motivates the children to love studies.

The school has continuously shown commendable results with 100% pass in X and XII board exams scoring 80% average every year; in the academic year 2006-2007, the school bagged an All-India rank, four state ranks and 24 children scoring above 90%.

The school offers full care scholarship program  to meritorious candidates. Apart from studies, students are groomed by a host of free extracurricular activities and blossom into multi-faceted personalities.

The students are also encouraged to learn Veda, Yoga, music, dance (Indian and western), foreign languages, etc. Despite of all these world-class facilities, the fees in this school is moderate and affordable. Thus this non-commercial school will bring about a revolution in the education system.

Children after their schooling come out not just with academic knowledge but are also well versed in many other arts like Music, Dance, Instruments and a host of co curricular and extra curricular activities such as, Yoga, Veda, Meditation, Swimming, Sports and are also trained in handling small electrical, carpentry, mason work, day-to-day banking, insurance transactions etc., which are required for the practical day-to-day living.  

Admission is open to students for the 2010-2011 academic year.  The academic dates are as follows:

Grade Academic year Begins Ends Application deadline
KG-Grade 10 2010 – 2011 June 1st 2010 March 26th 2010 April 1st 2010


Eligibility Criteria

Admission to SushiHari International Residential School is open to all students.  Selection is purely based on merit, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender.

Admission to SushiHari International Residential School is highly competitive and is based on student’s performance in the Scholastic Student Search Examination conducted as a part of the admission process for grades 1-9. In addition, student’s interest in the school, any prior co-curricular or extra-curricular achievements are valued.  See Selection Procedure for more details.

Application Process

Step 1: Request for application package
Submit a DD or Banker’s cheque for Rs.100 payable to “Sushilhari International School” drawn on any Nationalized bank in Chennai.

Mailing address:
Admissions Office, SushilHari International Residential School
Sree Ramarajya Campus
Vandalur Road
Kelambakkam – 603103
Ph: 044-27474050

Minimum age for admission to Kindergarten – completion of 3 years as on 30th June. No tests / assessments made for admission to Kindergarten.  No donation is accepted in any form.

Selection for admission to classes I to IX is based on an entrance test and interview to assess student aptitude.

Admission is based on performance in the exam and personal interview with the student. Students are tested in Mathematics and English at the level of the class passed by the candidate. For admissions to Classes VIII and IX, students are tested in other subjects too. No special preparation is required. Student’s aptitude for learning is appraised in the examination and interview. 

Address: Sree Ramarajya Campus Off Kelambakkam-vandalur Road, Kelambakkam, Chennai – 603103

Phone: (44) 27474050

Phone Numbers

SushilHari Administration Office: +91-44-27474050

SushilHari Admissions Office: +91-44-27474351

SushilHari Hostel: +91-44-27474050


9.  RBANC Higher Secondary School, Chennai


Address –26, Swamy Chetty Street, Pudupet

Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002

Phone: (44) 28520061


10.  Sharanalaya Montessori School, Chennai

About – Sharanalaya is the first Montessori school in chennai to be recognised by the INDIAN MONTESSORI CENTRE and also recognised by the GOVERNMENT OF TAMIL NADU.

Admissions open 2009-2010 for Montessori Environments (From 2 yrs to 5.6 Yrs) and for std 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th.

About – No:10, Jambulingam Street

Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034

Phone: (44) 28229427,  42137651

Email –

Website –

11. Padma Seshadiri Bala Bhavan Secondary School, Chennai


About – Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) is a group of schools Nungambakkam was established in 1958 by a group of housewives of the Nungambakkam Ladies Recreation Club. There were 13 students in a thatched shed on the terrace of the residence of the Dean and Director of the school, Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Parthasarathy

Today the school has five branches with 8000 students and 500 staff members.


One year after its inception, in 1959, the school shifted to a campus of its own at the present premises in Nungambakkam. It followed the Madras Matriculation System unit of Madras University. As the school grew in strength, the need to extend its branches arose and thus emerged the T.P.Road Junior School in 1971, as an annex to the school in Nungambakkam. In 1978, this school was affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.  

In 1976 another branch of the PSBB School, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, was started in a residential area of K.K.Nagar with 5-acre (20,000 m2) surroundings. The K.K. Nagar Branch had four sections of every class from Pre-KG to Std. X. Today it has 5000 students with ten sections in each of these classes. Standards XI and XII have seven sections each. Mrs Chandra Srinivasan, a 40-year veteran of the school, is the Advisor for Academics for PSBB. PSBB was compelled to adopt the CBSE educational system in the 1970s and 1980s to satisfy the growing demands of the residents of the city.

PSBB has been visited by (former) President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

In the year 2010, Mrs Y.G. Parthasarathy, Dean of the PSBB Schools has received the prestigious PadmaSri from the Government of India in Education and Literature.

Notable Alumni  –




Address – 29, Alagiriswamy Salai

K.K. Nagar, Chennai – 600078

Phone: (44) 24724251

Website –

12. Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School, Chennai

Address: 54, Burkit Road

T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017

Phone: (44) 24346716

 As always, looking forward to hear from you. Please let me know what in your view are the top schools in Chennai.

Hello everyone,

Here is the list of Top and Best schools in Hyderabad. It is the first in series. Please suggest more schools.

  1. Harvard/Howard Public School


About – The school is 2 decades old and is one of the best co-educational schools in Hyderabad, affiliated to CBSE board. Established in the year 1986, situated in the heart of the city at Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Howard Public School (formerly known as Harvard Public School) began its journey with sole objective of imparting quality education of the highest standards in child friendly environment. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), New Delhi and prepares the children for All India Secondary School Education.

Facilities: Art and Craft, games, computer labs, field trips, library, music and dance, sports, transport, well equipped science lab.

Admissions: Admissions to classes Nursery, Kindergarten, I < II commence from the 2nd week of December and for classes 3rd to 9th from 1st week of March (Subject to the availability of the seats).

Prospectus and Applications are available at the school office between 9.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. on Saturdays.

To Apply as teachers: Teacher requirement for the academic year 2008 to 2010

Please send your resume to below mentioned email ID’s

Email ID :

Alternate Email ID :

Address: 3-6-568, Street No.8, Himayat Nagar

Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad – 500029

Phone: (40) 27630610



2. Oakridge International School

About – Oakridge International was started on 11th June 2001 at rented premises in Jubilee Hills. To begin with, they had four Pre-Primary Sections, and one Section each for Classes I to V.

At present, more than 2500 students are on rolls, from the Nursery to Class XII. They have limited residential facilities for boys and girls. The medium of instruction at Oakridge International is English. Oakridge International enjoys the distinction of being the largest international school in India.

They are also the first IB world school in Andhra Pradesh, running successfully for nearly a decade now. They have the facility for kids to pursue any academic stream – Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, or UK-based University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) or the Switzerland-based International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) first to run its Primary Years Programme (PYP) in 2003..(Authorised in October 2004)

Oakridge International School is promoted by the Visakhapatnam-based Vikas Educational Institutions Limited (VEIL), which is popularly known as the VIKAS Group. Starting with the establishment of a Junior College in 1993 at Visakhapatnam, the Vikas Group ventured ahead to start a junior college in Tirupati also.

All through Vikas educational institutions achieved high ranks in Intermediate Examinations. Even in Entrance examinations like EAMCET, IIT, IIIT, JIPMER, BITS Pilani, Roorkee Vikas students emerged a star performers, achieved high scores and top ranks. Vikas is now a household name in Andhra Pradesh that is synonymous to quality Intermediate education. Much of the credit of Vikas’ achievements goes to its founders Mr T. Naga Prasad, Chairman and Mr Y. V. Rajasekhar Babu, Managing Director.

Senior Management Team (SMT) of Oakridge International School includes:

Mr Ravi Kumar Sunkara-Director (Schools)

Capt. Rohit Sen Bajaj (Retd.)-Principal

Mr. Gerald Jacob – Vice Principal

Mrs Hema Sanjay-Headmistress

Col. Y. S. Ravindra Nath (Retd.)-Bursar

At the pre-primary and primary level (up to Class VI)

At the pre-primary and primary level (up to Class VI), Oakridge International offers a blend of the national curriculum as prescribed by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT)-and done in schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)-with the international curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) for all students.

At the secondary school level, from Class VI to Class X

At the secondary school level, from Class VI to Class X, on the one hand Oakridge International prepares one group of students for the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) administered by the CBSE on completion of Class X while another group does the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme in classes VI, VII and VIII (with the option of the Cambridge Checkpoint) followed by the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in classes IX and X.

Assessment and Evaluation

In conventional schools, marks or grades scored are the sole parameters to judge a student’s progress. At Oakridge International however, evaluation focuses on the child’s all-round development. In addition to end-of-topic tests and term-end trials (for classes IV to X), every child’s contribution and achievements in doing project work and producing study material is also assessed. The 5point rating scale is denoted by colours as below: Performance Standards:


The student demonstrates outstanding competence beyond what is expected for the class level at this time of the year. He/She can perform independently and apply his/her learning to new and different situations.


The student is competent and performs slightly above expected class level. He/She exhibits higher levels of skill and effort. Standard The student is competent and performs to the expected class level. He/She can maintain his/her performance with little assistance from the teacher.


The student demonstrates limited ability and understanding of what is expected for the class level at this time of the year. He/She needs continuous and greater amount of support from teachers and parents to rise to the level of a Standard student.


•Oakridge International admits students in to every class it operates – provided there are vacancies – except in classes X and XII.

•The exact number of students to be admitted every year depends on the seats that fall vacant after students who do not wish to continue at OIS withdraw from the school.

  • The age of candidates seeking admission to the Nursery class of Oakridge International must be at least two-plus on 1st June of the year in which admission is sought. Following from this, the minimum age for admission to every class thereafter goes up accordingly. The criterion for the minimum age to qualify for admission to any class is adhered to most strictly.
  • The cut-off date for the minimum age to qualify for admission to any class is strictly 01 June of the concerned year.
  • A candidate seeking admission to classes I and above, should score at least 40% in each of the two papers for the written test to be eligible to be invited for the personal interview.


Vacancies for teachers in Oakridge International School


PRE PRIMARY: Classes PP1, PP2 and Nursery

PRIMARY: Classes I to VI

Subjects:  English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. (For Classes I to III, preference will be given to teachers who can teach all the subjects as Home Room Teachers)


Classes VII to X


Subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business Studies, Social Sciences


Classes XI and XII


Subjects: Mathematics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, History, English, CAS (Creativity Action Service), Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Management.

Required Qualifications:

Trained Graduates/Post Graduates (Age Group 25 – 40 years), with relevant teacher training qualifications and at least 5 years experience for senior classes.

Physical Education: Relevant Experience in teaching Physical Education as a subject to senior secondary classes.

The following positions are for all classes:

LANGUAGE TEACHERS: Spanish, French, Hindi.

SPECIAL NEEDS TEACHER: Graduates (Age Group 25 – 35 years) with B. Ed or training in remedial instruction/special education with 2 years of relevant experience in working with slow learners and learning difficulties – Math and English.


Subjects: Dance (Indian Classical & Western), Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Dramatics, Swimming.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS: Physical Education Trainers, B.P. Ed/M.P. Ed (Age Group 20 -30 years) with 2 – 5 years experience.

TEACHER LIBRARIAN & Asst. LIBRARIAN: Post Graduate/ Graduate in Library Science.

The school also invites qualified professionals for the following full time non teaching positions:

CAREER COUNSELLOR: Post Graduate with at least 3 years relevant experience.

NURSE:  Qualification in Nursing having work experience in the schooling space.


Manager: M Com/MBA-Finance, Min of 4 yrs experience, proficient in all areas of accounts and finance, familiarity with accounting packages.

Executive: B Com, Min of 2 yrs exp in Tally, computer proficiency.


Manager: MBA-HR, Min of 5 yrs Exp, Proficient in all areas of HR like payroll and time office, performance appraisal, recruitment and personnel administration.

Executive: MBA – HR, Min of 1 yr exp.

To apply for the above positions, do email your resumes to, or mail to

The HR Manager

Oakridge International School,

Address: Khajaguda, on Nanakramguda Road,

Cyberabad, Hyderabad – 500008

Phone: (40) 25502460

Website –

3.Praganya Montessori School

About – Pragnya Montessori house of children was established in 2004. It is a professionally operated, co-educational school follows the development of the child according to the Philosophy and Methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Pragnya provides a full Montessori Education for children from the age of 30 months to twelve years old. The School is comprised of primary school (the 2 ½ – 6 year old group) and elementary school (the 6 – 9 and 9 – 12 year old groups) Completion of the three-year primary program at Pragnya or another recognized Montessori primary is normally a pre-requisite for entry into the elementary program.

The School operates five days a week, three terms per year. During the first year in the 3 – 6 group children attend a half-day program (9.00am – 12.30 pm}, five days per week. In the second year of the 3 – 6 primary program and throughout the elementary program children attend a full day (9.00am -3.00pm)

Admission: Enrolment Pollicy



Selection for a place at pragnya Montessori School is based on the following criteria:

1.Suitability for the school as determined by the correspondent, taking into consideration:

◦Intention to complete 3 year cycle


◦Of current students

◦Of past pupils who completed the 3-year cycle

3.Age and sex balance in waiting list order.

4.Acceptance of the Montessori philosophy and principles and willingness to participate in their implementation.

5.Parent participation in school

6.Admissions are based on first come first serve.

7.All placements are subject to:

◦An interview with the correspondent with prior appointment.

Address: 8-4-376/3, Borabanda,

Sanat Nagar Industrial Estate, Hyderabad – 500018

Phone: (40) 23716206

Website  –

Email –

4.Holy Mother High School 

About – The school provides an innovative and dynamic learning environment, purposefully designed to support the educational program. It is a matter of rejoice and appreciation that the school has already entered into the Quality Management System.

Address: Agapura, Nampally Road, Nampally,

Hyderabad G.P.O., Hyderabad – 500001

Phone: (40) 24803106

5. St. George Grammar High School

Address: 5-9-263, Gunfoundry, Abids

Hyderabad G.P.O., Hyderabad – 500001

Phone: (40) 23232447


6. Euro Kids


About – EuroKids is a brand owned by EuroKids International Ltd which was formerly known as Egmont Imagination (India) Ltd. The core activity of the company revolved around children book publishing. The company had abundant access to Pre-School learning content and wanted to use its expertise in bringing good quality content to Indian students. This set off a process which led to the setting up of an organised Pre-School chain with the commencement of franchising in 2001. Since then EuroKids has added more than 600+ franchised pre-schools in 260 cities across India and provided more than 450 individuals an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial journey. 


Address: 5-9-35/3,

LIC Post Office, Hyderabad – 500063

Phone: (40) 23234859

7. Oyster Play School and Montessorie


Address: 12-13-698/1, Street No. 13 Nagarjuna Nagar, Tarnaka,

Lallaguda, Hyderabad – 500017

Phone: (40) 65578827

8. Kendriya Vidyalaya

About – KVS Hyderabad Region came into existence in 1981.

It has now 50 Kendriya Vidyalayas, all in the State of Andhra Pradesh; 17 in Defence Sector, 28 in Civil Sector and 5 in Project Sector.  

At present it has strength of approximately1500 teachers and 45,191 students.

FAQ on Admissions:

1. What is the procedure for seeking direct admission to class X and XII on a non-KVTC

within the specified date in accordance with KVS admission guidelines

Prior permission from the Assistant Commissioner of the Region concerned is essential subject to the following conditions and the application should be forwarded by the Principal concerned :

a)      Vacancies should be available i.e. below 40 per section

b)      A child should be have been studied in a CBSE affiliated school in class IX and XI with 50% marks in the annual examination   for the admission to class X and XII respectively.

c)      The child should be eligible as per KVS admission guidelines.

d)      The subject combination requested by the child should be available in the KV.


2. What should the parent do if the subject mentioned in the TC of the child are not matching with the subject combination available in the Vidyalaya?  What about students seeking admission from a foreign country in any KV in India ?
  1. 1.       No Objection Certificate should be compulsorily obtained from CBSE for taking up the subjects available in the KV concerned on a mandatory basis as all KVs are affiliated to CBSE.
  2. 2.       Children seeking admission from a foreign country in any KV of India should submit NOC from the embassy concerned along with countersignature of the School TC
3 Is Pre-primary an integral part of KVS. Clarify? Pre-primary is being run on an experimental self-financing basis in a few KVs only.   The maximum permissible enrolment is 25.  The fee structure is Rs.400/- per month.  There is no automatic admission from pre-primary to class I.


4 Is there any age restriction for admission to class XI and XII? There is no age restriction for admission to class XI provided the concerned child is seeking admission in the year of passing class X examination.  Similarly, there will be no upper and lower age limit for admission to class XII provided there has been no break in the continuous study of the child after passing class X/XI.
5 Is countersignature of TC essential fro non-KV cases during fresh admission?  Clarify Yes it is mandatory to get the TCs issued by non-KVs  :

The competent authority is as follows :

a)      For private school and govt. schools under state jurisdiction, the competent authority is the Dist Education Officer  of the district concerned.

b)      For CBSE, ICSE affiliated scoools, Secretary CBSE of the Regional Office concerned.


6 Whether grand children of central government employees belong to category I No. The category will depend where the department of the parent of the child is working.
7 Whether KVTC of private employees shifting to the place / changing job can be admitted over and above the class strength? They can be admitted with prior approval of the Assistant Commissioner provided there is no other KV within a distance of 05 kms.
8 Whether merit in admission test will be the criteria for admission to higher classes ? No. Category of the parent will be taken into consideration apart from the condition that the child passes the admission test.
9 Is it necessary to conduct admission test for the children coming from Army/Navy/Air Force schools for admission in any KV? No.  The admission test need not   be conducted.  The TC from any school managed by Army/Navy/Air Force authorities is treated at par with KVTC.  All other conditions of admission guidelines are to be strictly followed.
10 A parent transferred from a place of peace posting to a non-family station.  Whether the child can be admitted in nay KV where the parent wants to keep the family. Yes.  If a certificate from the competent authority to the effect that the parent is posted to a non-family station and he wishes to keep his family at some other station of his choice (May or may not be his native place) the parent should not be denied admission.


Address: Barkas, CRPF Camp

Keshogiri, Hyderabad – 500005

Phone: (40) 24440338


 EDUCATION OFFICER’S          –  040-27897571

 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER   –   040-27847249


Email  (Assistant Commissioner) section) section)        (Audit & Accounts Officer)


9. Eton Temple Convent School

Address: 22-23, Gayatrinagar

Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad – 500035

Phone: (40) 24048820

10. Millat Model School

Address: 6-1-188/A, Boudha Nagar,

Sitaphalmandi, Hyderabad – 500361

Phone: (40) 27500312

11. Johnson Grammar School

About – Johnson Grammar School I.C.S.E., Hyderabad, located at Habshiguda was established in 1979 by the Johnson Grammar School Education Society with affiliation to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi in 1983.

The school is co-educational and offers the I.C.S.E. course following the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.

Multi-facility Classrooms, Lab Facility, Library, Admin Block are some of the facilities.


Registration of a pupil is a pre-requisite to admission. Pupils are registered on payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs.500/- (Five hundred only). Mere registration is no guarantee for admission. Every student seeking admission to the school has to pass the Entrance Test. To qualify admission to the school, a high proficiency in English, Mathematics and languages is essential. Admission is purely on merit.

A mere pass will not be a basis for admission. The best of the lot well be selected. Parents are requested to refrain from bringing pressure on the Administrator for admission. This is an impossible way to get the child admitted. The only competent authority to grant admission is the Administrator. Hence, parents are advised not to contact persons however closely they may be connected with the school management in order to influence the Administrator. Resorting to such acts will prove to be a futile exercise

Entrance Test


The syllabus for the entrance test has been specified only up to class VIII. For admission into class IX and X, the Principal has to be contacted since admission into these classes is based on certain rules laid down by the ICSE council.

Admission to classes other than Kindergarten is subject to the availability of seats.


Nursery & L.K.G. : Oral Interview with child.

The Entrance test will be conducted as under

U.K.G. : Number work, English (Written), EVE(Oral) and language (Written)

Class I to VIII: English, Mathematics and Language (Written)

Admission Form

Student found fit for admission will be given an admission form which should be correctly filled in and signed by the parent or guardian. The Birth Certificate or Transfer certificate issued by a recognized school must be produced at the time of admission.

Address: 9-3-366/1, Regimental Bazar

Secunderabad H.O., Hyderabad – 500003

Phone: (40) 27170940

Email id –

Vacancy at the Johnson Grammar School:

Teachers required for the following positions. 

Department Subjects Required qualification

Pre-Primary All subjects Montessori trained or PPTTC

Primary School All subjects Trained Graduates

Middle School English, History, French, Sanskrit Trained Graduates with experience in ICSE syllabus.

High School English, History, Geography, Telugu, Chemistry, Physics Trained Post Graduates with experience in ICSE syllabus. 

Interested candidates can apply immediately by e-mail at or in person.

12. Silver Oaks School

About – It is one of the best schools in Kukatpally that’s offering CBSE syllabus. Previously its name was Visakha Central School.



Miyapur-Medchal Highway

Hyderabad 500090


Telephone: +91-40-23047777, 23048888, 23047788 

  Mobile: +91- 9440800696 b, 9440800698


Website –

13. Glendale Academy

About – Glendale Academy was founded with the sole mission to provide the best educational inputs for future generations.


 The admission form for classes LKG to Seventh are available from the school head office and can be collected Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am and 3 pm.

 The complete form should be submitted along with the following documents

   Copy of the last progress report card from the previous school

 Copy of birth certificate (please bring the original for verification)

 Original Transfer certificate from the previous school

 Glendale conducts a Competence Assessment Quiz (CAQ) to identify the learning needs of each individual child so that attention can be directed to him or her in a better way. The date, time & venue of the CAQ will be informed to the parents after a review of the completed admission form. Subjects covered in the CAQ include Math, English, Environmental Studies and Science

 Interview schedule – The child will then be interviewed, along with the parents for a better understanding of background – to foster like-mindedness.

 Within one week of confirmation of admission, the Admission Fee and Caution Deposit should be paid at the school office.



Fee Structure
(in Rupees)
Prospectus and Application   500 500 500 500 500 500
Registration Fee Non-Refundable 500 500 500 500 500 500
Admission Fee Non-Refundable 50000 50000 50000 25000 25000 50000
Caution Deposit (Refundable) 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
Tuition Fee Per Term 19500 20750 21500 22500 23500 25000
Activity Per Term 3500 3000 3000 3000 3500 3500
Lab Fee Per Term 1000 1500 1500
Mid-day Meal
Per Term 2500 3250 3500 3500 3500 3500
Transport fee
A/c Buses
Per Term
(0 – 7 Kms)
6300 6300 6300 6300 6300 6300
Per term
(beyond 7 Kms)



Each term comprises of 4 months. Three terms per annum.

  • The First Term Tuition Fee, Activity Fee, Lunch and Transportation (if opted for) have to be paid at the time of admission.

  • Uniforms, Books, Stationery and Shoes have to be purchased separately.

  • The Transportation fee is subject to change according to the change in the fuel rates


School Campus   

Beside Sun City,

Artillery Centre Gate,


Tel: +91-40-6461-1937,  6552-3980

E-Mail :   

Administrative Office 

7th Floor, Babukhan Millenium Centre,

Off Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad – 82.


Komal Mathews

School Coordinator

Tele : 92462-41938 (M)

E-Mail :

14. Edufun Pre-School

EduFun Preschool, the Early Learning Division of Glendale Academy International. EduFun provides high-quality pre primary education for children between the ages of 2 and 5, and optional Day care for children aged 2-7 years.

Only School Hours:
Admission Fee – Non Refundable 10,000.00 10,000.00 10,000.00 5,000.00
Caution Deposit – Refundable 5,000.00 2,000.00 2,000.00 2,000.00
Tuition Fee (Per Term) 9,500.00 9,500.00 12,000.00 12,000.00
Snacks & Lunch (Per Term) Compulsory 2,000.00 2,000.00 2,800.00 2,800.00
Transport (within 4 kms) 5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00
(beyond 4 kms) 6,000.00 6,000.00 6,000.00 6,000.00


All Day School
Day Care*+ Play Group / Nursery / LKG / UKG 22,000.00
* Day Care starts after school hours until 6.00 p.m.


Only Day Care
Timings Fees
11.30 AM to 6.00 PM 10,000.00
1.30 PM to 6.00 PM 8,000.00




1. Edufun Somajiguda Center-1

490, Begumpet, Same Lane as Kirtilal Jewelers

Contact Neerja   : +91-40-23403899

    : +91-92462-42005

E-Mail   :

2. Edufun Banjara Hills Center-2

Plot No. 160-A, MLA Colony, Old VLCC Lane, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills.

Contact Sejal   : +91-40-6455-0622  / 2331-1288

    : +91-92465-84924

E-Mail   :

 As always looking forward to hear from you and your list of best schools in Hyderabad.

  List of Best  Schools In Pune:

  1. St. Mary’s School Pune


About/Review: The School prepares students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. English is given the greatest weightage in the curriculum and it is compulsory for a student to pass in English.

Hindi is the second language and is taught from Std. I to Std X. Indians who have lived abroad, and who have not studied Hindi till Std VI in their previous school, may be exempted from the study of Hindi after the School receives permission to do so from the ICSE Council, New Delhi. Such students may offer a foreign language as their second language.

Marathi is the third language and is taught from Stds. V to VIII

In the Pre-Nursery and Nursery the focus is on language development and social behaviour. Children, who are now mostly from nuclear families, are taught to get along with others through various group activities. Formal instruction starts from Prep, but the pace is slow, so that the foundation is strong. While academics are a very important part of our curriculum, the mission of St. Mary’s has been and will always be to provide a well-rounded educational experience that will prepare students to pursue confidently the journey of their lives.


Admissions Office Tel: +91 – 20 – 26333234 between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, Monday – Friday.

Postal Address St. Mary’s School,

5-B, General Bhagat Marg,

Pune, Maharashtra,

Pin Code : 411001,


Main Office (Tel): +91 – (0)20 – 26356282 

Admission Office No.

(9.30 am to 12.30 pm): +91 – (0)20 – 26333234

Fax :  +91 – (0)20 – 26332200

Contact Hours (IST):  Between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. Monday through Friday. 

Landmark :  Opposite St. Mary’s Church. Near Pune Municipal Water Works. 

E-Mail Address: 

2. St Vincent School Pune

About/Review:  It is a boy’s only school. The School, which is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra, prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination (Std. X) and for the Higher Secondary Certificate examination (Std. XII). It is owned by the Poona Catholic Educational Association (pvt.) Ltd. and managed by the Poona Jesuit School’s Society, which belong to the Christian Religious Minority group and therefore enjoys the rights and privileges guaranteed by Article 30 (I) of the Constitution of India.

As of 2006, St. Vincent’s High School imparts English-medium education from Std.I to Std.X. The St. Vincent’s Junior college prepares students for the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination. Admissions are extremely competitive and are awarded based on merit.

For Admissions:

Address: St. Vincents Street, Camp

Pune,Maharastra, India

PIN – 411001


PH : + 91-20-26352135

E-Mail :

3. St. Joseph’s School, Pune


St. Joseph’s High school –

No. 36, Burr Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Phone – 020 25512141

4. St. Anne’s High School, Pune

About/Review: St. Anne’s High School, situated in Pune camp, is an English Medium School. It is recognised by the Government of Maharashtra.

Preference in admission to the school will be given to Catholic children. Admission will, however, be open to children of other communities without distinction of caste or creed.

With a view to preserving our Catholic faith, classes in religion will be conducted and it will be obligatory for Catholic children to attend these classes.


Convent of Jesus and Mary runs a private kindergarten in a breakup of two years. The kindergarten is accommodated on the same premises, but technically has no connection with the school.

The school (Std. I to X) is divided into two distinct sections.

The Primary School section (Stds. I – IV) is a Private school and the Secondary school section (Stds. V – X) functions under the State Edcuation Department. Admission from Std. IV to V are not automatic but are based on merit.

The Secondary section follows the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education System, that is, the S.S.C. syllabus


The subjects taught are English as first language, Marathi, as the second launguage, Hindi as the third language, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences (History/Geography). The school also offers Physical training, Value Education, Religion, Art, Craft, Information Technology, R.S.P., Personality Development, General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Social Service, Indian and Western Music, etc.

Free coaching for Hockey and Basketball is provided.

The School is from Nursery till the 10 th Standard. It is a English Medium School with a good play ground and a Library as well.

 St. Anne’s has involved itself in the all round development of their students. Prayer, G. K., Quiz, Elocution, Speech training, Computers, Public Speaking, Wealth from Waste, Orientations days, Activities organised by the P.T.A. Girl Guides Celebration of Festivals, National/Cultural, Indian Music, Singing, Science Exhibition etc. are the activities taken in the School.

School Achievements :

S.S.C. Results – 100% with merit ranks.

Excelled in Hockey at District and State Levels.

Excelled in Bournvita Quiz Contest and Limca Quiz.

Excelled in Folk dances. etc.


Convent Street, Camp

Pune 411 001,

Maharashtra, India 

Telephone No. +91 – 20 – 26340840



5. Abhinav School, Pune

Address: 47\16 Erandwane Karve Road



Telephone Number: 2342812

Email:  N/A

Website:  N/A

Board: Maharastra State

6. St Helena’s School Pune


St.Helena’s School And Junior College 

8, Susie Sorabji Road,

Pune India 411 001

Email : helenaspn3vsnlnetin 

Tel – 020-26124384

 ICSE Girls

7. The Bishop’s School, Pune


About/Review: The Bishop’s School, Pune, India, was established by the British in 1864 to cater for the sons of Warrant officers and Non-commissioned officers of the British Indian Army.

The school has since functioned as a Christian Anglo-Indian minority institution. It is located in Pune Cantonment close to MG road. In addition to its day school, Bishop’s also has a boarding school.

The school has three branches with the one in camp being the first and oldest and an all boys school. The school has opened two branches in the Kalyani Nagar and Undri areas of Pune. These branches, unlike the flagship camp branch, are co-educational.

The School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi.

Location and Branches

The main campus is situated in Pune Cantonment, approx 2 km from Pune Railway Station. The campus is one of the oldest school campuses in India, and one of the most important landmarks of Pune. Adjacent to the campus is the St. Marys Church built by the British in the 19th century.

Following rapid development of the city and increasing demand for quality education, the school opened two new branches at Kalyani Nagar and Undri areas of Pune.

Grading system

Instead of giving a system of deriving a student’s percentage at the end of a semester there is a point system and for every bracket of marks a student gets a certain point is allocated to the same. The student with the least number of points gets to the highest level in his/her class. However, in the senior classes, students are marked strictly according to the Board exam pattern in order to provide a clear picture of their expected performance in the Board exams. in bishop’s kln blue<freese> yellow<lunn> green<cooper> red<roberts>.


The school provides education up to the 10+2 level (ICSE and ISC). The average percentage of the students is 72 percent. With at least 40 boys scoring above 90 percent in each grade.


Sports include football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, hockey, volleyball and tennis. Cricketers who have passed out from Bishop’s are playing in tournaments like the Ranji trophy. The school has won the PSAAA football cup 18 times and has triumphed in the All India Anglo-Indian football cup three times. It has won the PSAAA cricket cup seven times.

Other sports at the school are boxing (One of only two schools in Maharastra to have it as a part of its regular activities. )and athletics. There are long distance runs where juniors run 2.5 km and seniors run 5 km).


The school holds concerts, choirs, debates, quiz competitions and essay writing.

Notable alumni

Sabeer Bhatia, founder of Hotmail

Cyrus Poonawalla, Serum Institute of India, one of the top 300 richest people in the world.

Farrukh Dhondy, author of “Bombay Duck” and “Poona Company”

Admission Age:

The normal age groups for admission to the various classes are as follows:

  Nursery (Kalyaninagar)  2 yrs 6 months to  3 yrs 5 months   
  Lower KG  3 yrs 6 months to  4 yrs 5 months  
  UKG  4 yrs 6 months to  5 yrs 5 months  
  std. I  5 yrs 6 months to  6 yrs 5 months  
  std. II  6 yrs 6 months to  7 yrs 5 months  
  std. III  7 yrs 6 months to  8 yrs 5 months  
  std. IV  8 yrs 6 months to  9 yrs 5 months  
  std. V  9 yrs 6 months to 10 yrs 5 months  
  std. VI 10 yrs 6 months to 11 yrs 5 months  
  std. VII 11 yrs 6 months to 12 yrs 5 months  
  std. VIII 12 yrs 6 months to 13 yrs 5 months  
  std. IX 13 yrs 6 months to 14 yrs 5 months  
  std. X 14 yrs 6 months to 15 yrs 5 months  
  Class 11 (Camp) 15 yrs 0 months to 18 yrs 1 months  


The age limits shown above are as on the 1st of June of the year of admission. 

Boys are usually not admitted in class VIII and above unless they come from an I. C. S. E. school and have a good academic record (Only if there are vacancies).

Age limit for particular classes will be strictly adhered to. Boys too old for a class will not be admitted.

Age Limit updated as on 17th November 2008



The Bishop’s Co-Ed. School, Kalyaninagar is situated about 6 km from Pune Railway Station.

Plot No. 78, Yerawada Town Planning Scheme, (near Pepsi Godown),

Village Yerawada, Kalyani Nagar, Pune


The Bishop’s School, Camp is situated about 2 km. from the Pune Railway Station, in the cantonment area of Pune, which is lush with greenery and has an extremely healthy and open position.

5-A, General Bhagat Marg, Pune-411 001


The Bishop’s Co-Ed School,

Ganesh Madnir, KAD-Nagar,

Undri-Mohammadwadi Road, Undri, Pune, Maharastra, India – 411048

020 – 26360437 26330261


8. Loyola High School, Pune

About/Review: Loyola High School is a Jesuit school situated in Pune, India. Founded in 1961, the school educates boys from standard 1 to 12, and the medium of instruction is English.

The school is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. The school has some of the best academic and sports facilities in India. It is rated the third best school on India After Cathedral and John Connon School Mumbai.It is the PSAA (Pune Schools Athletic Association) Champions of U12, U14 Football Championships. They are also PSAA champions for chess in the city. Students and alumni of the school are called Loyolites.


School classrooms are spacious and well ventilated, the library is a 2-floored well-stocked repository of books spanning a wide variety of topics, and science and computer labs are equipped with the latest equipment. The auditorium has a full stage, complete with lighting, and balcony seating. Sports facilities include a 25-meter swimming pool, diving pool, children’s pool, basketball courts, volleyball court, football and hockey fields.

The swimming pool complex was completed in 1971. Loyola remains one of the few schools in Pune with a 400m Olympic size track for athletics.It gives its students the best opportunities for education, sports.It is one of the best schools in Pune.

  • Loyola High School and St. Vincent’s High School share an old rivalry in sports which is evident during the Riklin Cup matches played between the two schools.
  • The Students of Loyola High School are also known as Loyolites.
  • It is voted as the Top 10 Schools in Pune.
  • It is one of the few schools which has “cross-country” as part of physical training for its students



Tuition Fees Rs. 400 per month

Term Fee Rs. 200 per term

Entrance Fees Rs. 400

Library Fee I to IV Rs. 100 per annum


Loyola High School, Pashan Road, Pune 411 008

Tel. Res. (020) 25675681 ,25656699

L.T.C. 25659084

e-mail :

  1. a) Symbiosis Secondary School  Pune



Ln No 15 Prabhat Rd, Prabhat Road,

Pune , Maharashtra

Pincode: 411004

Telephone Number: +(91)-(20)-25659357,25671814,25651495

Board: Maharastra State

b) Symbiosis International School, Pune


About/Review: India’s leading educational Institutions imparting quality education for over 30 years. Symbiosis is a family of 42 academic institutions spread across 17 campuses in and around Pune, sister city to Mumbai -India’s commercial capital and also in Bangalore & Noida.

It is host to over 45,000 Indian and International students on campus and over 1,00,000 students off campus.

Admission Procedure


Admission is declared open in the first week of December.

Admissions are open through out the year. Admissions also depend on the availability of seats for that particular grade.

K1 (Nursery) K2 (Jr. K.G) K3 (Sr. K.G) :

Age group: 3 yrs and above, 4 yrs and

above, 5 yrs and above respectively

Admission done on a first come first serve basis

Class strength: 24

Teacher student ratio: 1 : 12

For more –


The SIS Academic Management Structure is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness in execution of the core curriculum and other aspects of the academic programme. The four Academic Coordinators in association with the Principal are responsible for smooth delivery of the respective academic programme.

•Primary Years Coordinator: KG, Grades 1 to 5

•Middle School Programme Coordinator: Grades 6 to 8

•IGCSE Coordinator: Grades 9 & 10

•Diploma Programme Coordinator: Grades 11 & 12


Symbiosis Campus

Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

020 26501099


10. St. Mary’s Boys School

About – The Boys’ School has one division of each Class from Upper K.G. (Prep) to Class X. We take 45 boys for our Prep. Last year the school received an overwhelming response, however, theu could select only 45 children, as the seats are limited.


Postal Address St. Mary’s School,

5-B, General Bhagat Marg,

Pune, Maharashtra,

Pin Code : 411001,


Main Office (Tel): +91 – (0)20 – 26356282 

Admission Office No.

(9.30 am to 12.30 pm): +91 – (0)20 – 26333234

Fax :  +91 – (0)20 – 26332200

Contact Hours (IST):  Between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. Monday through Friday. 

Landmark :  Opposite St. Mary’s Church. Near Pune Municipal Water Works. 

E-Mail Address: 

11. St. Clare’s Girls High School Pune

About/Review: St. Clare’s girls high school is situated at Quarter Gate. The school was founded in June 1983 for primary section & later in June 87 it was introduced for secondary education. It is English medium Girl’s school with S.S.C. based syllabus.

The school is divided into two sections Primary & Secondary. There are 19 teachers who teaches 660 students in secondary section & 9 teachers for 520 students  for primary section (till Aug 2001). Various activities are held in the school like folk  dance competition, Art’s & craft, singing competition, speech training &many more cultural activities.

Teachers from Rose & Lora Morris Memorial Trust come regularly to the school as part of the BOLD programme, to help girls who need special attention with respect to their studies. The school has  also tied up with another organization NAVNIRMITI, to introduce more effective methods of teaching mathematics at the pre-school and primary school levels.


St. Clare’s Girls High School
433, Nana Peth,
Pune 411 002.

Ph: +91-20-26137507 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +91-20-26137507      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Website –


12. Bal Niketan School, Pune

About/Review: Co Educational, English Medium School. The school is from 1 st to 10 th standard.

Address : Bal Niketan AF School 9BRD, Nagar road, Chandan Nagar, Pune – 411014. Ph. No. 7011046, 6680681 Ext : 417.

13. Akurdi-Chinchwad English Medium High School, Pune



Sector No. 28, Nigdi Pradhikaran

Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra


14. Ornellas High School


About – Ornellas High School starts from the 5 th standard till 10 th standard.          There are both English and Marathi mediums in the school, S.S.C. Board.

Address – 433, Nana Peth, Quarter Gate, Pune – 411002. Phone : 6136276

15. Billabong High School, Pune

About – Billabong High school has partnered with Billanook College, Melbourne, Australia, for sharing educational resources and professional expertise for the benefit of students and staff members.

Billabong High will maintain a mini ecosystem, where learning is stimulating and inspirational. Its high student to teacher ratio of 12 is to 1, focus on audio-visual and kinaesthetic teaching methodology, constant parent feedback and involvement.

Address: Nibm, Pune


16. Stella Maris High School , Pune

About – The school is engaged in providing education to students from L.K.G. to std tenth. It is a Co Educational English medium school with S.S.C. based syllabus.

Address: Mahavir Nagar, Vadgaonsheri, Pune14. Phone : 020 – 7033870

17. Millennium National School, Pune


About – It is a day boarding S.S.C (State Secondary Board) school based in Karvenagar, Pune. The students have breakfast, lunch and snacks in the school. Their academics and co-curricular activities are well managed. They have no school bags and no homework. They are also exposed systematically to 3 extra curricular activities every year. The idea here is not to create bookworms, but to have all round and well developed personalities. 

The school was founded in 2000 by Dr. Phatak, a physicist. He studied and worked in USA for 10 years, and after spending about 15 years setting up schools for different trusts, he decided to start his own here, in Pune.



There are two requirements that your child has to fulfil to be eligible for admission to a certain class. One is the age requirement and the second is the academic eligibility. Please make sure you check both.

Age requirement

Class Born between the dates


 31st May 2007 and 31st May 2008

Junior KG

 31st May 2006 and 31st May 2007

Senior KG

 31st May 2005 and 31st May 2006

Std 1

 31st May 2004 and 31st May 2005

For admissions from class 2 to class 10, the child must have a document showing he / she has passed the final examination of the lower class in the previous year.

Academic requirement

Class Skills Required

Nursery No physical disability

Junior KG

 Should be able to recognize lower case letters from a to z and numbers from 1 to 10

Senior KG Writing of capital letters from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 10 and recognition of small letters from a to z and rote numbers from 1 to 50

Std 1 Writing of capital and small alphabets, numbers from 1 to 50, about a hundred 3 letter words having a physical representation and small sentences

For admissions from class 2 to class 10, the child will be tested for proficiency in English Grammar / English Comprehension / Writing and Mathematics of the previous class that the child has attended.

Address:  The Pragatipath Educational Foundation

C/o Millennium National School,

18, Hill Side, Karvenagar,

Pune – 411052.

Phone: 99229 58432, 8975761580, 8975761590

Email: nikhil dot karkare at

 As always we look forward to the list of Top Schools of Pune, created by you parents. Please let us know your views on the best schools in Pune or what are Top 10/20 Best Schools in Pune as per you.

Here is the list of best Schools in Bangalore ( Part -I) and their information.

Top Schools in Bangalore/Bengaluru

  1. Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangalore


About/Review: Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, also referred to as the Eton of the East is an all-boys school for boarders and day scholars in Bangalore. The school is bordered by Residency Road, St.Mark’s Road, Lavelle Road and Vittal Mallya Road, and is spread over 14 acres (57,000 m2) of land in the heart of Bangalore.

Academics: The school, administered along the lines of Junior, Middle and Senior School, works through three school terms, each ending with examinations. Students of Class X appear for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) by the beginning of March. Students of Class XII take up the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC). The ISC examination is an equivalent to the Pre- University examination conducted by the respective state boards of education. For further details, one can look up the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (the body that conducts the ICSE and ISC examinations) using their website,

Subjects taught at the ICSE level include English, An Indian or foreign language, History, Civics and Geography, Environmental Education, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and a choice between Commercial Applications, Computer Applications and Physical Education. At the ISC level, the school has two main streams, the science stream and the commerce stream. It is mandatory for both streams to take up English and Environmental Education.

For the science stream, the subjects offered are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and a choice between Biotechnology, Computer Science and Biology. For the commerce stream, the subjects offered are Accountancy, Economics, Commerce and a choice between Business Studies, Mathematics and Biotechnology.

Admission Into The School

The application forms for admissions may be obtained from the Office of Bishop Cotton Boys School.

The admissions are mainly for the Kinder Garten Section. The students for other classes will be considered based on availability of seats. The age limit for all classes is strictly followed. Boys willing to join BCBS should have passed previous class from a recognized English Medium School and must submit the Transfer Certificate from that school.

The Medium of instruction is English. The students can opt for ISC (Std XII) after ICSE ( Std X).

The school Offers

Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (I.C.S.E)

Examination is held at the end of Standard X, conducted by Council for the Indian School Certification Examination, New Delhi.

Subjects in Standard X are;


Second Language – Hindi or Kannada or Tamil or French


History, Civics and Geography

Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics

One optional subject – Accountancy/ Commerce/ Computer Science/ Economics/ Environmental Science/ Physical Education

Indian School Certificate ( I.S.C)

Examination is held at the end of Standard XII, conducted by Council for the Indian School Certification Examination, New Delhi.

Subjects in Standard XII are;


Second Language – Hindi, Kannada, Tamil , malayalam.

A modern Foreign Language

The students can opt for Science or Commerce Group.

Science Group –

Any one of Biology / Electricity & Electronics / Computer Science




Commerce Group :


Principles of Accounts

Structure of Commerce

Any one of – Business mathematics/Structure of Modern Government/Computer Science

For fees structure

Notable Alumni:


The Armed Forces


  • General K. S. Thimayya, DSO, COAS; One of India’s most famous Army Chiefs’.
  • William Leefe Robinson, Victoria Cross Awardee.
  • General Sir Frank Simpson, KCB, DSO; Former Chief of Army Staff, Great Britain.
  • Air Marshall Malcolm Wollen, PVSM, VrC.
  • Brigadier Zahir Alim Khan
  • Admiral Vijay Singh Shekhawat, PVSM, AVSM, VrC, ADC, CNS; Former Chief of Naval Staff, Indian Navy.
  • Lieutenant General S. K. Jetley (Dy. COAS) PVSM, AVSM, SM, ADC.
  • Colonel Lalit Rai, VrC.
  • Lieutenant General A C Iyappa.
  • Lieutenant General Jameel Mahmood.
  • Lieutenant General V. K. Kapoor.
  • Major General Sultan Mahmood.
  • Major General Bhaskar Mahadevan.
  • Rear Admiral K. Pestonji.
  • Rear Admiral Sanjay Vadgaokar.
  • Rear Admiral Prem Kumar Nair.
  • Air Vice Marshal A. C. H. Sharpe.
  • Air Vice Marshal M. Sadanand.


Positions of Responsibility

  • Dr. Raja Ramanna, Padma Vibhushan, Eminent Scientist and former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission.
  • G.K. Pillai – Union Home Secretary, Government of India.
  • Shrimant Maharaja Shahu II Bhonsle Chhatrapati Maharaj Bahadur, Maharaja of Kolhapur.
  • C.V. Ranganathan, Former Ambassador to China and France.
  • Akbar Khaleeli, Former Ambassador to Australia, Italy and Iran; High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands and Vanautu.
  • Peter Sinai, Ambassador to Austria and the United Nations.
  • His Highness Nawab Saiyid Gholam Ali Khan Bahadur, Ruler of Banganapalle.
  • Prince Nawabzada Mir Gulam Ali Khan Bahadur, Prince of Banganapalle.
  • Norman Majoribanks, Former Governor of Madras.




  • Philip Wollen
  • Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI); Co-Chairman, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
  • Vijay Kirloskar
  • Phaneesh Murthy, Formerly Senior Vice President, Infosys; Founder, Primentor Consultancy & Services Ltd.
  • Sudi Devanesen
  • Ramesh Vangal
  • Pratik Kumar – Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, WIPRO.
  • Sam Balsara
  • Dilip Thakore, Founder Editor of Business India and Business World.
  • Mangaldas Shetty, President & CEO, ELIND Computers Pvt Ltd.
  • R Dhirendra – CEO, Eduquity Career Technologies.
  • Bharat Goenka – Creator, Tally Solutions.
  • Dhirendra Ramachandra, Founder and CEO Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ram Srinivasan, CEO and President, Fireclick Inc.
  • Dr. Nasir Ahmed, Lead Inventor, Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
  • Rohan Ajila, Founder CEO,
  • Romil Turakhia, Chief Technology Officer and Co Founder, Automated Powerflow Private Limited.
  • V.K. Surendra, V.P. Mahendra, V.T. Velu, V.V. Vijayendra, V. Thirumurthy,


Other Notable Alumni


  • Rahul Matthan, Founding Partner, Trilegal.
  • Lord Colin Cowdrey.
  • Harish Bijoor, Entrepreneur, Author and Brand Strategist.
  • Shyam Ahuja.
  • A.R. Khaleel, Sports Administrator.
  • Brijesh Patel.
  • Makarand Paranjape.
  • Ravi Gupta, Rally Driver.
  • Farhad Cariappa, Rally Driver.
  • Dinesh Gundu Rao, Former President, Karnataka Youth Congress.
  • Waseem Khan, Photographer.
  • Ajit Varki.
  • The De Mello brothers- Victor, Paul and Alfredo.
  • Kenneth Anderson.
  • Martin L Gangte




  • Biddu Appaiah
  • Feroz Khan
  • Prabhu Ganesan
  • Lucky Ali – Singer, Bollywood.
  • DJ Ivan Nilkon
  • Victor Paranjoti.
  • Nikhil Chinappa – DJ and MTV VJ.
  • Santosh Gnanakan, Radio Indigo



Bishop Cotton Boy’s School

St. Mark’s Road,

Bangalore – 560 001


Phones : +91 80 22213835/608

Fax: 091-080-22232536

Website –


2. Bethany High School


About/Review : The school is affiliated to the council for the Indian School Certificate examinations which is one of the two recognised and approved, All India Boards of Secondary Education.

The Council administers two Public Examinations – The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) at the end of class X, and subsequently the Indian School Certificate (ISC) at the end of class XII. Both examinations are held in March every year.

The National admissions and accreditation agency in the UK-UCAS- has granted the ISC examination status equal to British school leaving certificates. As a result the student grades 1,2 and 3 in ISC subjects will be eligible for direct admission in UK universities without a need for A-levels or bridge courses. The Council is the only Indian Board that has been accorded this status.

The ICSE syllabus provides for a balanced education, testing understanding and application of concepts. The students are examined in 6 subjects for the class X examination.

The subject options are exercised in class IX. English, Social Studies, and Hindi are compulsory, the remaining three subjects are offered from variety of options, such as Science, Mathematics, Economics, French, Sanskrit, Computer studies, Environmental Science, Drama, Physical Education and Art. The Subjects being offered need to be well thought out keeping future course of studies and careers in mind. Internal assessment of every student comprises of 20% of the total marks awarded in each subject.

AGE:  PRE NURSERY               –      3 + as on 31st May 2010

Bethany High Special School

The Bethany Special School was established with the objective of assisting differently abled children and making them capable of living independent lives with grace and dignity like everyone else. The Special School endeavours to inculcate both education and vocational abilities to facilitate a happy and independent life for its students.


The Special School curriculum is child centred and parents are involved in the individualized formation of their child’s syllabus. Teaching is on a one-on-one basis. Detailed assessments are done thrice a year and parents are given reports during Parent Teacher meetings. Home visits are an important part of the school curriculum.

Functional literacy (reading, writing & mathematics) is taught, depending on the capacity of each individual. Cognitive, social, motor and language skills are part of the training. Computer skills are also imparted. Interns from the Institute of Speech and Hearing impart Speech and Language therapy for students who need them.


1. Bethany Preschool

#607/B, 8th Block, Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560 095. Karnataka, India.

Phone : 91 80 64501674

e-mail : school

Contact : Ms. Bharathi Ponnappa

2. Bethany High

#CA -12, 20th Main, Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560 095. Karnataka, India.

Phone : 91 80 25532189 / 1815

e-mail : school

Contact : Mr. Melvyn James

3. Bethany Junior College

#220, 5th Cross, 6th block, Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560 095. Karnataka, India.

e-mail : school

Contact : Ms. Manjula Joseph

4. Bethany Special School

510/A, S.T. Bed., Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560095. Karnataka, India.

Phone : 91 80 25634902

e-mail : school

Contact : Ms. Shanti Gnanaolivu

5. Bethany Integrated Hostel

510/A, S.T. Bed., Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560095. Karnataka, India.

Phone : 91 80 25506350

e-mail : school

Contact : Mr. Robert Khin

3.  Baldwin Boys High School Bangalore


About/Review: Baldwin Boys’ High School (informally BBHS) founded in 1880, is one of the oldest schools in Bangalore, India. The Baldwin Schools are named after their benefactor, a philanthropist, John Baldwin of Berea, Ohio, U.S.A., who had a vision, which saw him start six educational institutions, the last of which were the Baldwin Schools.

The name “Baldwin” descends from a royal lineage, and is of German origin. It means “Bold Winner”.

One sees a glorious panorama of personalities in the annals of Baldwins, guided by a strong sense of purpose, unity, loyalty, grit and determination.

The school has an enrollment of about 6,000 students.

Affiliation – It offers classes up to the 10th standard (grade) under the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) syllabus.

Academics: Here, General Science is bifurcated into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, also Humanities is divided into History and Geography, with question papers of 100 marks in each of the disciplines. The study of English is taken very seriously, and a good grounding in this language is aimed at. Regional languages are also a part of the scheme, as is also Mathematics, which plays a vital part in today’s world.

This scheme has a uniqueness about it, in the sense that it makes provision for a SIXTH SUBJECT – either Commercial Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Physical Education, Music, Accounts, etc. This prepares the children for College, and gives them a head-start over others, as the State Level Scheme does not provide for a sixth subject.

Baldwin Boys’ School offers the following disciplines as a Sixth Subject:

1.Commercial Studies


3.Physical Education

4.Computer Science



The school provides hostel facilities for a limited number of students. The junior and the senior dorm are housed in different buildings. With the increasing number of international students and students from the northeast of the country, the facilities have been upgraded.

For Fee Structure –



Baldwin Boys High School

14, Hosur Road, Richmond Town,

Bangalore – 560 025

Karnataka, India Tel: +91 (80) 221 2742

Fax: +91 (80) 221 1981


4. Ryan International , Bangalore

  • About/Review: Pre-primary
    Alphabets and numbers are taught using phonetics and songs in a competitive environment, using interactive multimedia techniques. Children are taken on outings, which help them to understand concepts and to express themselves better.
  • Primary
    Teaching is tailored to the needs of the students by involving them in the learning process to maintain their interest. Some of these methods are as follows
  • Dramatisation
    Students are dressed up to enact various roles as per the demand of the lesson or chapter. The class that performs well is permitted to enact on stage while the other sections learn by watching them.
  • Role Play
    Students dress up to depict various characters according to the subject matter. For example, a student journalist interviews his colleagues dressed up as Maharashtrian farmers to explore their way of life and food habits.
  • Experimentation
    Experience is the best form of learning. A very practical approach is undertaken by conducting simple experiments which go a long way in imprinting never-to-be-forgotten concepts on young minds.
  • Projects
    Children are involved in the learning processs in a group or individual basis. They bring in various materials as needed and assemble them in class under the teacher’s guidance, with the aim to help them understand a concept.
  • Yoga
    Children begin their day with 10-15 minutes of yoga. Laughter therapy has also been used with positive results.
  • Home activity
    These are simple independent activities for children, which can be accomplished without any intervention by parents.

The results are encouraging, with children taking greater interest in their studies and therefore lower absenteeism. The children are more confident and their hidden talents are revealed. The burden of homework and exams is reduced to a large extent.

Address: Ryan International School-

    Behind Hindustan Lever Ltd. 

    Near AECS Layout, 

    Kundanahalli, M. H. Colony  

    Bangalore – 560 037

Email –

+91 80 2847 6963  / 2852 5439 / 40 (F)

+91 80 2847 5080 / 6450 2645 / 46  

For more :


5. HAL Public School

Address: Suranjandass Road,
Opp HAL Staff College,
Vimana Pura,
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560017
Phone No: 080-5270702 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              080-5270702      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

6. National Public School , Rajajinagar


About/Review: National Public School is a in Bangalore, India established in 1959 by Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna. Its main campus is located on Chord Road, 5th block Rajajinagar. It is one of few schools in India given full autonomy by the Central Board of Secondary Education, or the CBSE.

Other Branches:

National Public School, Koramangala

National Public School, Indiranagar

National Public School, Chennai

National Public School, HSR Layout

National Academy For Learning,Basvernagar

The International School Bangalore,Sarjapur Road

National Public School International,Singapore

Admissions: For all admission related queries, kindly contact the school office between August and September and check out the exact dates of issue of the application form for registration. The prospectus and the registration forms should be collected in person, duly filled and handed-over at the school office.

For admission into grade 1 to 9 and grade 11, an acceptable academic standard is required on entry and the selected students will have to qualify themselves in a written test before admission is ensured.

Registration for admission does not guarantee a seat. Admission is granted based on the vacancies that may occur during the academic year.

Phone : 091-080-23350361

Fax : 091-080-23156772


Admissions to Grades 1 to 9 and Grade 11 are finalized based on the performance in the written admission test conducted in the month of April/May.

Students who have to appear for the written test will be sent a letter to the postal address mentioned in the registered form. The exact date and time of the test will be mentioned in the letter.

All students appearing for the written test are tested on their previous years’ portions.

Students of Grade 1 are tested in Mathematics and English

Students of Grade 2 – 6 are tested in English, Mathematics and Hindi

Students of Grades 7 – 9 are tested in English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science

Students of Grades 11 are tested in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

A list of students who have qualified will be displayed at the school premises. Admission is granted only on merit and strictly based on the availability of seats.

Address: 5th Block

Rajaji Nagar

Bangalore – 560010

Phone    :    080-23350361

 7. New Horizon Public School

About/Review: New Horizon Public School occupies a premium position among the top ICSE schools in Bangalore. Established in 1970, it has been contributing to the cause of quality education with dedication and dynamism. Situated in Indiranagar, one of the nerve-centers of Bangalore, New Horizon Public School is a highly reputed institution for school education in the city of technology. It is a unit of the prestigious New Horizon Educational Institution of Bangalore, which is committed to the cause of education.

Academic Excellence 


It is a matter of great pride that NHPS students get 100% results every year at the ICSE examination. It is not a mere 100% passes, but more than 98% of the class gets First classes and Distinctions.

The New Horizon Public School (ICSE) consists of a Pre-primary section which follows an innovative curriculum that encourages learning through activity, play and first hand experience. Combining the concepts of the Montessori method and the play way method, this system helps the child learn and grow at his or her own pace.



The academic year at New Horizon Public School commences from 1st June and ends by the 10th April of the following year. The year is divided into two terms as below :


Term 1 : From June to the first week of October. 

Term 2 : From the third week of October to the 10th of April.

Registration for admission commences in October/November every year.

In the event of vacancies available in higher classes, students will be considered for admission based on an entrance test.


Nursery: Children who have completed three years of age on 1st June are eligible for Nursery. For all other classes the corresponding age is taken into account for admission.

Admission to primary and secondary classes is accepted only in the event of a vacancy.



100 feet Road, Indiranagar,

Bangalore – 560 008. India.

Tel.: +91-80-2526 1735  +91-80-2526 1735 .

Fax: +91-80-2526 3042


Website –


8. The International School, Bangalore

About/Review: The International School Bangalore (TISB) is a private educational institution located in the outskirts of Bangalore, India. Students of TISB typically take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations at the end of the 10th grade, followed by a two-year International Baccalaureate diploma.

The International School Bangalore (TISB) is regarded as one of Bangalore’s top schools. The students largely come from affluent backgrounds, or non resident Indian families who wish to have their children schooled in India, because the fees are around US$16,000 a year (in addition to several ‘extra costs’ students are made to pay after joining the school) and there are no scholarships or financial aid available.

However, scholarships are planned to be available for the IB Diploma Program from the year starting August 2008 onwards. It is one of 37 in India that offers the International Baccalaureate Program in its Diploma form similar to Dhirubai Ambani school in Mumbai.

Most students who come to TISB are attracted by the plush lawns, the facilities, and the prospect of going to a top university after completing the IB Diploma Program


TISB has a broad curriculum for its elementary school students that is designed to acquaint them with both eastern and western culture and methods of study. The students have a choice of studying Hindi or western languages such as French, Spanish, Mandarin or German. English is a compulsory subject in this school. The school also has an EFL department.

Examinations are held once at the end of each academic year for grades 6, 7 and 8. In grades 9 and 10, the students take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) course. In grades the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. IGCSE is conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations – CIE and the IB Examinations are conducted by the International Baccalaureate Organization – (IBO)


Sports facilities include basketball, football, cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, swimming, squash and athletics. School starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m., with a break from 10:45 to 11:00 a.m. and lunch from 1:15 to 2:00 p.m. There is one computer lab for the students and a separate one for the faculty apart from computers that are available in the library.

The school has been planning to expand its campus to include a 9-hole golf course since since the school’s inception in 2001. The school has also been proposing a tie up with Newcastle University for undergraduate studies for the last few years as well. Also, the school’s website shows horse riding and other facilities that are not available at the school but have been put up to falsely promote the school.

Admissions: The International School, Bangalore is online ( and communication by email is acceptable and easy. The school runs from August to June and admissions are normally completed between January and June for most classes. Needless to say, there is a long waiting list and it is best to get in touch with the school well in advance of any proposed move.

There are entrance tests and interviews for entry into the middle and senior schools. Students should be of good academic ability and of good character. The school may ask for references, since living together at The International School is really as important as following its academic programmes.

Criticism: However, negative criticism exists of the school as it censors open talk about many unfavourable aspects and monitors the ongoings and online communication regarding the image and opinions of the school. Furthermore, the school is notorious for expelling students for minor reasons. Teachers at the school also feel confined by the strict regulations imposed on them. These include not being allowed to enter fellow staff members’ rooms and unnecessary bureaucracy and politics.

Address: The International School Bangalore

NAFL Valley, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road,

Near Dommasandra Circle, Bangalore – 562 125

Karnataka State, India.

Phone: +91 80 22634900

Fax: +91 80 27822553

Email:, ,

9. Inventure Academy, Bangalore


About/Review: Inventure Academy is a Bangalore-based international co-ed, non-denominational day school. Here is an article on Inventure’s blog which will give you an understanding of the motivation for setting up Inventure….

Located at Sarjapur-Whitefield Road, Bangalore, India and set amidst 25 acres of green fields, the campus provides an ideal and healthy setting for learning and all round growth.

Affiliation: Affiliated to University of Cambridge (CIPP, IGCSE and A/ AS levels); Council for the Indian School certificate Examination (CISCE) for ICSE. ISC (for 2010-11 session is reportedly in progress)

Admissions: Admissions are available through the course of the academic year, subject to there being vacancies in the class that admission is sought.

Admissions for the Academic year 2009-2010 are open from K1 to Grade 11

Admissions for the Academic year 2010-2011 onwards are open from K1 (UKG) to Grade 12. The admission form can be collected from the school premises or downloaded.

Alternatively, you may email the form or any queries you have about our admission process or to secure admission to the email address –

Scholarships: For details on fee structure of school and scholarships


Inventure Academy

Whitefield – Sarjapur Road


Near Dommasandra Circle

Bangalore 562 125

Phone numbers: (080) 7822102 extn 25, +91 9448936678/ 81, (080) 27802600 (080) 27802606


10. GreenWood High School Bengaluru

About / Review: The main school premises housing the primary, middle and high schools is located off Sarjapur Road near Whitefield. Housing some of the biggest names in Information Technology, this area has rapidly developed into one of the mainstays of the city. The school campus has been designed by a leading architect of the city. Every aspect of the school has been carefully looked into to ensure that the environment provided is safe and secure while being aesthetically appealing and academically stimulating.

Curriculum offered:

Greenwood High currently offers

  • ICSE (NEW DELHI) [ ]
  • IGCSE and AS / A2  (Cambridge International Examination, UK) []
  • A candidate school for International Baccalaureate Diploma program
  • (IBO Geneva) [ ]



The school encourages prospective parents to arrange a visit to the School by setting an appointment with the admissions office. -Request for application form either from the School’s Office or by applying on line. A charge of Rs.500/- to be paid towards the application form.

An entrance test will be scheduled (from grade 4 onwards). Following a successful outcome and a completed parent interview, the admissions office will require the filled up application form with the relevant documents to join the school. From this point, parents need to pay the required enrolment fee as per the fee schedule. On receiving the payment the admissions process will be completed.

Send your admission related queries to

Fee Structure – Kindly send your requests to


No.8-14, Chickkawadayarapura,

Near Heggondahalli, Gunjur Post,

Varthur via, Bangalore-560087.

Phone :+91 80 27802656 / 57/ 58

Fax : +91 80 27822200

Admissions :   Ms Ritu Singh

Mobile No. +91 9740987028 Mon – Fri: 8.30 to 17.00 Hrs.

Sat: 9.00 to 15.00 Hrs.

11. Indus International School Bengaluru

About/Review: The first Indus International School was established in July 2003 at Sarjapur, Bangalore, by the Indus Trust. The school currently has over 950 students from across 28 countries.

The medium of instruction is English and the curriculum offered is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Year Programme from Prep to Grade 5, the Middle School Curriculum from Grade 6 to Grade 8, culminating in the University of Cambridge’s International Examination in Grades 9 & 10. Students are awarded the International Certificate of Education at Grade 10. The school offers the IB Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12.

Accreditation: Indus International School, Bangalore has been accredited as a centre for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) administered by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES). This examination is taken at the end of a course of two years of study in Grade 9 and 10.

With an infrastructure that supports excellence in all areas, Indus International School provides a wide array of world-class facilities in academics, sports, IT, and habitat.

The school is located on a sprawling 40-acre campus in the city of Bangalore

Admissions: Admissions to the Indus International School, Bangalore is conducted as per the following:

Preparatory I & II – will be conducted by the admissions department.

Grade 1 to 5 – admission will be offered based on the last 2 years academic year reports/ performance.

Grade 6 and above will be based on written aptitude tests of the student.

For more details –


Billapura Cross,

Sarjapur, Bangalore 562125

Board Line : +91-80-22895900

Admissions for Indian Students :  +91-80-22895909/ 913

Admissions for Expatriate students :  +91-80-22895 912.

Fax: +91-80-22895990

Enquiries and General Information:




12. Freedom International School, Bangalore

About / Review: Freedom International School is a new school with an international outlook situated at H.S.R Layout, just off the Ring Road between the Silk Board Flyover and the Agaram Junction. The School has started classes from Nursery to class VIII this academic year and follows the CBSE Syllabus. The school intends to progress gradually every year up to Class X and then up to Class XII.

Future Value Additions

– A museum specially dedicated to our freedom fighters

– Open Air Theatre to accommodate over 800 students

– Special language laboratories

– Separate facilities for music, dance, drama, yoga and fine arts.

– Sports complex for indoor sports

– Cafeteria and lunch rooms

– Lifts


Admissions open for 2010-2011 – Class III and Classes V to IX.

Contact Address:

C A # 33, Sector IV, HSR Layout 






Phones – 25729825 / 25729826 / 32002581 

Office Timings

Mon to Fri: 9.00am to 12.30pm

1.30pm to 3.00pm

1st and 3rd Sat:9.00 to 12.30 pm 

13. Canadian International School

About/Review: Canadian International School, conducts the Ontario curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 10. In order to augment the Grade 9 and 10 curriculum and for students planning on transferring to schools offering the Cambridge board, the IGCSE curriculum has been introduced with an aim to offer the IGCSE option as early as June 2010.

Diplomas are granted by the Ontario Secondary School Board – Canada, Cambridge International Centre – UK, the International Baccalaureate Organization – Switzerland; all recognized by the Association of Indian Universities for admission to degree courses and Universities the world over.

The school offers a day-cum residential, co-educational, non-sectarian program which prepares students to enter colleges and universities all over the world. The curriculum offers core subjects in Science, Mathematics, Modern languages, English, Social Sciences and a wide range of optional courses in Economics, Computers, Business Studies, Art, Drama, Music, Psychology, Physical Education, Civics, World issues and Geography.

Co-curricular activities include sports teams and intramural tournaments; clubs, multi cultural fairs and festivals of the art, talent assemblies, a student council, model United Nations etc.

Extra curricular activities range from ball sports to rugby; horseback riding to swimming and dance to board games.

Applicants and their families are welcome to visit/tour the campus and get a first hand idea of the wonderful things that happen at C.I.S.

Admissions: Grades 7 through 10 candidates are required to write entrance exams in: MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE

IB (Grade 11 & 12) candidates are required to write entrance exams in: MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH and SCIENCE which also help to determine choice of HL and SL subjects.

The academic year begins the last Monday in August and ends mid June of the following year.

We have about 490 children on roll of whom over 80% are expats. The largest community being the Americans, then the Pan Asian group, followed closely by the French and German cohorts and the remaining is comprised of 25 other nationalities.

The teacher student ratio is 1:8.

For Curriculum –


Canadian International School

Survey No. 4 & 20


Bangalore 560 064


Tel: (91-80) 6451-4001/01/02/03/04/05/06/08

E-mails :



IB Co-ordinator :


Website –

14. Mallya Aditi International School

About/Review: Mallya Aditi International School (M.A.I.S) is a school located in Yelahanka. Mallya Aditi is considered one of the most exclusive private schools in southern India.

The school’s principal is Sathish Jayarajan (2003 – ). Anne Warrior was succeeded as Principal by Ranee Noronha (1999-2002), who has since become the Principal of the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai.

Mallya Aditi is named after Bangalore billionaire and Member of Parliament Vijay Mallya as a result of a generous endowment.

Academics: Aditi, as it is popularly known, has a broad curriculum for its elementary school students that is designed to acquaint them with both Eastern and Western culture and methods of study. Aditi students study Indian languages, namely Hindi and Kannada, but can also study English, French, or German. Western classical music, Indian dance and Indian classical music are also offered.

Examinations are held once at the end of each academic year for grades 6, 7 and 8. For grades 9 and 10, a choice between the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is offered. For grades 11 and 12, a choice between the Indian School Certificate (ISC) and the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is offered. IGCSE and AICE are conducted by the University of Cambridge International Examinations – CIE.Students used to start to receive “real” homework from the 6th grade, however this age has been recently advanced.

Admission Procedure

The school has three entry levels:

Preparatory (upper KG)

Admissions begin a year and half before the start of the academic year. Forms are available from September 1 and a readiness interview takes place in April at the school. Please note that we currently start with Preparatory, which is Kindergarten 2 or Upper Kindergarten.

Standard 9

Students can opt for either the ICSE or ICGSE programme. Admissions are based on an entrance test and an interview. Overseas applicants can request that the entrance test is sent to the Principal of his/her current school. Application forms are available from December 1, 2009. The date of the entrance test will be published on the application form.

Completed forms must be accompanied by a Bangalore cheque/Banker’s Cheque/Outstation Cheque payable at par/DD for INR 500, favouring MAIS.

Standard 11

Students can opt for either the ISC or AICE/A-Level programme. Admissions are based on the student’s academic and extra-curricular record and an interview. The school reserves the right to conduct an entrance test in one or more subjects. Places in the AICE program are subject to availability.

Please visit the following websites for more information: for the ICSE and ISC for the IGCSE, AS/A Levels and the AICE Diploma

Admission to other classes

Admission to other classes will be considered only if vacancies arise. Application forms for prospective vacancies will be available in the school office from September 1. Please note that only a limited number of application forms are issued.

For more information about admissions please contact:

Ms.Yvonne Edwards at any one of the following numbers:

+91 80 40447000 or 28462506/7/8

Address: Mallya Aditi International School

Yelahanka, Bangalore 560 106, INDIA

Phone: 91 80 40447000, 91.80.28462506/7/8


15. Stonehill International School Bangalore

About/Review: Stonehill International School, Bangalore has implemented all three programmes PYP, MYP, DP of the IB (International Baccalaureate) and has as its consultants the Council of International School (CIS). It is an education initiative of the Embassy Group, one of India’s leading real estate developers, headquartered in Bangalore.

Admission: Eligibility

All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the School can provide an educational programme that can meet their particular needs. The School is staffed to provide learning support to a limited number of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Non-native English Speaking Students

All children whose native language is not English may be required to take oral and written English examinations. Admission may be conditional on the child receiving extra assistance through the English as a Second Language programme. 


Stonehill International School

Tarahunise Post


Bengaluru North

Pin Code: 562157.

Mailing Address: 

Stonehill International School

1st Floor, Embassy Point

#150, Infantry Road

Bengaluru – 560001

Karnataka, India.

Tel: +91 8043418300/ 9008307691 / 92 / 93

Fax: +91 8022287798

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