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78 Responses to "Welcome!"


I would like to know the review for amity gurgaon and the fee structure for nursery..

Hi Kanika,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am planning to visit Amiown – Amity’s pre-school and nursery wing on Saturday and hence will write a detailed review about it too. Please bear with me till then 🙂 You will surely get to know the details of fee structure too.


Hi Amity is the best in Gurgaon fees r competitive…I m a music/dance teacher n Many of my students r studing there… so i even got my baby’s admission in Amiown it is reallly very nice experience..njoying a lot..with variouas events n all. satisfied…

Can you please let me know the admission fees for Amiown? And the quarterly tution fee?


Have you naarowed down on the best preschool in Gurgaon?

Of the ones you have visited, which 3 would you rate as the best?



Hi Sheetal

Though I am still on it but yes I have narrowed down a bit:

#1 goes to iDiscoveri Pre-school, Sector 46,
#2 goes to Intellitots, DLF Phase IV ( but they dont hve transport)
#3 goes to ibambini and Indus world both (

Hi Sheetal

My child has been going to Intellitots preschool and is very well settled and happy. Though they do not have transport facility let it not deter you till you have checked out the facility.


Hi, My son is 20 months and I am looking for a goodplay school to start with and may later a day care.
I have been to few like Earlyyears, Sri Ram Gloabl, intellitot,
I wanted to know which is the best or good – there are few more which people have recommended like Excelsior America, Pallavan, Little Footprint, Element 5, Nanhe Kadam, .. There are so many play schools in gurgaon, but i don’t know which is a good one.
Any help?

Blooming Buds is one of the best preschool in Gurgaon. for more detail you can visit their website:

Thanks for the relply. What about Pallavan?

Any reviews on that?

Hi Sheetal
Pallavan is a great school and one of my friends kid sstudied in thier playschool and she had a wonderful experience.

The school has not focused on flaunting its exteriors with fancy colours and toy trains etc and has basic brick building, large green areas and good infrastructure. They don’t even have air conditioners in the classrooms ( which is a plus point)

For the one hour program, they charge a fees of Rs. 4000 a month and for the three hour one, it’s about Rs. 4500 a month. Plus they also have a usual admission and annual fee.

If you live close to Sohna Road and money is not a constraint, then go for it. Its slightly higher on fee part though.

Hi !
It will be great if you could add more information about the birth control like plan B or any other thing and their pros n cons. The other thing which I think is very important is the diet of a mother after the baby is born. Nutrition is very important and eating only things like khichri and ghee is not sufficient. A full meal is important, including milk, beans and green stuff. Well that’s what I had after delivery and that gave me enough of energy to take care of my little one by myself (ya ya ! her dad also helped a lot) 🙂

Hi Mukta

Thanks a ton for your valuable comments. I would surely include all your suggestions on my upcoming website. Please keep them coming 🙂 and very true about not eating ghee and khicri! Wish more pregnant women come out of that age old myth of eating ghee ( saturated fats!) and start eating healthy!


I would like to know the review and the fee structure for toddlers.. for a new upcoming school in south city 1 gurgaon by the name of “medhaam” .I got to learn about this school as was in South City to visit someone and saw there indication board.

I googled that name and got to their website…


Hi Sheena

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Will surely let you know about the fee structure of this new school. Just give our team some time, hopefully by weekend.

Parenting Fundas


Did you get a chance to checkout medhaam .If yes how would you compare it to intellitots or any other competitive school.I am looking for a good school to admit my toddler..



Hi Sheena
Sorry for late reply. I was out of town hence could not get a chance to visit the school. It sure is on my list for reviews.

I have heard that the idiscoveri sector 46 principal has joined this new school ‘medhaam’. Is it true?

i recently visited medhaam, i don’t know if the principal is from idiscoveri or not but she seemed to be nice and experienced, she immediately jelled with my two yr old son Arnav. The school is big with large lawns and facilities also seemed impressive. I am particularly interested in it because its close to my house, i live in greenwood city.

Well just checked..her name is different from idiscoveri ‘s principal . Who spreads such rumors..:-) ?

she was a principal there last year, my friend who’s son was there last year just confirmed it.

Hi Pooja

Good to see you again. There is a slight confusion. iDiscoveri’s has two pre-schools. One in Sector 46 and another on Sohna road. As far as I know, the name of iDiscoveri’s (sector 46) Principal is Shalini Gauba. And in your last comment you said “I have heard that the idiscoveri sector 46 principal has joined this new school ‘medhaam’. Is it true?”

And the principal of Medhaam is Nita Datta. Ms Dutta, as per your Just Dial Link, was the principal on Sohna Road branch ( sector 48, not Sector 46, as you stated) Hence the entire confusion:-)

So we both are right. Thanks again for the clarification.

Best Regards,

Team Parenting Fundas.

Oh ok…

Dear All
I m a mom of two kids. first one is 4 years old and 2nd is 8 months old..i would like to share my kbnowlede with all moms .. I m n MBA,CAinter,WCGM,Dim in Computer corses andMusic Visharad(Indian classical),Kathak Dance teacher..

I wark for 4 hours a day..I m Running music class from my home n all my kids(Students) r very much keen in playing harmoniam ,Tabla n vocal… they participate in varius events.. We follow the exam pattern of ” Akhil Gandharva Mahavidhyalai’s” syllabus patten n my kids got the certificate from the same..

I m very good in Art/craft..If any parents hv any qurrey regading all this (Musi/Dance/art project they can aproch me by email. my Email id is, ..

we njoy social gathering n all…. i m in the same field from last 10+ yr so i think can really share/guide my knowledge with the parents .. I appreciate those enthustic mom who hadle Home+job+kid etc etc ..Its Multi Tasking job..Mom is the best Manager..


Hi Parenting Fundas,

I would like a review of Medhaam preschool in south city 1 and also its daycare….can you please help.


HI Nimisha..

On it now..You will get to see the review in few hours..!


Thank you, i feel more confident about the school now since it comes from an expert like you who has studied so many preschools so closely.

The reviews are very well written. I wish I were living in Gurgaon!
I have been looking for pre-schools in North Delhi. Can you point me in the right direction to find good ones and if there are any genuine parent reviews for these pre-schools?

Dear Riti
Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it. I would surely suggest you certain factor that you could keep in mind while hunting for a good school. Check my earlier article here..
I usually judge and write review of each school keeping in mind these factors. Hope it helps.

I m looking for pre-nursery school, gurgaon. I visited amiown, manavrachna, pallavan but i m bit confused ant all coz i liked pallavan but they dont have good playing area, manavrachna have a good playing area but i found nothing special there and amiown i dont know . Even apart from these i want to know abt best pre schools rating and also after my babies pre-nursery i want to shift her to sriram, gurgaon. I want to know about that school too.


Dear Gunjan

Have you tried visiting iDiscoveri, iBambini, Shalom Hills, Indus World School and even Medhaam. They all are really good. Even Intellitots. You can find their reviews on my blog. I really like iDiscoveri. Do let me know which area you stay in?

Hi all

I m a mother of 2 kids, one is 2.6 yrs and second is 1.2 yrs. I m in sec56 gurgaon, most probably nxt year would shift sec 89 near sec10A.
I am really confused for my older one which school to put, want to start his prenursery. I was thinking of Amiown ,but admissions r over. Does Amiown take admissions after that? If yes,whats the procedure (will charge extra & how much any idea!).
My concern is nxt year ,will my kid able to travel comfortably or ll it be too far .Or suggest some gud schools
Any suggestions, plz help
I m new to gurgaon ,dont know much abt schools here or which other school u suggest.
I hope i ll get something.


Dear Roohi

First off thanks for stopping by my blog. If the place where you are shifting is near sector 10 A then you have plenty of choices. Blue Bells is a good school, so is DAV public. Greenwood Public School, Sector 9 and Sector 10-A, Gurgaon, Lions Public School, Sec 10 A, Gurgaon, Euro International ,Sector 10.
Regarding your younger one..put him/her in a small playschool that is near by your would be best option. I am sure you would find many small play schools around. Then when the kids gets familiar ..just shift him/her to a school where your elder one goes.
About Amiown – I dont think they will admit a child mid-way. But you can always talk directly to the principal and explain the situation. Maybe it works. All the best. If you need to know anything more..pls feel free.

cud u pls give me sum review and fee structure of pumpkin house and kidzee play school

Hi All,

I am looking for a good Day Care for my 1 year old daughter. I stay in Shushant lok block A, DLF phase IV. Could any one suggests some really good Day care centers near to this locality? I tried collecting online reviews about Kidzee and Blossoms but could find a single one. This would be for the first time that my kid will be away from home so I am pretty scared and want to choose best for her. Please help!


Hi Renuka,
Intellitots has started a day care …you could check that out


hi, i am a mother of a 20 month old, i have to start working from next month, i live in greenwood city but am ready to go any far for a good preschool and day care.
Could you please rate the top 3 preschool & daycare in gurgaon, i am really anxious as i have never left my child before this and want the best for him.


Hi Palak

According to me top playschools in Gurgaon are —

1. iDiscoveri playschool in sector 46 ( its a daycare too- you can read its review on my blog)

2. Intellitots learning centre in DLF phase IV – but its not a daycare – review on my blog

3. iBambini playschool in sector 57 – wonderful daycare and playschool.

4. Medhaam in Southcity. Good day care as they have less kids so could give individual attention.

All Reviews can be found on my blog


Just a thought which I wanted to share with all concerned parents. My Child has been going to Medhaam right from the time it started. It has great infrastructure and good open space with a lot of sunlight. The teachers are very warm too. But, im only begining to get concerned about the student teacher ratio. They seem to have doubled their number of domestic maids, but the number of teachers are still less. I strongly believe, they can do much better to improve the teacher-child interaction(like 2 teachers for a class of 12 little kids). The little ones especially need a lot of personal attention.I also did observe the same in their day care centre…loads of maids to take care just with a single teacher.

hey thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience. I am sure many parents would be benefited with this. The teacher student ratio is a big concern.

In response to your query to the shifting of principals of iDiscoveri my 2nd child is now studying in the iDiscoveri Preschool Sector 46 and the Hony Director and Founder Principal is Shalini Gauba who is in partnership with iDiscoveri and her husband is one of the trustees of the society which owns this building so her chances of going anywhere is NIL ZERO. Shalini founded the first iDiscoveri Preschool in the country on 07-07-07 and for two years this was the only preschool and on this model are the other schools of the country and Sohna Road opened just 1 1/2 years ago and already 2 principals have come and left and Nita Datta was the first one who left and joined Medham,

thanks reeta for the info..yea i have met her in person ( Shalini) and she is a wonderful person. I have also met Neeta ( now in Medhaam) and she is equally dedicated. Both are doing great job.

Thank you for such an informative blog and your heartening comments about Intellitots. I wanted to let you know that we have now moved to a new bigger and better location in the same area. We have also added a number of new programs. The new addresss is Intellitots Site 4101, DLF Phase IV ,Near Vipul Square. Please feel free to email me or call me if there is any additional information you might need.

Thanks again


Good going with the blog!

hey thanks..but nothing like my old one!

hi, american public is good

I recently saw that u have given a top 10 list of schools in ghaziabad courtesy HT survey 2010. I am confused that the school in rank 1 is DPS ghaziabad, now if i check on internet there are 2 DPS ghaziabad, one on meerut road known as DPSG and second DPS raj nagar Ghaziabad. Can u please clarify that which one of the two feature on the list and also please inform about both the schools review.

DPSG was ranked no 1 in HT City. However, it is not under the ageis of DPS Society.

However, DPS socity has recently opened its new branch in Raj nagar with the name DPS Rajnagar. The school is good and is upto Nursury to VII till this year. Students of class VII will do VIII in this school only next year.

Dear Mr.Mujeeb,

The seats for KG are available for the academic session 2011-12.
Our school is located in Block C; Sushant Lok, Phase I.
You can visit the school between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on all working days and between 9:00 a.m.-3:00p.m. on Saturdays.
For further details kindly contact the school office at the following nos.
0124-4116475, 4046471, 4275820.

For Shalom Hills International School
Shilpa Raheja
(Admission Officer)

Hi, I am planning to put my two year old son in alayschool. I am a little undecided between medhaam and i-Discovery, sec-46.
th problem with i-Discovery was that they have too many kids going by the number beig tld by the principal. the facility is good but still 100 kids is a lot to handle. plus my son being barely 2, i’m a little worried about him being bullied or undergoing a bad experience to begin with. but the plus point of this playschool was the mode of teaching that they follow. acc to what the prin. said, they have a lot of activitites lined up which is good for the devt of child
now for medhaam, my first concern is, how many children are there??? and what exactly is the mode of learning that they follow. as nobody so far has tols me on the methodology beibg followed there, i’m a little confused about what they do and how they do it. though facilities and environ was much better in medhaam.
plz help 🙂

I would say iDiscoveri as the methodology they follow is definitely better than Medhaam. Medhaam is a very good daycare..but as a playschool..iDi score better :-). Dont worry about bullying – i guess it should not really happen at that young an age!

Hi nits, my son has been at Medhaam preschool for about 6 months now, I am very satisfied with his progress. I definitely recommend it. Their methodology is a good mix of play way and montessori.

Please can you suggest play school near egmore in chennai.
Which is very hygenic and with lots of activities

Amiown school people are not taking the feedback seriously because they know that people will get their child admitted in Amiown so that there child gets direct admission in Amity so they don’t care about parents feedback. Would like you to make a slight correction in the name of Admin people mentioned in your contact list in Amiown , Gurgaon. The name of the administrator is Anu and Komal .

I think one can also look at Intellitots in Phase IV. have heard good reviews`about the place and people. Check out http://www.intellitots .in.

Hi All,

Was just going through some of the concerns…about teacher child ratio in play schools. My neices go to Intellitots preschool and are very happy and the ratio is also very good.

Hi again
You can check out the intellitots website at

I see that you haven’t updated the list of schools in South Delhi – Basically, am looking for some good recommendations for pre-school for my 1 year 8 month old daughter – or a parent-toddler program. We stay in Lajpat Nagar so maybe you can help with some good pointers in and around that area.



Dear Parents,

Giggles would like to thank all the parents who bestowed their trust on us.

Giggles is not just a day care but a second home for your loved ones. We understand it’s a difficult choice as parents to leave your kids behind while you are at work. Your peace of mind is the very reason why Giggles exist.

It is a homely set up which is safe, hygienic and secure with an array of fun filled activities helping by enriching your child’s stay and learning by working on their social skills, physical ability and self-esteem through sharing stories, spoken English, Dancing, arts and crafts, outdoor play and lots more…….

Being a mother myself, I understand the challenges of working parents and thus, my vision is to provide them a loving environment away from home. Our customized Day Care programs with freshly cooked, nutritious and varied meals gives you as parents the flexibility and makes your child’s stay with us comfortable.

Giggles is Operational from 09:00 AM – 06:00PM, Monday to Friday. You can also reach us anytime at +91 99 71 700 700.

Hi All,

I have visited a playschool in C-2 Palam Vihar Gurgaon called “Eureka”
I was wondering if anyone has any reviews about this place.

my son is 3 years old and he got the admission in manav rachna , gurgaon (sec-46) .please give me a honest review on that …thanks


My son is studying in American Public School. I am searching for a good school in DLF 2 & 4. Kindly guide us with options. I was looking at Indus World School, DPS etc.

I am resident of DLF III ,Looking for a good preschool for my 2year old boy.Pl guide me with some good schools and their fee structure.


I m intrested to take admission in ur prepatory school regarding my ward Diptanshu

Thanks every one for giving feedback above, i have read all & they are really helpful in deciding over the choice of school.
But after doing my own research since about the school for my 4 year old daughter in KG, i realized that the bigger question here in not just picking the right school but the right teaching methodology i wanted for my child.
As in when i speak about the schools like Heritage or Shikhshantar who have progressive approach of schooling that they are not giving the too much of HW & also discouraging the parents to teach children separately, using the SMART classes & other innvative ideas to teach the children sounds good for the kids at initial stage when we really don’t want our little ones to be over burdened but when they will reach the cllases like 7th or 8th when they really have to be prepared for the tough competitions will they be able to cope up?

On the other hand we have schools with traditional or conventional approach of teaching where kids have heavy bags with loads of HWs & assignments where even parents actually start doing it on behalf of their kids because they really feel pity for their poor children. Are these schools really workable in today’s multi tasking world when CBSE has already started talking about ” Open Book Examination” & have already implemented grading system to keep young teenagers pressure free.

I am really r confused if some one can answer my queries

HI Ankanksha gupta,am agree with u that,school having good looking building not says that ,it vl be good for our children,scholl vl be good when there is teaching method is good,teeching method is good in what sens, first explain the topics of books undrestanding to childrens and giving the homework should be light ,teacher shoud regularly check this home work. unit test to each subject should be taken after complition each subject, the marks of this test should be shown to parents, if the performance of child is poor then acquire meANS TO improve child.

Do you plan to visit Footprints Play School & Day care in DLF Phase III? Its a new play school in DLF Phase III run by IIT guys. They also provide a one week trial where parents can experience the facilities and then decide on admission. My neighbour’s son is going there and they are quite happy with the school.

The website is:

Rabindranath World School is an English medium school located in DLF Phase III, Gurgaon with an easy proximity to metro station. The school is from Pre-Nursery Class to Class XIIth. Last year we changed the name from Tagore International to Rabindranath World School. Our school follows Play way method for the Pre-Primary Classes and C.B.S.E. board pattern for Primary & Secondary Classes. We have 2:25 Teacher student ratio for pre-primary classes. Digital classes & multimedia programs exclusively framed for the children. We have huge playground area along with the volley ball and handball courts. We have Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academy (MBTA) within our premises where coaches specially trained under Mr. Bhupati’s intelligence train the children here. Apart from the sports activities for the children we have Fitness 365 program exclusively designed to assess the healthiness of the child. We have cell phone transport facility in all over Gurgaon and South Delhi.
For more information you can visit our website: or you can call us on:
+91 8826521304, +91 124 3292818. +91 124 3292816


Could you give me some information on Natkhat Learning and Child Development centre. Have heard a lot about there day care facility.

Hi your blog is very good. Wanted your help in deciding a play school + daycare. We have visited Kidzee Phase 4 and Klay in DLF Phase 1 D Block. Please let me know your views and which one you would recommend

I want to know about carmel convent school chandigarh`s sports facilities

What about carmel convent school chandigarh`s sports facilities ?

U should do holiday’s of all class from 6 because every school has made holiday and your school do not mad holiday

I am searching thae school near by Model Town, New Delhi-9

Can You please add my school on your website. Sanfort Pre School. in sector-14 gurgaon

We are moving to gurgaon by march.I have to get admission in a pre school for kg.which school I can opt.admission has been closed in most of the school. Can u help me?


Hi, I am staying in sohna road. Looking for the best play school for my daughter … Pls suggest .. Thanks Mohita

Water Town Swim School is an elite swim school offering one of a kind classes for babies 4 months old to 4 years old. Headed by USA native Maria Di Fiore, who holds American Red Cross certification for teaching infants to adults along with special needs swimming. Di Fiore also has a background in psychology with specialty in child development. From this she designs classes filled with songs, games and toys that not only teach children the beginning of swimming but more importantly water safety and research shows that children who are in early swim lessons are likely to have higher IQs, better social and emotional behavior, larger vocabulary skills, improved cognitive and motor skill development among other things compared to peers who are not in early swim lesson classes.
Here’s a neat video that shows little swimmers taking to the pool!

But that’s not all! Water Town Swim School donates 100% of all profits to various causes including children, women empowerment and the environment. WOWWWWW!!!!

Gives a call with any further questions 9910539968


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