Maternity Clothes In Gurgaon and New Born Baby Clothes In Gurgaon

Posted on: March 30, 2012

When I was pregnant with my baby for the first time it was way back in 2006 and maternity wear was not much heard about that time. The only true maternity dress I possessed was this black tunic one piece from a brand called “Sweet Dreams” which my brother and his wife picked up from Lifestyle for me. Since I was living in a small town during my pregnancy so I could not even explore many options what a big town has to offer. My only options were kurtas from W’s or Biba teamed up with matching churidaars and lowers. I longed to fit into my regular jeans and t-shirt as I piled up several kilos but could not do so even after a year of giving birth to my baby.

But women today are blessed with such a huge choice in maternity wear. Be it jeans or capris or cotton trousers, everything is available in Maternity wear now. And not to forget about summer dresses and the all-time favorite dungarees, which makes every women look cute . For more range of maternity wear in Gurgaon check this link

Pigeon has even come up with a support belt that is to be used during pregnancy and it provides support to your back and baby bump. Mothercare has a range of pillows that can be used not only during pregnancy but also post-pregnancy to feed the baby. Check it out

Talking about undergarments – Bodycare and several other brand have maternity panties which are really high waist and come with smooth elastic which does not hurt the growing belly. See

Post pregnancy – the options suddenly seems huge. Initially only feeding nighties were available for a new mom, which were mostly front open and had to be zipped down to feed the baby. Now the mother can choose from nighties with flaps, side zips and even night suits. Night suits come with feeding option and are teemed with pajamas tootoo.

But can you wear nighties and night suits if you going out and have to feed the baby? Ofcourse not. For feeding the baby on the go, there are nursing tops which comes in various sizes and designs and have a discreet zipper or flap which can be used to feed the baby while traveling or on a visit to doctor. So be a smart mom and look hot while still feeding the baby.

A new mom also suffers form sudden milk leakages and that is where it helps. They come in both disposable and washable options. For initial few months, opt only for disposable option as you would be too busy with your baby to have time to wash and dry and then use them. Avent, Pigeon, Chicco, Medela all have disposable breast pads.

Breast feeding is the best gift you can give your baby and a breast pump really is of great help in case you plan to join work sooner and still want baby to have breast milk. While talking to several mothers I came to this conclusion that electric breast pumps, though a bit painful initially, are the best bet than the manual ones. Check Medela’s Mini Electric Breast pump, which costs around 6995 – tops the list as the most preferred breast pump used by mothers, followed by Avent’s Manual breast pump. Many mothers also use Pigeon’s breast pumps (electronic and manual both) and have mixed reviews on it.

Regarding post-natal girdle or– Farlin is the choice for most mothers. It not only offers back support but also help bringing back the tummy to its original pre-pregnancy days.

For new baby clothes
Here I am copy pasting the list of new baby clothes and accessories:

1. Vests – Front open/wide necked/Thermals for winters (Bodycare/Neva)
2. T-Shirts – Front Open/Wide neck
3. Cotton Nappies – U-Shaped/Triangle/with valcro
4. Payjamas – Diaper Payjamas/Normal/Booty Payjamas
5. Towels – Hooded/Non-Hooded
6. Wrapping Sheets – Hooded/Non-Hooded/Warm fleece in winters
7. Sweaters for winters
8. Cotton Caps
9. Mittens
10. Booties
11. Rubber Sheets – Quicky Dry Sheets/Macintosh
12. Sleeping Suits/Onsies/Rompers – Full Sleeves, Front Open
13. Blankets – Swadling Blankets
14. Sleeping Bags
15. Baby Wipes – Hand and Mouth/Anti-Bacterial (Pigeon)
16. Baby Bottles (Dr. Brown’s, Pigeon, Avent, Camera, Nuby Medela)
17. Baby Bottle Sterilizer (Pigeon, Chicco, Avent, Nuby)
18. Formula Milk Dispenser (Nuby)
19. Bottle Cleanser (Pigeon, Chicco)
20. Laundry Detergent (Chicco, Pigeon – Liquid and powder)
21. Mosquito Nets, Bedding with mosquito nets
22. Bedding with booster pillow and neck pillow (Mom’spet)
23. Bath Tub, Foldable Tub and Bathing Chair
24. Baby Toiletries – Massage Oil, Head to toe bath (Mothercare, Chicco, Pigeon, Johnsons)
25. Bottle Brush (Pigeon, Nuby)
26. Nail Clippers (Nuby)
27. Disposable Diapers (Pigeon, Pampers, Evybaby, Wipro)
28. Thermometer (Nuby)
29. Medicine Feeder (Nuby, Pigeon)
30. Bottle Warmer
31. Pacifiers (Pigeon)
32. Nappy Rash Creams (Chicco, Pigeon, Mothercare, Desitin, Sudocream)
On The Go
1. Baby on Board Stickers for cars
2. Baby Carrier/Sling (Mothercare, Chicco)
3. Baby Car Seat (Mee Mee, Sunbaby, Chicco)
4. Baby Carry Cot (Baby Boo)
5. Baby Pram (Sunbaby, Poly’sPet, Babyboo)
6. Diaper Bag / Mother bags with multiple pockets and changing mats (Carters, MeeMee)
7. Baby Cots (Sunbaby)

For the Mother
1. Multipurpose Support Pillow/Feeding Pillow (Mothercare)
2. U-Shape Pillow or Body Pillow
3. Breast Pump – Electric/Manual (Medela, Pigeon, Chicco, Avent, Nuby)
4. Feeding Bras (Bodycare) and Maternity Panties
5. Breast Pads – Washable/Disposable(Pigeon, Chicco, Medela, Mothercare)
6. Breast Milk Storage Bottles (Pigeon)
7. Post Natal Girdle / Belt (Farlin)
8. Nipple Shields (Pigeon, Chicco, Medela)
9. Nursing Gown/Night Suits with Side and front opening
10. Stretch Mark Cream (Mothercare, Chicco)
11. Mother Bags (Carters, MeeMee)
12. Burp Clothes
Available at:
Mums N Munchkins
SF 24, FF, Above Guardian Pharmacy,
Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV,
For directions call – 0124-4105735


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this has been helpful. thanks

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A Very informative Article.
Thanks for Sharing.

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The Gynae Point

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