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Posted on: July 29, 2011

The first thing we have in mind when we visit a preschool in context of getting our child admitted is who the person behind this institution is. Many websites are filled with school reviews regarding the fee structure, its curriculum, its methodology and much more (which too is of utmost importance) but how often do we get to know the brain behind all this? As a keen parent I was always interested in knowing the principal, how she interacts with parents while we visit the school and what her background is and many more but couldn’t really find out any way to do so. What better way than going out myself and interviewing them. This is the first in the series of interviews of the principals of Gurgaon pre-schools and formal schools where we give you more information about not only the school but also the person behind it.

We also encourage readers to ask queries, doubts if they have any in mind, regarding the pre-school and education in general. All the queries will be addressed to the principals directly.

Our first principal in this initiative is Ms Shailini Gauba – Hony. Director, Founder and Principal at iDiscoveri Preschool Sector 46 Gurgaon – Idiscoveri Pre School (sector 46) in Gurgaon. Ms Gauba has over 20 years of experience in this field and is the person behind the “best pre-school” in Gurgaon. On visiting the pre-school a year ago, I was showed the school in detail and told about its curriculum etc about which I wrote a review here ( .

On my second visit for her Interview – I came to know many new things like the way school imbibes modern values and restores the customs and traditions too. The idea of celebrating “Grandparents Day” reflects the school’s belief in respecting the elders and celebrating their presence in our lives. In today’s world it’s very important to imbibe these core values in kids not only through their parents but also through the school.

On the “Grandparents’ Day” no parent is allowed to come to school but only grandparents of the kids. The way they are welcomed and given due respect is just worth a watch. I saw the pictures and was impressed with the whole idea of celebrating this day.

“Most grandparents have tears in the eyes when they see their grandchildren performing on stage. The whole environment is so emotionally charged,” tell Ms Gauba adding that the school doesn’t have the tradition of inviting any “Chief Guest”.  “This is just waste of time and we believe the only chief guests could be parents in itself.” This is a fresh change from all the schools where you see so many chief guests in the form of politicians and ministers which have no relation to the school. Hats off for this initiative!

Prior to iDiscoveri, Ms Gauba ran a pre-school called “Tender Years” in Delhi from her home as it was the time she was also devoting time to her two kids, who are now in higher classes. The school is now closed and she focuses her entire creative energy on iDiscoveri.

I asked her certain questions that many parents asked me on my blog. First one was regarding her views on cut off age group for nursery.

Me: “My kid is November born and she misses the date of Nursery admission in many schools by one month and would have to wait for entire one year before she gets admission in nursery. Some schools also recommend me to change my kid’s birth certificate and alter her age by 2 months. What are your views on that?”

Ms Gauba: I don’t think there is any need to alter the age of a kid to get her admission in Nursery if she falls short by a month or two. I have two sons, one is born after September and one prior to it. I did not try and tweak the birth certificate of the December born just because he should get admission. Though his cousin and he are same age group and she is one class higher than him, it doesn’t really matter.

I actually feel that the kids who are eldest in their class are actually stronger in their concepts and have better understanding and maturity than the smallest ones. They have strong grasping power and have deep rooted concepts. So it’s always good to let the child be in the same class as he deserves to be in. Don’t try to rush into getting admission early. It won’t help any way.

Another parent on our blog questioned: “My child is just 2 year old and I am scared if I put him to a pre-school, chances are he could get bullied by older kids and would not be able to tell about it to teachers and us. What does a pre-school do to address this issue?”

Ms Gauba: There is usually a child in every group who is hyperactive and may have tendency to bully other kids or kids of younger age. We generally tackle this issue by keeping our student teacher ratio in balance and taking special care of such kids. If ever we find such kid who has the tendency to bully other kids, we talk to the parents and give special attention to the kid.

“My child remains very quiet in class and doesn’t take the initiative to talk and make friends. I am afraid he will become an introvert and would like to know how the school can help me address this issue?”

To this question, Ms Gauba had a story to tell: There was a child in their class who remained quiet and didn’t want to make friends. He didn’t talk to even the teachers. But one of our teachers (who is still with us) took the initiative to take special care of him and get him out of his shell. She asked him to become friends with her. Though the child initially did not show interest in developing friendship with the teacher but later during one of the activities in class the child held the teacher’s hand and is with her during whole time. We published this story in one of the publications after few years and were so touched by it. I am lucky to have such teachers who take this initiative and are ready to help children in every aspect.

Question: “My child becomes attached to his teacher very easily and doesn’t like it when she is absent for long or worst is she gets replaced by other teacher or leaves the school. What does the school do to ensure that the teachers are retained so it doesn’t affect the child’s psychology?”

Ms Gauba: We have teachers who are working with us since the time of school’s inception and we generally try our best to retain them. As a rule the student teacher ratio is 1:10, 2 mentors and 1 maid with 20 students in a class. So if one mentor is on leave the students don’t feel the absence to that extent as they are also used to seeing other one and the chances of both taking a leave together are highly unlikely.”

Like me, all you parents might have numerous questions in mind and also trying to seek answers to it. Please use this forum to address them and we will have more principals on board in future.


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Parents should book a seat in whichever school their child gets through first so as to cut the risk.It is necessary to understand the mind of their child and his/her creativity

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