List Of Best Schools In Amritsar(Punjab) and their Reviews

Posted on: October 17, 2010

List Of Best  Schools In Amritsar

1. DAV Public School
Address: Lawrence Road, Amritsar – 143001
Phone : 91-183-224603
Fax : 91-183-212793
Website –

About –  The school started in 1982 in the B.B.K. College canteen with 200 students and 12 teachers. Today this CBSE affiliated school boasts of  6000 students and over 390 members of teaching & non-teaching staff. 

The modern infrastructure offers a rich spectrum of facilities including five State-of-Art computer labs, well equipped science labs, multimedia halls with LCD projector, well stocked computerized three-storeyed library with 46656 books, 44 Journals, 12 Newspapers, seminar hall, Fine art labs, Music rooms,  Dance rooms, Sitar room, Activity & Creativity rooms, Yoga, Judo & Boxing rooms,  Gymnasium,  Billiard room, Table Tennis room,  Planetarium at junior school,  Science park with open air gadgets, Hygienic tuck shop with nutritious food options,  Separate sub-station for uninterrupted power supply.
For extra -curricular activities and updates –
2.  DAV International School, Amritsar
Address: Bye Pass Road, Verka Chowk
Amritsar, Punjab 143501
Phone : +91-183-2264788 / 3292700
Fax: +91-183-2265011
Email Addresses
Enquiries and General Information:

About – The school which started its amazing journey with its establishment in 1998 by the DAV’s visionaries with just 187 students and 10 teachers now firmly and proudly stands as a premier institute with 3800 students and about 175 teachers.
It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Sprawling over 8.5 acres of lush green lawns and nestled amidst highly picturesque & truly wordsworthian surroundings at Verka By-Pass Road, the school provides pollution-free & study-friendly environs for the healthy growth of its pupils. Ergonomically constructed, the three storey school building is well-equipped with all the modern infrastructure and the state-of-the-art facilities.
The school boasts of an excellent infrastructure. It has a fully computerized, well stocked library, Audio-Video room with d audio-visual aids for helping the students learn or for helping the faculty set up the curricula.
The school building comprises of Academic & Administrative Blocks, rich library, Multimedia Room, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Maths Lab, a Fully AC Conference Hall, ‘THE TWINKLING STARS’ , a separate Block for the Pre Nursery & Nursery students. IPA Room, Audio Video Room, JIL Room, Art & Craft Room, Music Room, Dance Room, Skating Room, Basketball Court, Yoga Room, a Yajna Shala, Traffic Park, and fountains are the other significant features of the school.
A National Integration Rose Park based on Geometric Shapes (Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle and Pentagon) comprising of 675 different roses of different colours have been planted. Thus this state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the modern amenities and its beautiful landscaping combined with study-friendly class rooms provide a perfect academic ambience and an ideal nurturing ground for a child to grow up as a complete personality.
•Aesthetically designed campus,
•Airy, well-lit, smart “Technology Enabled” classrooms,
•A Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of about 100 people,
•State-of-the-art Computer Labs with multimedia, Well equipped Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths),
•Computer Aided Learning,
•Yajna Shala,
•Library with the latest books, Internet access & CDROM library, educational cassettes,
•Art & Craft Studio,
•Music & Dance Room,
•Sports such as Badminton, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Aerobics, Skating, Athletics, Chess, Jump Rope & other indoor games,
•Fitness Centre / Health Gym,
•Medical Room – Regular health check-ups, Vaccination camps are organised every year in the school premises,
•Counseling & Orientation programme for students, parents and staff,
•Cultural Resource Centre,
•A hygienic School Canteen.
Admissions – Registration will be open to all irrespective of caste, colour or creed. Priority will be given to Wards of the staff, Real brother/sister of the student on rolls and General category particularly on first come first serve basis. The final decision of admission will remain with the principal, please do not request a meeting with the principal to clarify issues and questions about the admission process or policy.
Admissions are open for Classes Pre-Nur. – X for Academic Session 2009-2010.
For more details please visit
3. Spring Dale School, Amritsar
Address: Fatehgarh Road, Amritsar – 143 001 Punjab (India)
Phone no
+91-183-2710011, 2711764, 5016233, 5016244, 5016255
Fax no
Website –

Facebook Page –

Review on Mouthsut –

About –  The foundation stone of the institute was laid by Bhagat Puran Singh, in 1981, who was a famous social worker. Mr. S. Surinder Singh Sandhu and Late Mrs. Davider Pal Kaur Sandhu were also instrumental in doing the groundwork for setting up this institution. The motto of the school is ‘Excelsior’. The school provides individual care for students in the age group of six to eighteen years. They have a junior school in Green Avenue Amritsar.


State-of-the-Art Laboratories  
We at Spring Dale Senior School, believe in imparting knowledge through practical applications.  We have made sincere efforts in setting up ultra modern laboratories for teaching various subjects in an all effective and interesting way.

Smart Class
Smart class is a digital initiative of Spring Dale that transforms teaching through the apt use of technology.  With this innovative and meaningful use of technology, we aim at bringing abstract concepts to life, making learning ever more effective and enjoyable.

Mathematical laboratory
Mathematics laboratory set-up is another added facility that we at Spring Dale provide.  Being activity-centered, the child is placed in problem solving situation and through exploration, he or she provides a solution based on his or her experience, needs, and interests. The students here perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games and solve mathematical puzzles.

Computer Labs
A network of 200 computers well connected with ISDN facility guarantees individual access to computer for each student. These computer labs are separate for the students of junior, senior and pre-college wing.

Science Park
Science Park makes science principles become very engaging and engrossing for the students. When they learn various scientific concepts like mechanics, sound, light, meteorology etc. in informal ways before them, they no more dread the complexities. The students actually get a clear insight into it and get innovative.

Space lab
The unique concept of space lab widens the horizon of young minds and enters them into the enticing world of research. They become aware and dream to explore the unexplored.

Audio-visual Labs
The school has three A/V rooms that concretize the concepts in book for the students. It catalyses the understanding process and clears many doubts that students generally have when they read only through the books.

Davinder Pal Center for Performing Arts

Confidence and Self-belief is what one derives through participation and performance.
The real world demands performance and practicality. We not only endeavor to teach distinctive arts to our students, rather we wish to derive the best out of them too. The students of Spring Dale are taught, keeping all this in mind and thereby present their skills in the field of histrionics, dance, music and ‘Gatka’ – the traditional martial art form. 
Our Courses
1.Dramatics: In dramatics we focus on:
◦Voice modulation
◦Theatrical skills
◦Subduing stage fright
◦Enhancing confidence
2.Dance (Laya-Taal) improves dancing techniques and informs the students regarding the advantages of different techniques.

3.Dhol: Being the most electric dance form, dhol has been a revolution. Spring Dale made a valiant effort to promote this dance form. It effectually came up with a vigorous performance which included 50 dholis, most of them being its students.

4.Gatka, an eternal martial art of the Sikhs needs to be revived because of its colonial importance. Spring Dale aimed at reviving this art and its students performed Gatka in its Performance activities 2002.

5.Vocal Music (Gayaki) is a premiere effort to inculcate spiritual singing habits in the form of Bhajans, Shabads etc. among various students.
6.Instrumental Music is another music form that is taught through electronic boards, violins, tabla, drums and guitars. Spring Dale is the first school in North India and amongst the top three in the country to have a Casio Keyboard Lighting Lab facility. 

Davinder Pal Center for Creative Arts  
  This centre is the creation of the late visionaries Dr Shivinder Singh Sandhu and Mrs Manveen Sandhu. The centre dedicated to
Mrs. Davinder Pal Kaur lays emphasis on indulging students in the field of creativity and imagination.
  Our Endeavour  
  •Nurturing youth with the significance of art
•Polishing creative skills
•Introducing students to Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)
•Rejuvenating old art forms
•Developing an eye for laborious work
  Creative Arts  
  “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”    – Aristotle
  Through the Creative Arts segment, we wish to impart a vibe of inspiration and insight within the students. May it be normal drawings made by students at junior level or may it be innovative artistic creations like Madhubani, Warli etc., students can indulge in distinctive cultural skills through this segment. Apart from this, students can learn sketches, painting, sculpture, model making and other arts.
  Our Courses  
  •Craft: Here emphasis is laid on making different uses of recycled material innovatively.

•Pottery (Terracotta): It aims to invigorate and revive old cultural arts of pottery and introduces students to the sharp and creative labour of old times.

•Tie and Dye (Bandhini): Splendid tie and dye methodology is taught at this level.

•Cooking (Flavours): This section aims to make cooking interesting for the students along with apprising them about the nutritional value and element composition of distinctive food types. Moreover with the increasing imperativeness of hotel management industries etc., it opens another gate for honing cooking skills of talented students.

•Sculpture: Being an imperative form of public art, sculpture initiates students towards carving clay or other cast- off material. Team work, art creation etc. are major unique points in this sector.

•Photography: From basic camera skills to typical use of digital and somewhat technical cameras, students learn all here.

•Graphic: Highly persuading section among students as it focuses on the use of computers and software like Photoshop, Illustrator and 3-D Max, which children find appealing.

•Calligraph: Through this art, students are exposed to various writing techniques and designing fonts thereby enhancing the art of beautiful handwriting.

•Needle Work: To imbibe better hand eye coordination, this lovely art is incorporated and involves the use of a piece of cloth, a needle and thread including materials like matte and net.

•Oil Painting is another interesting art form that allows students to paint various themes related to real life.

Library at Spring Dale is systematically designed. Moreover, its ambience encourages the students to read. With an enormous seating capacity of around 120 seats, this alcove comprises books, magazines and journals pertaining to distinctive subjects. Also, there are latest issues of Time Magazine, IT and CSE publications etc.
Counseling Division  
The school completely realizes the growing stress and anxiety that the modern generation comes across at various levels in their growth. The Counseling division of the school aims at holistic growth of each of their students. It has the “The Life Skills” programme for the student that takes care of the growing needs of the students as individuals.

 In this programme, a wide spectrum of issues related to adolescence are addressed. It is a genuine attempt to equip students with the courage and strength to grow well with its focus on biological, psychological and socio cultural dimension. When such life skills are imparted to them, it enables them to foster healthy relationships and to play leadership roles.

Beyond Classroom

1.Science Club: Student members of this club discuss on latest and important scientific issues, inventions as well as pragmatic uses of various scientific techniques etc. and all this is followed by proper debates so that more and more of ideas could be confidently generated.

2.Interact Club: Formal meeting styles, methods of communication, style of interaction etc. formulates a key part in normal discussions and social gatherings. To be able to present oneself uniquely and converse confidently is the aim of this club. Rotary Club meetings and regular seminars are organized for carving students of this club.

3.Environment Club: World is harmed by the ever lasting environmental issues. Spring Dale considers its social obligation to try its best to help out the society in solving these issues. Its Environment club actively participated in ‘Go Green’ campaign and other problems on eco system, water conservation and noise pollution etc. are also regularly discussed by members of this club, thereby bringing awareness among students.

4.Performing Arts Club: The major purpose of the Davinder Pal Centre for Performing Arts has been to perform eclectic types of plays, dances etc. which touch various issues and thereby create awareness among everyone regarding various societal problems.

5.Literary Club: This club creates intellectuals among the students by arranging a variety of public speaking activities like debates, declamations, read-a-thons and other writing competitions. Exceptional and highly competitive contests in this club have led it to produce some renowned scholars, writers and speakers.

6.SPICMACAY i.e. Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture is an association formed to relive and rejuvenate past heritage and culture. Many conventions, plans, programmes have been organized by SPICMACAY to bring its youth close to the traditional heritage. Spring Dale’s Heritage club also holds seminars, exhibition etc. to promote various cultural artifacts.

7.ICT Club: IT Industry and Computer related trends and inventions are regularly discussed and apprised by this group so that the students are in touch with what’s happening in their field and prepare in line with the present demands. Also various serious issues like hacking etc. are actively discussed to stop its evil effects on the society.

8.Maths Club: For the mathematical genius, this club makes adequate provisions, may it be by holding several numerical contests or may it be by telling distinctive ways of studying mathematical techniques. Mathematical lab is also used to enhance skills of students of this club.

9.Youth for change: Youth is the future and if they are taught and are aware of the various society related issues, the future lies in safe hands. Wearing helmets, avoiding talking on mobiles while driving, saving electricity and water etc. are some of the issues discussed and tackled by this club. This helps in creating leaders out of students.
Student Council
The imperativeness of youth needs no introduction and to enforce this fact, Spring Dale decided to bring forth its students on the front seat so that they could learn and emerge as effective citizens of the society. The Student Council is an elective body of students’ representatives. This Council allows the students to confidently interact with faculty and other senior members on various issues.

Igniting Interactions

Through this section, Spring Dale unfolds the idea of healthy discussions amongst students, parents and faculty. This allows the students to open up and prepares them well for the challenging world outside the school ambience.
4. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Amritsar
Address: Amritsar  Cantt, Amritsar.
Contact – 0183 2560677, 2563677
Website –

About: The Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1  was established in the year 1975 to academically cater to the requisites of the wards of the military officers. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education the school provides secondary and higher secondary education in the school premises to  more than 2300 students in the classes that start from Kindergarten to class 12.

Each class is segregated into 5 sections. The faculty strength is more than 100 members. Instructions are given in the classes on all subjects. The medium of instruction is English. The school maintains playgrounds and play courts for the students.

Two fully air-conditioned computer centre with adequate number of computers and a trained computer instructor help in keeping pace with new trends in Information Technology. Computer Science have been introduced as an elective subject at the senior-secondary level from the session 1999-2000. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms, well equipped Science and Geography Laboratories and a Junior Science Laboratory help to develop a scientific attitude among the students.
5. St. Francis School, Amritsar

Address: St.Francis School 31,
Cantonment Amritsar,

Website –
About – The school is affiliated to ICSE board. All prospective candidates from Nursery to V class must get their names registered at the school office. The dates of registration shall be intimated through the principal’s circular. No registration shall be made prior to the dates specified. Registration for the Nursery, LKG and UKG is taken at the minimum age of three, four and five on the 1st of April.
Duly filled form should be submitted along with the required documents as early as possible. The validity of registration is only 30 days from the date of registration. Incomplete forms will not be considered for admission and will be rejected. False documents or unauthorized changes in the certificate will lead to cancellation of registration.

— Admission —

There shall be a written test followed by an interview for admission. Selection will be strictly on merit, subject to the availability of seats in each class.

— Admission Requirements —

From Nursery to UKG Birth certificate showing the date of birth from the Municipality/Hospital should be produced at the time of admission. No affidavit will be accepted. If it is found that a false birth certificate has been produced to obtain admission, the candidate will be barred from studying in this institution. Date of birth as shown in the birth certificate once registered cannot be altered on any account.

From I Std onwards Admission will be granted only after submitting an Original Transfer Certificate from the last attended school showing the date of birth and class in which the child was studying.

An attested copy of most recent results available from the previous school, if any should be submitted along with the application duly completed. Copies of the certificates submitted are not returnable.

The admission procedure will be complete only when the child is issued an admission card and fee no. after submitting the necessary documents and depositing the fees.

— After Admission every student is required to take —

1. English
2. Punjabi, Hindi
3. Mathematics
4. Science ( Physics ,Chemistry, Biology)
5. History
6. Environmental education
7. Physical Education/ Computer Application
8. Socially Useful Productive Work.

— Computer Education —

There is no area in life untouched by computers. Hence students will be handicapped if there are not introduced to the computers. From class III onwards we give computer knowledge. Computer education is the part of their curriculum and a compulsory subject. Only in IX they have option for computer application or physical education.

— Co- Curricular Activities —

Through a number of co- curricular and cultural activities students are enabled to reveal their innate potentialities and talents. They develop and enrich various facets of their personality, quality, leadership, self- confidence, sportsmanship, team spirit and initiative. Mainly co- curricular activity contests are held to develop the skills of children.

— Sports & Games —

All round development of a person inevitably needs the experience and excellence in the field of sports and games. Realization that healthy vitality is of vast importance to successful living and the determination to maintain it will enable one to sue this field to the fullest. As per the ICSE syllabus sports and games is an essential part of curriculum and special coaching is given to the students. Capable instructors are provided and excellence in individual performance is given special attention.

— School Fees —

1. Tuition fee from Nursery to UKG will be collected in school office.
2. Tuition Fee from I to X will be collected Quarterly in Indian Overseas Bank in advance.
3. All the details of the fee collection wil be given in the Fee-Book.
4. No students will be permitted to write examination without fee clearance.
5. No cheques will be accepted at the fee counter. No refund will be done once the receipt is issued.
6. The school reserves the right to revise the fee structure annually in order to meet the rise in expenditure     due to the increase in the cost of living.
— Procedure for Withdrawal —

Students can be removed or withdrawn from the school as under:

1) By giving one calendar months’ notice in.writing.

2) By the school authorities on any one of the following grounds.

Constant weakness in studies
Irregularity in attendance
Behaviour Problem
Over-age in class
Non-payment of the fees of chronic irregularity in payment
Moral breach considered serious by the School Committee.
Non co-operation of the parents to the school authorities.
Disobedience to the school rules,& regulations.
Note: No students will be furnished discharge certificate until all the school dues, including fine that is unpaid, to the school are realized.

6. Delhi Public School, Amritsar
AMRITSAR – 143115.
TEL. 0183-2440744, 2440755, 6530744
Website –
Email ID:
Admission and Registration –

 About – The Delhi Public School, Amritsar was established in the year 2003 with its first academic session starting from the 16th of April. The school has classes from nursery to class 12. The eminent academic institute follows the syllabus laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) which conducts the secondary and the higher secondary examination.

The infrastructure of the school is provided with a spacious campus that has playgrounds and play courts. Music rooms and dance floors are present in the school along with the laboratories, computer room and a well furnished library.

The Delhi Public School of Amritsar works under the endorsement and guidance of the DPS Society that has included a trained and knowledgeable faculty to instruct the students. The Delhi Public School at Amritsar is a co-educational school where boys and girls are given instructions in English.

7. Indus World School, Amritsar
Address: IWS Amritsar

222, Silver Estate, Majitha Bypass, Amritsar

Phone: 0183 – 2264399 / 2264400

Mobile: 09915 090 944


The Indus World School and its sister concern, the Ananda School, are promoted by the Nalanda Foundation (NF) – an educational society created with the sole aim of providing quality learning comparable to the best in the world. NF was co-founded by a passionate group of educators from various fields: Technology, Management, Design, etc. and are alumni of leading institutes in the country, viz. IITs, IIMs and NID. They share a common vision of ‘a place of learning with a difference’ – one that is futuristic, and nurtures tomorrow’s leaders.
8. Alexandra school Amritsar
Address: Queens Road, Amritsar – 143001,
Board in::ICSE, Affiliated to:ICSE C
 Telephone Number:+(91)-(183)-2210211,2564563
Facebook –

9. Ajanta Public School
Basant Avenue, White Avenue
Amritsar, Punjab
0183 2229879
Board – CBSE
Facebook Page –

10. Holy Heart Presidency School
Address: Affiliated to I.C.S.E. New Delhi (No. Pu047)
Lane No. 2, Ranjit Vihar, Loharka Road,
Opp. Ranjit Avenue (E-Block),
Ph. +91-0183-2507214, 2507215
Email :
Admission –
Website –
About – Holy Heart Presidency School, Amritsar, set up in the year 2000 has its own campus with a built up area of 5000+ sq. yards in 7.5 acres piece of land. It has all the facilities to raise the students according to the International standards. Holy Heart Presidency is one of the few ICSE schools remarked as the best by the ICSE Inspection team. 
The school has a distinction of its own being the only school built up according to Vastra Shastra to train the minds (Students) in the best possible atmosphere. The winds coming from right direction enter the rooms & build the right type of atmosphere in which right attitudes & characters are built.
A school produces the future of the nation. Thus school should be designed very carefully so that the teachers should teach well and students should perform best, if not then the students will not be able to concentrate in studies, will become adamant and inefficient citizens. Holy Heart Presidency is one and the only school in the city which is made totally according to Vaastu-Shastra.
The school’s Administrative Block is designed in such a way to have a perfect balance in the moment of work and the office is in the control of the Principal. The office is right at the entrance having images of God and who so ever enters the office, the negativity of that person diminishes to zero. 
Apart from this the total infrastructure has been created in the south direction which is ideal according to VAASTU SHASTRA. School entrance, Swimming pool, Washrooms, Aqua rooms, Landscaping, Waterfalls, Students’ sitting plan and many other aspects of school’s infrastructure are in perfect harmony with VAASTU SHASTRA.
11. Amritsar Public School
N Canal, G T Road, Focal Point Road, Amritsar – 0183 2588001

12. GD Goenka Public School Amritsar
Address – NH-1, Off G. T. Road,
Manawala, Amritsar.
e-mail :
Ph : 0183-2440011,12,13
Fax: 0183-2440014
 Website –
Admission –
City Office: RBKC Towers,
McLeod Road,
Rani Ka Bagh, Amritsar.
Ph: 0183-3256676, 2402486

About – The best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library and medical room, huge playgrounds, cafe, etc. The prerequisites that make for a wonderful school life – are available, by default, to all Goenkans.
The school boasts of  highly experienced and dynamic teachers believe in imparting knowledge the unconventional way. Our academic pursuits, along with a range of extracurricular activities, help in honing a child’s skills and ensuring that he/she grows to be a mature, responsible citizen.

School boast of certain features which only goenkan’s have in India:-
Building management systems inclusive of electrical, mechanical and security control through one of its kind systems “IBMS” which works as the Nerve center.
CCTV surveillance at all entrance, exits and classrooms for enhanced security.
For the first time parents can see their children studying in school through internet and personalized Login ID’s. Interactive web portal for parents, staff & students for real-time assessment of school & students.
Wi-Fi enabled campus.
Fleet of deluxe AC buses with global positioning system (GPS) helping in tracking vehicle through internet anytime and also telephone connectivity on board to meet any requirement most promptly.
Well designed uniform for students has been conceived and made by NIFT, Delhi, with special attention to footwear, which was designed by Reebok, especially for Goenkans, keeping in view the comfort and styling of the students.
Specially formulated text books and note books by “Classmate” which are registered in name of Goenka, implying the well researched techniques of teaching. Every subject note book follows a unique colour pattern both in outlook as well as contents, made exclusively for the Goenkans.
Medical Room with trained professionals including qualified Child psychologist.

13. Saraswati DAV Girls S.S.School
Contact : Mrs. Bharti Sachdeva, Principal
Address : Dhab Khatikan, Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-545647
Website :

14. Arya Grils Senior Secondary School
Contact : Principal
Address : Lohgarh, Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-542118
Website :

15. BBK. DAV. Senior Secondary School
Contact : R.L. Sharma, Principal
Address : Katra Mahan Singh, Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-556547
Website :

16. DAV Senior Secondary School
Contact : J.P. Shoor, Principal
Address : Amritsar, Punjab, India 143 001
Phone : 91-183-548465
Fax : 91-183-548465
Website :

17. Manav Public School
Anand Avenue
18.  P.B.N. Senior Secondary School
Town Hall
19. S.L. Public School
Opp. Shivala Bhaiyan
20.  S.S.S.S. High School
The Mall Road
21. Ajit Vidyalya
Ajit Nagar
22.  Alexendra High School
Queen’s Road
23. Alpine Public School
Ekroop Avenue
Majitha Road
24.      Amritsar Public School
G.T. Road
25. Arun Rashmi Sainik School
Haveli Jamadar
26. Arya Girls Senior Secondary School
Lohgarh Gate
Amritsar – 143001
27. Ashok Vatika Public School
Majitha Road
28.  B.K. Educational Industrial School For Girls
Haveli Jamadar
29. B.K. High School
Ghee Mandi
30.  B.R. Modern Senior Secondary School
Shastri Nagar
31. Bhabha Senior Secondary School
Majitha Road
32.  Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan
Batala Road
33. Cedar Spring High School
Ranjit Avenue
Rani Ka Bagh

34.  D.A.V. Public School
Lawrence Road
35. D.G. High School
East Mohan Nagar
36.  Dayanand Public School
Shakti Nagar
37. Govt. Industrial Training School
Beri Gate
38.  Govt. J.B.T. School

39. Guru Nanak Girls Higher Senior School
Town Hall
40. Hindu Sabha School
Dhab Khatikan
41. Holy Heart High School
Green Avenue
42.  Jagat Jyoti Senior Secondary School
Rani Ka Bagh
43.  Madhav Vidya Niketan
Ranjit Avenue
Rani Ka Bagh
 Please let us know your reviews and experiences on the above schools and also about the names of the schools we might have missed. The list is not exhaustive nut indicative.


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where is sacred heart ????????? 😦
Best school of Amritsar not in the list

xactlyy!!!! where is it..?????
sarre bhayiion ke school bhi hai(st. francis) etc…
where is shs.!!

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Good News For All !

Admission open for class 10th & 10+2 !


All streams available,

Own examination center,

Best results guaranteed*

Contact Shiv Shakti Educational Institute, Amritsar at 9872010933

* (Affiliated to Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi)

plz tell me is sacred heart heart is not a good school?if good,then why this school name is not included in the top 10 best school of amritsar?

i want to admit my baby in sacred heart school,if this school is not good then plz suggest me good school for my baby.

its a good school..if you are not looking at co-education.

well i m a studying at sacred heart school in Xth std….it is a good school and gives a good platform to students in extra curricular activities….but i would prefer st.franci school over sacred heart….the reason is that sacred heart is a school for girls only and its students after passing out and in colleges find it difficult to cope with the male gender…..whereas st.francis being a co-ed school helps the students to cope in the society…..but still both being convent schools are good but the only disadvantage of sacred heart is difficulties in future…so st.francis would be a better option…thnx

holy heart presidencu school d best results speak the same 29students got 90+ in 2012 boards me getting 94 n highest % 96 in schl

yes u r right

i am trying to find what is the curriculum design for indian education. i search lots of schools but i didn,t find it any where. do we have curriculum develop department in india. if yes how can i get information about curriculum strategies, changes in indian studies.

contact 9914525783

spring dale is the best school………………i am even studying in that school and so i recommend all to join this school. All facilities is provided in this school so plzzzzzzzzz select tis school only for your childs bight future!!!!!!!!!


dps amritsar is the best enrol your child here.

dps amritsar is the best school in enrol your child here.

hello rupinder singh, your comments about buds school ranjit avenue, amritsar are absoluty right. Buds school ranjit avenue and kaboj is the lowest category school in amritsar. Principle of this school is comparing her performance with the spring dale and dav public school. A punjabi proverb fit on the principle ” kahan raja bhoj and kahan gangu teli” Staff is not perfect in this school. management is poor. no discipline. management is also poor. this is time past school. Please deliver this message to all in amritsar.
Parents should not admit their children in this school.

the comments given about the buds school are right. in this school in exams days teacher help the students to copy and princpal says my result is 100%. Please deliver this message to all in amritsar and close the school immediately.

i have read the above comments. Where the buds school situated. I have not heard about this school. even on this site it is not available. If there is bad reputation of this school, so we should make joint efforts to close this school. why this school spoiling the future of the children. Make move get the telephone numbers of the parents of children, or meet them personally and know about the reality of this school.

you all are saying correct. I have heard the same from the people who live in ranjeet avenue where this school is located. I have also heard from the native of the kamboj village where the senior branch of the school is located. Teacher tel the students all the questions before which they are going to put in the examination. Principle of this school has a great pround of her. His son who also assist in her school is a nalayak duffer person. Parents should avoid to send the childen in this school. Close this school for ever and admit the children in spring dale, dav public school, manav public top rated school.

Buds school is the one of the world best school. In world there is no school where teacher tel the paper in advance to the student. so its rare. ha ha ha ha. close this school immediately.

required operational school on outright purchase / management control basis PAN India. interested sellers please write at

plz. suggest me experience with junior studies.

yea. i have also heard this from many even students of buds school that in examination teacher help the students by opening copies and books. very very shameful task. shame on 100% result by this way. How principle is playing with the lives of the students.

Staff is also not trained. Principle is comparing her school with spring dale and holy heart. what a compare. Ha Ha ha ha ha. Parents of students get aware of this and withdraw the children from the school immediately.

wel friends. your comments on the buds senior school are absolutely right. i live in ranjeet aveneu nearby the school. i see there are 3 to 4 students in a class. i think how the principle meet the expenses of the school. thats y there is no trained teacher in the school because bhukhe pet kaun bacho ko parhayega. grandssons of the principle are studying in dav public school. then how can she match her school with spring dale and dav public school. one of the commentator said her son duffer and nalayak. absolutely right. he is not duffer and nalayak only he is also nonsence person. he does not know how to talk with others. kindly shut down the school immediately.

i had done my MA media from BBk college so i can heard from my teacher and one more request is there any vacancy in your school then reply me please

i am looking for the best school in amritsar for my 4 yrs daughter plz suggest me best kg school. i prefer ICSE board.

Dear The Best School In Amritsar is The Junior Study School , The Mall , Cantt Road Amritsar After LKG & UKG U can Shift in their The Senior Study School branch, The school is very good and teacher and staff & other activities are very well.

Every one must admit their wards in holy heart presidency school because this is only a school which can bright a child’s future

i heard Ryan International school at Bye pass is doing well. does anybody have any info on that?

I am from kolkata will come to amritsar want good school for my son in class 4th pls help

You should admit your child in holy heart presidency school

take spring dale D.A.V is not good

which school is good dps manawala or sdspps rayya or aps beas??
for my boy . who studies in 8th
please tell me
it’s urgent

i want know about sacred heart senior sec. school …
is it only for girls?
can we take admission there after doing 10th?
and .. is bus service available there to pick up students from home?
pls reply fast ..

yeah ,, its one of d best school in asr for girls.. ur child cn take admission aftr 10 th bt on d basis of 9th nd 10 th marks.. dis school is best platform to increase ur knowledge nd ur moral values alongwith co curicular activities…nd yeah dere is bus service available.. all d best

what are some good all girls school in amritsar

Where is sacred heart in top 10 schools ?

where is buds school in amritsar. some people gave very dirty comments on this school.

were is top school of amritsar like millenium and cambridge school

if yoga teacher is required in any School of amritsar then contact

it’s in spring dale

Moola Ram is an anti social element (Tantric, Magician and Maulvi) who can do anything wrong in the country. He and his family (wife) is continuously threatening me and people nearby my house and asking for lakhs of rupees. The concern has already been reported to the Delhi Police, but nothing is happening from their side. If you want that these kinds of people should not persist any more inside and outside the country who can hamper peoples of India, I would request to file a complaint against them. He is working in Rajasthan Police Force. He is operating from the Rajasthan Police force camp in Gazipur (East Delhi, India). Kindly help people of India. They have links with many other anti social elements who are uniformly hampering the entire country. They have murdered many people and are engaged in extortion also.

is cambridge is not a good school?
and millenium.

is Punjabi compulsory in 2nd std at sacred heart school.?as v r coming frm rajasthan..

yes punjabi is important in 2nd class in Sacred heart senior secondary school

plz suggest me best school for my 3 yrs son

DAV Public School Lawrence Road
These two seem best

how is bhabha sen sec school ? it is in your list .do you think it will be good school for my kids ?

i’m very confuse from above comments.i dont understand where i can put my daughter….which one s d best for her

our school is good
it has the following facilities
multimedia halls with LCD projector, well stocked computerized three-storeyed library with 46656 books, 44 Journals, 12 Newspapers, seminar hall, Fine art labs, Music rooms, Dance rooms, Sitar room, Activity & Creativity rooms, Yoga, Judo & Boxing rooms, Gymnasium, Billiard room, Table Tennis room, and many sports like football, basketball, badminton, etc..

DAV Public Lawrence Road

i study in DAV PUBLIC, Lawrence road

its a icse board

does B.R.MODERN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL located in shastri nagar stand any chance in this list

,springdale,best school in amritsar

The Senior Study is also a very good school. But it is not mentioned on this list of best schools.

Cambridge International school is the best school .

whats about Sri guru Harkrishan Public schools ? strange its one of the oldest CBSE school having maximum strength of Amritsar

harkrishan public skuls -one of the best schools

its all like i study in this school nd it is d best school….
bt parents you think where you want to put your child…
i being a sacred heartian..would say dat don’t put your girl child in shs..
just and just because she’ll nt be able to cope up wid d society later on..
she’ll demand for her “”right to equality””…which is just impossible in india…
bt if she is bold and tomboyish (like me 😛 :P)
she’ll do it..!!!! so just think accordingly

i m trying to find out the best CBSE school for my sister who is stdyng in 6th std in khalsa public school. suggest me the best school fr my sis.

Sacred Heart was the best is the best will remain the best school ”EVER”

all says that sacred heart is not a gud school because they can’t work hard or they were not selected in the school cause the school is very high figh n syllabus is vry tough. its for intellegent girls only

govt. school is best…………..they will make ur future for PANDORA

any 10th/9th/8th class girls required music tution and more please feel free to call me jagdeep 7837553274/9781110782…please call girls only msg me 1st name music on my nos.. then further we will talk………waiting for you.

please if there is any requirment for music teacher ple cal 8427000657/8950702651

Whereeeeee is senior study school

Hi All, I would like to share with you, about a wonderful school my daughter is going to attend. The Little Einsteins Preschool at Ludhiana. Their program goal is to provide a loving environment where each child is nurtured throughout the day. They celebrate and embrace each child’s individuality. Little Einsteins programs are designed to provide a hands-on developmentally appropriate programs that foster a child’s development in areas of physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language and spiritual growth.

Hi, I too have put my child into Little Einsteins Preschool at Ludhiana few months back.

My 2 year old loves the Beautiful, bright facilities, warm and caring staff, smiles everywhere!
Creative, fun, happy with great activities – just the kind of place I wanted for my little guy. Lots of hugs, manners, singing, dancing, art projects, firm but gentle discipline, reading, excitement. In the beginning I called many times to check up on him and his separation anxiety his teachers assured me that he’d probably be fine after the first week — and he was!

The outdoor play area is shady, clean and secure… parents and grandparents are welcome anytime.
What else? My son sings songs he learned and talks about his teachers and friends all weekend long. So sweet! Would recommend this school without hesitation, it feels like our extended family.

kindly suggest me best school for my son studying in third class,i m not Punjabi come from AP.

Sacred Heart is Best School of Amritsar

Yes, amritsar public school–11, is the best

For spring dale skul ,why you do not see wards efficiency,you only say ,we have no vacant seats,plz take test,do not make dark future of ward.

hello eveyone i am mandeep from Australia please suggest me good boarding school in Amritsar for my son…he is in 6th grade. plzzzzz guys help me out with phone number so I can contact . thnx

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