Top 10 Schools in Noida According to HT Survey 2010

Posted on: September 20, 2010

The Hindustan Times newspaper has compiled a list of Top ten scohools in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The list is based on certain criteria which are as follows. Here is the Noida list:

Top 10 Schools in Noida by HT survey

Top 10 Schools in Noida by HT survey


Academic Rigour ( to be judged on a scale of 100)

Extracurricular Activities ( 100)

Sports ( 100)

Competence of Teachers (100)

Individual Attention to Students (100)

Value For Money ( on a scale of 50)

Innovative Teaching (50)

Parental Participation (50)

Infrastructure facility (100)

Safety and Hygeine (50)

Life Skills Education (50)

Social Accountability (50)

Every school was judged on the above points and assigned scores.

 Top 10 Schools in are as follows ( pls see image attached)

1.Step by Step School Noida
2.Amity International School Noida
3. Delhi Public School Noida
4. Lotus Valley School
5. Kothari International School Noida
6. Apeejay School Noida
7. Somerville School Noida
8. Vishwa Bharti School Noida
9. Khaitan Public School Noida
10.Cambridge School Noida

Some parents agree on the scores ( mostly if their kid’s school is featured in Top 10 list!) while others do not. To each its own. Please let us know your views.


35 Responses to "Top 10 Schools in Noida According to HT Survey 2010"

Dear sir,
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ohh! Common!
How could you not Rank Ryan Noida in it?
It is the best school in Noida!
And Amity, yeah they must have paid you for this. !

Hi Rishma,

Looks like you have not read the heading of the article. It says HT survey. This is NOT MY classification but the HT people have conducted this survey. Why would an institution like Amity “pay” a small blogger like me? 🙂

Infact amity is the worst rated school in Gurgaon. Chk out Amiown review on my site and see what parents had to say about them.

Hi Rimsha and Parentingfunda,

thnx for putting in the survey. Can you pl tell me the top ICSE schools in NOIDA?
Also your frank review on ryan international


What is the position of DAV school Noida, is it not a standard school to get study? Please explain me its features and stand on different criteria. schould I change my kid’s school. Please respond.


no u should’nt change ur child school cause dav school is best school

DAV Noida is below Standard, teachers are good but they dont have support from the management and they put unnecessary pressure on the staff. Well qualified teachers working under directionless management. Other DAVs are good this particular branch has issues.

why k.v. noida is not included in this list

This is because K.V, Noida in spite of having a great academic rigor loses points at other monitoring criteria for school surveys.

The survey is pretty good. Just because the school your kids go to or the ones you teach are not on the list, doesn’t mean you are going to accuse the schools of bribing the newspaper. And this survey was conducted anonymously. The schools had no clue they were being monitored. DAV and Ryan are great schools but according to the survey they don’t stand in the top ten.

hey genesis global school is best from all these school..

You have not placed Mayoor Schoolin the list.They are one of the best school in Noida.They focus on childs overall development.They also perform excellent in CBSE exams.

yes mayoor is really a good school in academics also so keep it up mayoor noida

is DAV noida is best school?

hi which is the best nursery school we can try now.. bcos in many schools admns are over and v r new here.. pls hlp

Indus Valley public School in NOIDA is very good choice.

Indus Valley public School in NOIDA is very good choice.

Hi, what is your opinion about Khaitan Public school and Fr. Agnel School? I am seriously thinking of these schools for my son. Please suggest.

how is amion (play school branch of amity noida)

hi, my daughter is 2.7 nd nw for her dmmission i m really confused …. can’t take decision for gud schools in noida…. sme body can plz tell me about the lotus valley nd the genesis noida

I was studying in Amity Noida and believe me it is not as good as it says.It has all the facilities but they don’t allow the students to use it. They only show off in public how goog they are

Yes brother, rather than this school Aster Public School is best on e in Noida.

Kids-N-Play is the perfect school and non-profit fundraiser events. The kids will have a blast while earning profits for their school. We will donate $3 for every full price 3yrs and up general admission and $2 for every under 3 year old general admission paid. We will also donate 10% of all snack bar and merchandise purchases generated by your participating families and their friends. This program is available to any non-profit public or private elementary school and non-profit organizatthat directly benefit children under the age of 12 years old.

Gyan Shree is a leading CBSE senior seconday school and Best school in Noida, India

FIITJEE Noida is the Best so you may keep your child in any school.

Thanks for sharing information in this blog…

Could anyone tell me about good ICSE school in noida

Thanks for nice information …

Plz give me feedback for gyanshree noida

Feedback for gyanshree

academic Feedback for gyanshree

Can anybody please let us know the review of Gyanshree school in Noida. Is it good for a nursery child?

Thanks for sharing this schools list, all the schools are best for the children. If the parent are wishing to choose best school in Greater Noida then in my opinion Aster Public School is one of the best choice for your kids.

Very helpful list of schools!! Aster Public School Greater Noida is top school in Delhi NCR. This school have many facilities like smart classes, hostel, quality education and many more.

Aster public school is one of the best CBSE School in the Greater Noida city of India. This is the best school for your kids and offers smart classes by experienced teaching staff. Get in touch here –

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