Review Of Medhaam Preschool (and daycare) Gurgaon

Posted on: August 4, 2010

Medhaam Preschool (and daycare) Gurgaon

C Block (behind Rakshak towers),

South City 1 Gurgaon, Haryana 122001 – 0124 4379900

Open Weekdays 8:30am-6:30pm; Sat 8:30am-2:30pm


Ms. Nita Datta
Mobile: +91 96541 22900

Review/About: Medhaam Preschool is a newly opened pre-school in Gurgaon’s South City 1 and one visit to the school does give you a feel that it is surely going to come up as a promising option in pre-schools in the city in near future.

Following are some of the features that really made me feel that it will be a good choice for parents in future.

a)      Its location – Prime location based in South City 1’s residential complex.

b)      Infrastructure and Building – It’s a 3 story school with really spacious classrooms and a basement area. The pre-school also has open area, play area for kids, gardening etc. Lot of emphasis is given on outdoor games (splash pool, swings, and kid’s toy cars with its own driving area), which is a plus point.

c)      No rigid curriculum is followed but a mix of Montessori method (I could see lot of Montessori equipment like beads etc), Play way and even a lot of emphasis to story telling, puppet shows and they even have an Art Room, which just has art equipment.

d)      The school has a highly experienced Principal Ms Nita Datta, who was earlier with renowned schools like DPS and iDiscoveri in Gurgaon.

e)      Student Teacher ratio – 8:1

f)        I really liked the design of the school w.r.t to washrooms. Each class had a low-height wash-basin (meant for washing hands) INSIDE THE Classroom itself to encourage children to wash their hands every time they come inside the classrooms. And this is done in a singsong manner where a small rhyme is recited (This is the way I wash my hands, wash my hands) every time the child washes his/her hands.

g)      The washrooms have low level toilet seats especially for kids. Separate washrooms for girls and boys, and looked pretty neat and clean.

h)      The school also scores another plus point on security. It has CCTV for round-the-clock surveillance and also uses Swipe Card Entry to ensure children’s safety and security at all times.

i)        All school sends regular weekly updates on Child’s progress and also ensures a PT meet every 3 months. But if a parent has any concerns, they can meet their respective teachers after school hours any day.

j)        The school does have a Day care facility till 6:30 pm.

k)      The school provides meals and the fee charged (see below) is inclusive of all meals. One look at the kitchen does give a neat and hygienic look.

Now A Few Negative Points

  1. If one has to go to activity rooms (upstairs) or the car play area (basement) it needs lot of stair climbing and keeping in mind the age of children, it is a little matter of concern. Wish they find a solution to it.
  2. Because of the rains and new construction, the rooms in the basement had some seepage issues. Though no classrooms were conducted in these rooms and all the activity was going on it ground floor rooms, this is just what I noticed. I am sure they would soon come up with a viable solution to this small issue.
  3. Since the school has recently started functioning, there are very few kids as of now. I could see only one girl in nursery class. And this isn’t really healthy for overall development of kid. So I would suggest waiting a few more months to get your child admitted in nursery class, so they have few more kids. I am sure the school will pick-up pace soon!
  4. The fee is slightly on the high end. My personal view-point, you may differ. But given the facilities and infrastructure the school is providing, one can give the figures a miss!

Human Touch

Ever since I have come back from the school, one image has stayed in my mind and that is of the Principal of the school – Ms Dutta, sitting in the Toddler’s group (classroom) with a small girl in her lap and singing her the poem..Machli jal ki raani hai…. Needless to say, I was impressed (and touched) beyond words.

I have been to so many pre-schools but this is the first time I have come across the Principal of the school sitting so closely with the kid. Most of them are outside in their office, leaving the rest to junior teachers.

Same “human touch” was visible in day care are. The in charge of day care (sorry forgot her name) was a lady who was holding a small baby (must be 1 year old) in her lap and telling her stories, talking to her. This is surely commendable!

I hope that the school maintains such “human touch” even the number of kids rise in future.

Fee Structure (2010-2011)


Eligibility Age – 1.5 – 2 years

Admission Form – 500/-

Admission Fee – 8000

Facility – 1500/ – per month

Tuition – 3000/ – per month

Security – 5000/-

Administrative Fee – 7000/- per annum


Eligibility Age – 2-5 years

Admission Form – 500/-

Admission Fee – 8000

Facility – 1500/ – per month

Tuition – 3500/ – per month

Security – 5000/-

Administrative Fee – 7000/- per annum

DAY CARE – Full Day – 1.5 – 8 Yrs

Admission Form – 500/-

Admission Fee – 2500/-

Facility – 5700/- per month (for half day it is 4500/- per month)

Security – 2500/-

The school also has other plans for 4 hours, 2 hours and per day basis in Day Care. The school also offers transport facility to kids.

Do let me know what your views on this pre-school are. Looking forward to hear from you.


88 Responses to "Review Of Medhaam Preschool (and daycare) Gurgaon"


I am actually in the process of finding a good day care for my 3 year old… I am based at gurgaon sec 56.. if any body can help me with some more info on daycare in and around that area…

Hi Preeti
You can seethe following options:
1. Toddler’s Junction ( very close by, sector 57) good infrastructure. Doesnt pinch on pocket too
2. Medhaam – Very few kids to begin with but good care and facilities. Slightly higher on price.
3. iDiscoveri- Sec 46 – if it comes on way to your office, then go ahead with this one. Really satisfied parents.

I hope it helps.
Best Regards

thank 🙂


Any idea on fee structure of Idiscoveri?

i am lookign for a day care for my kid too .. need to get watever feedbacks i can get ..can u pls give me sum suggestion about cost etc??

Hi- This is Giggles Day care in Sector 52 Gurgaon. This is a home based set up managed by myeslf- am a mother and have been a HR Professional for years and this set up was my dream. I take few kids and take care of them by educational engagement activities and with home cooked fresh meals- Pls contact me on 99 999 222 33 or 99 71 700 700

Hi Anamika,

I am looking out for daycare options in Ggn residing in Sec-46. I have 6 months old daughter wanted to enquire with you if you have provision for such small kids.
Tried reaching on the above mentioned numbers but no luck, they were switched off.

Please provide a good number to reach you.


Hi Jyotsna.. Morning Glorie in South City 1 has provision to take in a small baby… we have raised a few babies from 3 months and 5 months of age and now they are all 1yr+… You can connect with us at 8800988442 for any details… Our website is


Without a second thought I would advise you to go to Cherub Angels sector 57 gurgaon.The way they manage is Awesome and commendable. They are in E block behind The Legend.
You can call the lady at 8860681927

Watch their facebook page at


Consider these before finalising over preschool:

1. Equipments used
2. Curriculum
3. Delivery methodology
4. Space per sq. ft available to the child
5. It should be a pure preschool and not a part of mainstream school

If Medhaam Play school in Gurgaon, follows these, you may take admission.


Thanks for your valuable suggestions..really appreciate them

i am looking for a good daycare near sector gurgaon for my 6 months daughter
if anybody can give ideas

Dear geetika
Good daycares in Gurgaon are – Medhaam ( South City 1) Toddlers Junction ( Sec 56), iDiscoveri ( Sector 46). Please specify the sector as I wil suggest accordingly.

i am looking in sector 23 or nearby

hello did u find any good day care yet .?? i am lookign for a day care for my kid too .. need to get watever feedbacks i can get ..can u pls give me sum suggestion about cost etc??

Hi ,

I’m looking for a Day Care /Creche for my 15 month old son. Me and my husband both are working , so we want it to be a full day thing and we are currently staying in sec-31 , Gurgaon.

Kindly suggest some suitable places.


Dear Anu

Here are a few options..

idiscoveri in sector 46
Medhaam in South city 2,
Vishesh Kids near Bercos ( sector 51)
Tender years , sector 32

I hope it helps..

I am looking for preschool for my daughter who will be 2 year 8 month by April. I reside in Sushant Lok-1, C-Block.
Kindly Suggest.

I would suggest Intellitots learning centre in DLF phas IV. You can find its review on my blog too.

Hi- This is Giggles Day Care and we are based near your place. This is my home based set up with few kids and more attention to children with fresh home cooked meals….Pls contact us at 99 999 222 33 or 99 71 700700 or visit us anytime.

HI ,
Could you please let me know a good day care for my 15 month old child near sec 30 in Gurgaon.

Hi Neeraj,
were u able to find a good day care near sec-30? I’m looking in the same area.

Hi Shilpa/Neeraj….pls let me know if you could find any day care near sec 30…I am also looking for the same

My search ended at the most flexible day care .. bitsy boots sec 57 .. u may contact them at 9999915796 or .. my daugter has been going and loves it ..


I’m looking for a good Play School/ Day Care for my 2 yr old son. We are staying in phase 3 and both me and my husband are working. Will be great if you could suggest a couple of good schools in and around that area.


Medhaam is a good choice, second is iDiscoveri in sec 46 ( a lil far but great day care and school) and then is Little Footprints in Phase IV. Hope it helps.

Thanks, will go and check these.

But have you heard of the following play schools/day cares…swinggs (phase 3), Olekids (earlier called kara), learning light house and pallavan.


Me & My husband both are working in gurgaon but currently putting up in Delhi. Looking at shifting to gurgaon and hence looking for a good daycare for my 2 children- 17 Months old * one 6 year old – Half Day. Plaaning to put my 6 yr old chilf\d at Heritage School. Please suggest.

It really depends where u will be residing and where will u be working.

Hi I am shifting to Gurgaon and plan to open a play school to help the working mothers to ive them a safe place to hand over their young ones. Kindly suggest which area is in sheer need of a play. i would be residing in sec 46-47, gurgaon.

There is a very good play school in Sector 52 gurgaon with the name of Maple Bear.It is a canadian school. The curriculum is designed by canadian experts and focusses on child centered learning.The school is well equipped with the modern infrastructural facilities such as spacious ventilated class rooms with the latest teaching aids,computer lab, indoor playroom and play ground.My child is going to this school and has changed a lot.He has gained a lot of confidence and has lots of fun in his school.


I am planning to set up something similar and looking for like minded business partner. You may pls call me On +91 99 999 222 33 or mail me at

I live in Sector-10A. Pl. suggest any near by full day care for my 2 yr. old angel.

Giggles Day Care & Activity Centre has expanded and its all because of your trust and support.

Giggles is not just a day care but has been a second home for children whose parents are at work- providing them a safe, hygienic space, age appropriate activities to keep them engaged, creativity through arts and crafts , right mix of both outdoor and indoor activities, fine collection of books and audio-visual edutainment.

We have both with meal and without meal plan options , customized day care plan on hourly/weekly/monthly basis and a large child friendly facility for children to be themselves.

Our Day-care Program is designed both for school going children post their regular school sessions as well as little ones who are above the age of 1.6 years and yet to start a pre school.

Giggles is operational from 0900 -1800, Open 5 days a week -Monday to Friday.

Please visit us at our premise at 2nd Floor, Maple Bear Pre school complex, near Tower 8, Sushant Estate, Sector 52 , Gurgaon for a Trial Day or reach us anytime at +91 99 71 700 700 or 99 999 222 33

I live in Sector 23 and would join work in DLF Phase I, in October. I have seen a few preschools+ days cares en route and have shortlisted 2- Medhaam/ Crystal.

Just wondering if there is something suitable near home…near sector 23, Gurgaon…Any suggestions please?

I have heard of a play school/ creche near Usha Stud farms in sec 23, but couldnt find it- they take only a select few kids….can anyone help with the name and contact details for this one?

I stay in palam vihar and am also trying to shortlist on payschools. I have checked out medhaam which i really like but my only issue is the distance. The other one which seems nice is called Eureka in Palam Vihar Block C-1. The one is Usha stud farms is as follows
.The location is amazing but we decided against it as the language skills of the teachers is not what we expected. Do let me know what you have found out and finalised.

Thanks Pooja,

I went to a few more places and have finally setted on Medhaam….its a bit far, but that seems like the only sanechoice to me right now.

I may have to drive an extra 3-4 kms to and from work, but it’s worth it if it gives me peace of mind…

Hi Roopa Sharma,

Can you temme hows is medhaam for day care and preschool both?

Hi Roopa…i am about to finalise my daughters playschool ….had few q on medhaam….could you please mail me at

Hello roopa.. saw your post. .. Actually now my condition is as same as that of yours. .I stay in sector 22 gurgaon nd would join to work in udyog vihar… Kindly suggest me some good day care centre nearby to these locations for my 8 months old baby, as you might have tried the same for your kid.

i have son of 2 years old.. plz sugest a gud pre school n day care near by sec-46. v both r working .. v need 8 to 8 school with fee structure

Hi Anjali
You may like to visit Morning Glorie in South City I
It is a new set up, very loving and caring staff… provides all options in day care as well as preschool…
Phone: 8800988442, 0124-4001603
website: for your reference

Giggles would like to thank all the parents who bestowed their trust on us.

Giggles is not just a day care but a second home for your loved ones. We understand it’s a difficult choice as parents to leave your kids behind while you are at work. Your peace of mind is the very reason why Giggles exist.

It is a homely set up which is safe, hygienic and secure with an array of fun filled activities helping by enriching your child’s stay and learning by working on their social skills, physical ability and self-esteem through sharing stories, spoken English, Dancing, arts and crafts, outdoor play and lots more…….

Being a mother myself, I understand the challenges of working parents and thus, my vision is to provide them a loving environment away from home. Our customized Day Care programs with freshly cooked, nutritious and varied meals gives you as parents the flexibility and makes your child’s stay with us comfortable.

Giggles is Operational from 09:00 AM – 06:00PM, Monday to Friday. You can also reach us anytime at +91 99 71 700 700.

Dear all,

I am looking for playschool+day care for my little daughter 2years 4 months. I stay at sector 57 and go to DLF cyber city.

Toddler’s junction is the nearest one to my place but i liked Medhaam.

My prime concern is safety and security of the child.

Please help me decide.

Hi Seema
You may also like to visit Morning Glorie in South City I
It is a new set up, very loving and caring staff… provides all options in day care as well as preschool…a very homely and secure environment… my mother and i run the place…. we are there to answer any queries you may have….
Phone: 8800988442, 0124-4001603
website: for your reference


I will be shifting to Jalvayu Vihar, Sector 30. I am looking for a Day Care/Creche for my 9 months old son in that sector. Can anyone suggest me a good creche out there or anyone looking after kids in that area.

Please reach me at 8800196667


Hi Moloy
Morning Glorie is quite close to your place. We are in South City I, on the main road itself where the metro track ends, so would be barely 5-10 minutes driving distance from your place (depending on traffic).
Website mentioned in the previous comment so you can get some preliminary idea.
If you think the location suits you, we can talk further?

Hi Moloy,

Were u able to find a good Day Care/Creche in this area? I’m staying in the same area and need similar kinda help. Let me know what u finally did.


Hi- Am looking for a day care for my baby who is 12 months old- any suggestions. I live at Sohna Road.

Hi Smriti
I don’t know if you are willing to go till South City I, but if the location suits you basis home and work place, then you can visit Morning Glorie. We are quite close to the metro station, and on the main road itself, so you don’t have to go too out of the way. We provide a loving, caring environment, all meals, and a stress free environment for your kid.
You can check out our website- for more details, and we could take things further if you would like.

Can anyone please suggest me a pre school near sector 23 gurgaon…i like medham but they do not have pick up and drop to sector 23…

We stay at sector 43 ,GURGAON .
I am looking for a day care for my 8 month old daughter preferably at Sohna road . Please suggest.

Hi Tanvi
We are Morning Glorie, based in South City I, but facing the main road opposite the sector 44 institutional area, If you feel the location could suit you, then you could check out more details on our website:

Hi all,
I would like to know which daycare centers take kids as young as 6months and about the kind of facilities available for them as well as fee structure.
Thanks in advace

Hi Khushboo,
At Morning Glorie we take in kids starting at 6 months. Fee structure would typically depend on the timing you are looking at. Would love to have you visit to check out the facility if South City I is locationally convenient for you.

Hi, I am looking for a good pre school for my 2 year old daughter in or around sohna road. Kindly suggest.Thanks

I am in the same boat. I have already visited IDiscoverI, Pumpkin house, Eurokids,I-Play-I learn, Eurokids, Little Millineum,Shriram learning years, Fastrackkids……
If you are ok with mnothly fees of 6000 & bove, go for either IDiscoverI or Shriram Learning years. For monthly fees in the bracket 4000+,Pumpkin house seems the best bet till now.

since u have been to so many play schools may b u can help me find the right one too .. can u pls contact me

Hi! please help me with fee structure for a Creche … I’m looking for something in / around DLF phase 2 or Sushant lok 1 for my 11 month old.

pls suggest me a good play school for my kid 2 years old…..i stay in sector 17. wt is the best curricullum to follow in play school m totally confused…

Hi Pooja,
Hold on for some time,and let parents/others to reply for the queries.You are not giving a chance for any parent to think about other options.First thing is that do you have a video surveillance facility,so that a parent can view their child frequently.How much Child–care-taker ratio do you have?Do you have any medical facility (tie up on emergencies)
and do you have an official web site to co-ordinate with .With out giving these details ,you are advertising your home business.’This is a review forum not an advertising channel’.

Hi mentor
if you will notice in my previous posts, the website has been given in most of them. This is not a home business but an officially registered business, for which an official website is given which has all details. You may also notice that I have replied to individual queries that have been raised for specific locations, all replies to individuals. I understand that this is a review forum and not an advertising medium, but I hope you will also appreciate that there are parents who are clearly looking out for options, and I am only giving them one possible option. I hope you shall also appreciate that since this isn’t an “advertising channel” it hardly makes any sense for me to give out all details- in that case I shall most certainly be accused of advertising a business. All I intend to do here is let parents who are looking for creche know about us, and then it is there personal call to contact us or not.
I am not here to offend any one, or make this a personal propaganda, and I surely hope you shall appreciate the same.
Best regards

Hi everyone, I am looking for a day care near sector 30 or near Sohna road or in between that road. Coud you pls help me with a day care that keeps my 1 year old till 7 in evening?

cherub angels sector 57 gurgaon

hello rupa try tiny toons in sector 56 i love it u may call them at 9999711333 they have all facilities.thanx

Hi Rupa, not sure if you are still looking out for a day care in the general area, but Morning Glorie is precisely on the road which connects Huda City centre metro station to Sohna road… so do check out our details at if location suits and you still looking out…
best reagrds

Hi, my daughter is 2.5 years of age . I am starting work in DLF phase 3 and would like to out her in some playschool/daycare. I will be travelling from AIIMS . Is there any good place near the metro stations on near DLF phase 3?

Hi.I have been sending my daughter to medham and I dont find it as great as mentioned out here.A lot of things are hidden from parents and it seems that they are more into money making business

Dear Rekha
I just visited it once and I am sure that staying there and having an experience is a completely different from what they try to project when you go to see the school. Pls elaborate on your experience so that other parents can be benifited from it.


Hello Parents,

U may want to try Bitsy Boots play school m Day care in sector 57, we provide pick n drop , nutritious food and all basic facilities u may visit as or contact at 9999915796.

We had a very bad experience with Medhaam! Our first impression was very good and we selected them. However, once they have your money the niceties vanish. They make you feel uncomfortable if you want to raise any concern. The food quality is below standard. The teachers don’t give proper care and attention to children. Children with great potential become average and average become poor due to lack of encouragement and attention. We had instances where they behaved rudely when we wanted to talk to them. Our ward used to complain about injuries due to harsh treatment from teachers and maids.

This is not worth your money and right choice for your child’s future.

I have a 9 months old bubbly daughter. She detest eating and going to strangers. Looking for a day care for her, which can keep her engaged also and can take due care of her overall development. We have a middle aged nanny who take care of her as of now. Please suggest a good day care for her, which can allow nanny also to be present there atleast, to accompany the child while travelling, even if not allowed to be with her all day long. We live in Sector 10 and i tavel to Cyber City DLF Phase -II for my work.

Thank You. Preeti.

I am looking for a daycare centre for my ten-month old daughter. I work near sector 29 and stay in sector 15 so would ideally want something in south city or sushant lok. My primary concerns are nutritious food, excellent hygiene and a 2:1 child care taker ratio (and ofcourse a care taker with a good positive attitude). Please suggest a few day care centres.

Thanks Jaspreen

Hi Jaspreen… I am from Morning Glorie in South City 1… We are located on the road connecting the metro station to cyber park… in case the location suits you we’d love for you to visit us and check out our facility.. we have tried to create a very homely environment since babies this age look for the kind of comfort they get at home.. You can visit our website and our Facebook page for details… Looking forward to hearing from you..

hey jaspreen u may chek out Bitsy Boots in sector 57

very useful review.i also think so fees structure is slightly high…

Hi All,

I dropped my 1.5 year old kid in Medhaam daycare. And he started falling sick daily.That clearly means that they are not able to keep the facility clean. Though the building from outside is good.My advice to you is that go for small home based daycares where 2-3 kids are there.

hey jaspreen u may chek out Bitsy Boots in sector 57


I am running a Daycare facility from my home. We ensure a safe, hygenic and homely atmosphere for kids. For further details kindly contact us on – 09910002067.

Attention all parents of toddlers, if you are working in shifts and are looking for an alternative for babysitting, well I am glad to introduce a Day and NIght child care.
Its address is in Gurgaon sector 57 sushant lok 3.My little one also goes here.

Check their facebook page here:

Cherub angels the best!!

Hi ,,,I am looking for a full time day care for my 1.5 years old daughter..Have shortlisted Footprints ,Sector 57. Please share your reviews if any . Thanks. Neha

Hi I am looking gd day care near sector 46 and also pls share feedback for k.r manglam day care

Hello there,
I am looking for a good day care centre for my 8 months old baby. I stay in sector 22 gurgaon nd would join to work from May at udyog vihar. Kindly suggest me some good day care centre around these locations with reasonable fee structure and pick-up and drop facility. I saw “EUREKA”. The infrastructure was good but I am doubtful about the facilities, maid-child ratio, etc. Need some reviews on eureka. Please reply me at the earliest.


This is nidhi I require to daycare teacher job my number 9891330154

hi ,
I am living in sector 31 gurgaon, please suggest some good school and day care for my girl child , Tender year and little leaders are not good day care

5 star

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