Common Types of Learning Disabilities in Kids – Part I

Posted on: June 15, 2010

This is the first in the series of learning disabilities in childhood. Here we take a look at ADHD and Autism

Common Types of Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia Difficulty processing language Problems reading, writing, spelling, speaking
Dyscalculia Difficulty with math Problems doing math problems, understanding time, using money
Dysgraphia  Difficulty with writing Problems with handwriting, spelling, organizing ideas
Dyspraxia (Sensory Integration Disorder) Difficulty with fine motor skills Problems with hand–eye coordination, balance, manual dexterity
Auditory Processing Disorder Difficulty hearing differences between sounds Problems with reading, comprehension, language
Visual Processing Disorder Difficulty interpreting visual information Problems with reading, math, maps, charts, symbols, pictures



Other disabilities

  1. ADD / ADHD in Children – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is ADHD is a common, treatable childhood illness that can affect areas of the brain connected to problem solving, planning ahead, understanding others’ actions and controlling impulses. The primary symptoms of the condition are hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.



•have a hard time paying attention

•daydream a lot

•not seem to listen

•be easily distracted from schoolwork or play

•forget things

•be in constant motion or unable to stay seated

•squirm or fidget

•talk too much

•not be able to play quietly

•act and speak without thinking

•have trouble taking turns

•interrupt others

People with ADHD have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors (might act without thinking about what the result will be), and in some cases, are overly active.


•Brain injury

•Environmental exposures (e.g., lead)

•Alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy

•Premature delivery

•Low birth weight


In most cases, ADHD is best treated with a combination of medication and behavior therapy. Most children with ADHD may however, be prescribed medicines like Methylphenidate (Ritalin) to curb their hyperactivity.  No single treatment is the answer for every child and good treatment plans will include close monitoring, follow-ups and any changes needed along the way.

Though the treatment measures used may cause some stunting of growth in children, most children catch up later on. The prognosis for children with ADHD is usually good.

Support Groups Of ADD/ADH In India

Indian Web Sites/online groups

  1. ADD/ADHD India Discussion Group – Yahoo Group –


To subscribe – send mail to

  1. Blog –

The site offers periodic newsletter on ADHD too.

Books on ADHD

  1. ‘ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder’, authored by Parvathy Viswanath, Founder Director – AIKYA Special School. For more details –


or call : 98400 57975

Homeopathy/Natural Treatment

I am copying this from one of the Yahoo Answers. Pretty Useful information.

“I don’t recommend homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy asserts that the more diluted with water the active constituent is; the more potent it becomes. It’s utter nonsense! When homeopathy works, it’s by using the placebo response, like giving someone a sugar, or inert pill, and they feel better. Primitive shamans (witch doctors) got their results the same way.

I also don’t recommend any of the powerful, and addictive central nervous system stimulants. An increased incidence of abuse of cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, and other amphetamines has been reported among users of Ritalin, and other amphetamine related medications, which may well predispose them to later abuse street drugs, with all the undesirable consequences involved.

The only medication for it not in the stimulant family that I know of is Strattera, which is structurally related to the antidepressants, and carries risks, and side effects of its own; see People in most Western countries often get several times more Omega 6, than Omega 3, when a far healthier ratio is 1:1 and that deficiency is thought to be a major factor in ADD/ADHD.

Take at least 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily: (certified free of mercury) it is best if consumed with an antioxidant, such as an orange, or its FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice. If vitamin E is added, it should be certified as being 100% from natural sources, or it may be synthetic: avoid it. Eat more in accordance with your “nutritional type”:- ( 20 question quiz ) or at and also enter “krill oil”, & “ADHD” in their searchbar. Eliminate, or minimise sugar use, replacing with xylitol, or stevia (health food stores).

Avoid artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, & MSG. Minimise highly processed grains, & alcohol use.

 Books: 1. “The A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Diet! A Comprehensive Look at Contributing Factors and Natural Treatments for Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity” by Rachel Bell.

  1. “Ritalin Is Not The Answer: A Drug-Free, Practical Program for Children Diagnosed with ADD or ADHD” by David B. Stein,
  2. ADHD: A Path to Success: A Revolutionary Theory and New Innovation in Drug-Free Therapy by Lawrence Weathers,
  3. ADD/ADHD Drug Free: Natural Alternatives and Practical Exercises to Help Your Child Focus by Frank Jacobelli and Lynn A.
  4. Watson, & Dr. Bob’s Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days by Robert DeMaria,
  5.  The ADD and ADHD Cure: The Natural Way to Treat Hyperactivity and Refocus Your Child by Jay Gordon and Jennifer Chang.
  6.  “HOW TO BEAT HYPERACTIVITY WITHOUT DRUGS Reversing ADD and ADHD in 20 days” Michael Sichel & Greta Sichel. 2001. Bookbound Publishing. ISBN 1 74011 010

You could try your bookstore, or (also enter in their searchbar: “ADD + ADHD; natural treatments”). If you can’t get it those ways, you can also try .



1. AIKYA – Centre to Integrate the Different

is a Special School for Children with special needs. AIKYA specializes in Early Intervention Programme; runs a school for children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Learning disability: brings out publications; conducts awareness programmes, workshops and seminars and short term courses. Actively supports parents and young children


1/1,Bhagirathi Ammal Street,


Chennai 600 028.

Tel: 91-44-493 8443 / 91-44-499 3892

Email: or


  1. Vrudhi Holistic Learning

7/9 Chandra Niwas, Colony Road, Sion

Mumbai – 33

Phone – 022-24037053


  1. Sangath Centre for Child Development & Family Guidance


Sangath works on issues related to children, adolescents and families. The Society  focuses on all children, adolescents and families regardless of creed, caste or social economic status, and work mainly to promote their good health in all aspects i.e. physical, psychological and social. The Society also endeavours to strengthen families and empower them to provide for the physical and developmental needs of their children.

North Goa:841/1, Near Electricity Dept.,       

Alto Porvorim, Bardez-Goa -India.


Phone no.: (91-832) 2414916

                   (91-832) 2417914

Fax No.    : (91-832) 2411709

South Goa: H. No.1272/A, Santemol,

Sonarwaddo, Raia, Salcette – Goa – India 403 720


Phone no.: (91-832)  2777307

(91-832)    2776716

  1. Autism In India


Autism is a complex developmental disability that shows its symptoms during the first three years of a kid’s life as a result of a neurological disorder that affects communication skills. Autism is a problem of social and emotional interaction.

Although the causes of autism are not yet fully understood, experts agree that the earlier autistic children receive treatment for their symptoms, the better. Early intervention makes a huge difference in the outcome of the disorder, so as a parent, it’s important to know autism’s warning signs and seek immediate help if you spot them in your child.

The following delays warrant an immediate evaluation by your child’s pediatrician:

By 6 months:    No big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions.

By 9 months:    No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions.

By 12 months:  No babbling or “baby talk.”

By 12 months:  No back-and-forth gestures, such as pointing, showing, reaching, or waving.

By 16 months:  No spoken words.

By 24 months:  No meaningful two-word phrases that don’t involve imitating or repeating.

At any age:       Any loss of speech, babbling, or social skills.

Source: First Signs

Autism in India:

According to, “recent estimates have placed the prevalence of autism in the U.S. at approximately 1 in 150 people. At India’s current population, this means there are more than 2 million autistic persons in the country. Of course, this estimate assumes that there are no significant variations in this rate worldwide, which is a question that has not yet been addressed by epidemiologists outside the West.

While the disorder is not rare, the majority of autistic people in India have not been diagnosed and do not receive the services they need. This problem occurs in many countries, but is especially true in India where there is a tremendous lack of awareness and misunderstanding about autism among the medical professionals, who may either misdiagnose or under diagnose the condition.”

Support Groups in India:



1. Action For Autism (AFA)

The National Centre for Autism

Pocket 7 & 8

Jasola Vihar

New Delhi-110025

Tel: 91-11-65347422               91-11-65347422     

Tel: 91-11-40540991               91-11-40540991      , 40540992



2. Adhaar Workskills Training for Adolescents and Adults

The National Centre for Autism

Pkt 7 & 8 Jasola Vihar

New Delhi 110025

Tel: 91-11-65347422

Fax: 91-11-40540993



3. The Ashish Centre

F-3, First Floor

(Opp. Ramila Maidan)


New Delhi 110048



4. Inspiration

AG1 123D


New Delhi-110018

Tel: 011-25611861, 25412463

5. Open Door – The National Centre for Autism

Pkt 7 & 8 Jasola Vihar

New Delhi 110025

Tel: 91-11-65347422, 40540991/2

Fax: 91-11-40540993



6. Sawera

Dr BR Ambedkar Centre

Guru Ravidas Mandir Complex

Opp New Railway Station

Sector 2, Naya Nangal, Ropar

Tel: 01887-221574, 94170-43267

Mob: 09417043267


7. School of Hope

CPWD Complex

Near Chinmay School

Vasant Vihar

New Delhi 110 057

Tel: 26143853, 26151572


8. St. Mary’s School, Aasmaan

Sector-19, Dwarka

New Delhi 110 075

Tel: +91 11 28042487


9. Vatsalya Special School

R-756 Old Rajinder Nagar

New Delhi

Tel: 011 25862824

10. Disability India Network

Society For Child Development

Cottage 15, Oberoi Apts

2 Sham Nath Marg

Delhi 110 054



The Disability India Network provides comprehensive information related to disability in India. It is hosted by the Society for Child Development.





1. Forum For Autism

2nd floor, Block A, Jeshtaram Baug

Dr.Ambedkar Rd, Dadar,

Mumbai 400 014




A-4 Silver Arch, Ramnagar

Borivali (W)

Mumbai 400 092

Tel: 022-28064443

Tel: 022-28864183



3. Ummeed Child Development Center

Ground Floor, Mantri Pride

1-B, 1/62, N.M. Joshi Marg

Subhash Nagar

Near Chinchpokli Station

Lower Parel

Mumbai 400011

Tel: 65528310, 65564054, 23002006, 23001144



4. Ashiana

Nityanand Municipal School

Sahar Road, Andheri East


Tel: 022-26845062 26125742


5. Child Development Center (CDC) at the Hinduja Hospital

Rm no-2310, 2nd floor, OPD bldg

P.D. Hinduja Hospital,

Mahim Mumbai-400016

Tel: 24451515 ext- 8258/ 8259, 2447258/59

Fax: 24445907


6. Dakshinya Special Education Centre & School for Autism

A 32/250, Old Siddharth Nagar

Road no. 10, Behind Aadarsha Vidyalaya

Goregaon (W)


Mob: 09819023790

7. Khushi

A/1,Raj Mahal Apartments,

Service Road, Jogeshwari (East)

Next to BMC garden

Mumbai 400 060

Tel: 98195 61468

Tel: 98205 92543



8. Priyanj Special School

239/1905 Motilal Nagar no 1,

Achyut Behre Marg,

Near Ganesh Mandir, Road no 4,

Goregaon (west),

Mumbai -400104.

Tel: 022-28753880/ 9821098325

Mob: 09821098325


9. Podar Khushi Kids (kindergarten cum therapy centre)

Podar Jumbo Kids

9A/1 Model Town, Near Takshila

Off Mahakali Caves Rd,



Tel: 40262324

Ms Sangeeta Pandey


10. Podar Jumbo Kids

22/5, Naman Dadabhai Rd,



Tel: 26704842

Ms Paresh Daxini 


11. Podar Happy Kids

85, Podar Centre,

Post Office Lane, off Ambedkar Rd,



Tel: 43330063/62

Ms Bhakti Trivedi



12. SAI

173, Ramkrishna, 2nd floor

10th Road, Khar West

Mumbai 400 052

Tel: 022-26007267


13. SAIRAM Autism

C/o Jai Vakeel School

Sewri Hills, Sewri Road

Mumbai 400 033

Tel: 022-24701129, 24702285

14. Samarpan

M.G. Road Municipal School

Opp. Parle Vidya Tilak Mandir

3rd floor, Above Marathi Medium School

Near Kesrekar Garden

Vile Parle (East)

Mumbai 400 057

Tel : 022 – 26336537, 56043998

15. Smt. Radhabai Jamnadas Thakkar Autistic Centre

Shree Manav Seva Sangh

255-257, Sion Road, Sion (West)


Tel: 24092266, 24077350, 24015561, 24077327



16. Umang Charitable Trust’s Umang Centre

93/924 Siddhivinayak Soc.

New Link Road,Mahavir Nagar,

Kandivali (W)

Mumbai- 400067

Tel: 28600 624




1. Autism Society of Hyderabad (ASH)

1-2-593/26A Near Bala Saibaba Temple

Gagan Mahal

Hyderabad 500 029

Tel: 91 9848513192


2. Institute for Remedial Intervention Services


Road No:11

Banjara Hills

Hyderabad 500034


3. Development Centre for Children with Autism

1143 Sri Siddartha Campus

Srinagar Colony

Hyderabad- 500073

Tel: 040- 23732285



1. Autism Society West Bengal

22 Anjuman Ara Begum Row

Kolkata 700 033

Tel: 033 64571576

Tel: 09830139173


2. Creating Connections

10/4 Block B

6 Sunny Park


Mob: 09830941233, 09810225923


3. Dikshan

22 Anjuman Ara Begum Row

Kolkata 700033

Tel: 033 – 24730706 , 24170860


4. Pradip Centre for Autism

Dr. Mallika Banerjee

Flat No: 4, Lakeview Cooperative Housing Society

P-203/B, Block B

Kolkatta – 700089

Tel : 033-25341832/25748503 (office) 25340891 (d)



1. Autism Society of India

60 Vittal Mallya Road

Bangalore 560001

Phone: 91-80-2322-5279



2. India Autism Forum

S-123, Kirloskar Colony,

III Stage IV Block, Basveswarnagar,

Bangalore 560 079

Tel: 080 3225279

Tel: 080 3230357



3. Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA)

3rd Stage 4th Block


Bangalore- 560 079

Tel: 080-23225279

Fax: 080-22258103

Email :


4. Bubbles Centre for Autism

(A unit of Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust)

1279, 1st Cross Road

Govindraj Nagar

Bangalore 79

Tel: 98455 57115



5. Communication DEALL

47 Hutchins Road II Cross

Sarvajna Nagara (Cooke’s Town)

Bangalore 560 084

Tel: 91 080 2580 0826


Web :

5. DEC

C/o Spastics Society of Karnataka

31, 5th Cross, Off 5th Main

Indira Nagar

1st Stage

Bangalore 560038

6. Sunshine Centre For Autism

280, 6th Cross

Domlur Layout


Tel : 08065360892



1. We Can Trust

Registered Office:

No 4/2 Parsn Riviera

4th Main Road Extn

Kotturpuram, Chennai – 600085

Resource Centre:

No 5 Blue Beach Road,


Chennai 600 041

Tel: 044 65461010

Tel: 044 42862221



2. Pradip Centre for Autism

Dr. Mallika Banerjee

Flat No: 4, Lakeview Cooperative Housing Society

P-203/B, Block B

Kolkatta – 700089

Tel : 033-25341832/25748503 (office) 25340891 (d)


3. Sankalp Learning Centre

Q-9, New No. 41, 6th. Avenue.

Chennai 600040

Tamil Nadu

Tel: 044 42113947


4. Swabhimaan Trust

Plot No: 218 & 301, Palkalai Nagar,

Palavakkam, Chennai-600041

Tel: +91 44 24511670



5. Chennai Holistic Health Centre for Autism

Plot no:218, Palkalai Nagar, Palavakkam

Chennai-600041, Tamilnadu.

Tel: 91 44 24511670




1. Assam Autism Foundation

5 Dinesh Ojha Path, Rajgarh

Guwahati 781 005


Tel: 00911-9864027292/14608



2. Parents Network for Autism

C-213, Patel Park

Nirala Nagar

Lucknow- 226020

Tel: 0522-2786508

3. Parents Association for Autistic Children

Plot No 779 Defence Colony



Tel: 040-27110749


4. Asha Ka Jharna

Harlalka Kothi

Nawalgarh 333042


Tel: 01594-222930/223094


5. Autism Centre

c/o Prasanna Hospital

Deccan Gymkhana,

Pune 411004

Tel: 91-020-25652246



6. Autism Special School

(State child welfare council)



Tel: 0487 2360946

Director’s No 9745614208

7. Centre for Autism Therapy, Counselling and Help (CATCH)

26, Madhusudan Nagar

Unit 4

Bhubanswar 751001


Tel: 9937004040



8. Darpan

3759/2 Kundan Nagar

Near Gurudwara Model Town Extn.

Model Town

Ludhiana Punjab

Mob : 09417160463

9. Disha Charitable Trust

319-320, Race Course Towers, Gotri Road,

Vadodara-390 007


Tel: 91-265-2325250

Fax: 91-265-2300059



10. Diuli Daycare Centre cum Preschool

841/1, Alto Porvorim,

Goa 403 521

Tel: 0832 – 2414916

11. Jyot Special School

Kutarkar Residency

Near multipurpose school,

Borda, Margao,

Goa – 403601

Tel: 0832 2765097

12. Muskan

Special Education Centre for Autism

M.S. 39, Sec-D (Near Puraniya Chauraha),

Aliganj, Lucknow

Tel: 0522-2334811

Mob: 09794904682

13. Pathways

Sunita S. Lele

14, Pooja, Pandurang Colony

Pune 411 038


14. Rakshna

No 4 Rajaji Street

Gandhi Nagar

Madhurai 625 020

Tamil Nadu

15. Sanmvedana School for Children with Autism

Opposite Landar Park, Near Hanuman Mandir


Nagpur 400 015

Tel: 3290434, 9822571619, 2284621, 9765290903

16. Sawera

Dr BR Ambedkar Centre

Guru Ravidas Mandir Complex

Opp New Railway Station

Sector 2, Naya Nangal, Ropar

Tel: 01887-221574


17. National Institute of Mental Handicap (NIMH)

Manovikas Nagar

Secunderabad 500 009

Tel: 091 2775 1741-45

Fax: 091 40 2775 0198



Important Links on Internet

1. National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)


The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences is a multidisciplinary Institute for patient care and academic pursut in the area of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. Among many other services, NIMHANS provides evaluations and counseling.

2. National Trust of India


The National Trust is a statutory body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, set up under the “National trust for the welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation And Multiple Disabilities” Act (Act 44 of 1999).

3. Rehabilitation Council of India


The Rehabilitation Council of India was set up as a registered society in 1986 and currently has the twin responsibility of standardizing and regulating the training of professional and personnel in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education. The Parliament enacted the Rehabilitation Council of India Act in 1992, which was amended by the Parliament in 2000 to make it more broad based.










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Nice information. Now I can tell my neighbour about place to care autism. Thanks for sharing..

I am Special Educator for Learning Difficulties, ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Slow Learner, Cerebral Palsy Children. Taking classes from K.G I to XIIth std. Free consultation interested parents may contact on mobile no. 9823570204 and email ID :

Pls tell which city are you located in?

Learning difficulties children can learn and study upto Sr. Secondary and more if proper guidance will get for free consultation contact on my cell no. 09823570204 / email id :

Can you please tell which city are you from? Gurgaon or Delhi?

I am from Nagpur city.

there is website dedicated to ADHD in India. It is

Hello Everybody,

Disabilities ADHD, Autism, dyslexia and Asperger syndrome can be cured by undergoing a cognitive skill assessment and then building on the weak cognitive skills.

You can contact me at +91-9810149130 or check out

Ruchi Sehgal

Even BRAIN TRAINING is available DLF Phase V – call 9810149130
check this out

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