Review of Amiown Pre-School, Junior Wing of Amity International School, Gurgaon

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Amiown Pre-School

Junior Wing of Amity International School

Sector 27, Gurgaon.

Contact – Admin 99-711-33582 ( Nancy)


Age Criteria

For Prenursery: 2+ as on 31st March 2010 (or children born between 1st April ’07 and 31st March ’08)

a)      Forms are only available online. The admission for pre-nursery is over first, then comes nursery.


Amiown Pre-School is the junior branch of Amity International Schools (they have in sector 45 Gurgaon). When I went to the school, the orientation process (student-teacher-parent interaction) for the pre-nursery classes was going on. Without doubt, so many parents and kids were present there. This pre-school is situated in Sector 27 and it not very far off from the main Amity Int School building in sector 45.

There was a havan ( religious offering to God) going on during the orientation. Many parents I talked too seemed quite happy with this change and way of orientation day. The entire admission process takes a lot of time from filling online forms, submitting them online or by hand, waiting for approval list, selection list and then admission but the parents were saying that the entire process was quite systematic.

Everything was displayed on the school’s reception and its notice board. The school had ample space, spacious classrooms, auditorium, green play area and lawn. The use playway method for the kids.

However, it just seemed like an ordinary playschool. There was nothing that Amiown offers and other schools don’t. What I mean to say is, there was lack of innovation and creativity. Maybe it is too early to say ( as they are just 2 years old in pre-schools) but when you compare them with other playschools in Gurgaon ( read ibambini, idiscoveri etc) you feel there is a lot of room for improvement.

The children who will be admitted to pre-nursery and nursery of Amiown will automatically graduate to Amity International’s formal school ( unline Mother’s Pride and Presidium).

The student teacher ratio is 1:20 with 2 maids. The timimngs for pre-nursery ( as told  to me ) is 9:30 to 12:30 pm.

Here is the approximate look at the fee structure:

For pre-nursery

  1. One time admission charges – 35,500
  2. Quarterly – 14K
  3. Approximately comes to – 7,500 per month
  4. Books, uniform and transport extra.


For Nursery – The admission fee is 35,000.

As Always – I would request you to please let me know your views on the Amiown Pre-School and also on Amity International in sector 45 Gurgaon.

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Great review..lookinh forward to many more reviews too from your end.

well my child is currently studying in the said school…well m nt sure what innovative studying style othere schools are offering, i wud say that we are quite satisfied parents…
If I have to compare, pre-nursery session was better than nursery, BT still there are lots of improvements that I have noticed as a parent post my child started going to the school. the concepts (such as planting, water, rain etc) they introduce every months are done in an effective manner that the child learn by heart and not forgets with the progressive month.
in brief, i wud say that it is a worth considering school if you are searching for a pleasant academic foundation in your child.

Hi anjali,

i am bit confused abt. the right age of admission in prenursery for my 2 yrs+1 month old son as on 31st march 2011. will it be right him to put in the pre nursery at this young age.

Kindly advice.


My elder daughter is studying in AIS-46 n i have applied 4 my little one also(nursery).I can surely say that I am satisfied with the way of teaching in the school which is a good combination of written as well as co- curricular activities…..although at times I do feel that there is a lot of stress on written work at junior classes but it really aids in senior classes.I have also taught at the school 4 three years so can confidently say that studies are never taken for a toss(unlike many other schools) even at the times of formal functoins of the school.

Dear Malvika

Thanks for stopping by and writing your valuable comments. Really appreciate that and I am sure it would help many parents to arrive at a decission for the school.

i am bit confused abt. the right age of admission in prenursery for my 2 yrs+1 month old son as on 31st march 2011. will it be right to put him in the pre nursery at this young age.

Kindly advice.

Hi Raja,
Although your child is officially eligible for pre nursery as soon as he turns 2, yet I feel that he should be given some more time. My own son comes under the same category so I can understand your dilemma. There are a lot of pre schools in Gurgaon which allow the child to join in after vacations ( in July ) , so what you can do is put your child in one of those. That will give him a couple of more months at home . At least thats what I have done for mine.

Hey, Amiown is too expensive for play school. I got my daughter admitted to Maple Bear play school near Ardee city and i am more than satisfied with her progress. I have talked to other parents too and everyone seems to be satisfied. The activities are simply fab and the care and attention is too remarkable. Also the washrooms are neat and hygenic.

HI Parul
I have been looking for a pre school for my son and have shortlisted Maple Bear. I have been hunting for some feedback on the net. Glad to get yours. Trust you are still satisfied and have had a decent experiance,

Hi parul
This is vipin can u tell me the contact no. and address of Maple Bear

I am putting this foward as a feedback for the parent interaction we had at Amiown, Gurgaon for pre nursery admission of our child.
We had very high hopes with Amiwon, and were quite keen to put our child in the same .However our interaction in the school has unfortunately compelled to change our minds.

We had an interaction with the head mistress, dont even know her full name because she didnot even have the courtesy to introduce herself ( Ms. Neena ), which we got to know later through somebody else. Her attitude was totally indifferent and uncaring. The way she talked to us was as if she would be obliging us by taking our child. The so called “interaction” was our interview. We were not told anythng about the school, she didnot even ask her if we had any questions or not, we were not told about the curriculum, anything at all about the way of teaching, what makes Amiwon different from others, daily schedule they follow. We were not even shown around the school. All what she was worried about was if my son could eat all by himself and if hecould eat rice with a spoon ( probably because they need self sustainable kids who are a less burden ).
The only question we asked was the language of interaction between teachers and the kids to which she became very defensive and wanted to know why we had this query.
To this she finally replied that its mostly hindi or a mix of hindi and english. I guess this would result in a child learning only a few words of english rather than proper sentence formation.
I also got to see one of the videos of Amiown, gurgaon on You tube, in which almost the entire session was taken in Hindi, with only a few words in English.

Our experience was very bad and disappointing if this is the way the head of the school addresses the parents, then I wonder how the rest of the staff would be as she is the one who
sets an example for them and controls the overall environment.

dear jasreen thanks a lot for sharing your experience. i did not have a chance to get into interaction phase as my kids is still not eligible for the nursery. after haring your experience i am sure i would not consider amity for sure. Pls let me know which schools you had good experience in interaction and do keep me posted on which school you finally chose.

I beg to differ on the opinion formed basis the above feedback. My daughter is also studying in Amiown and our experience with the school is quite different!
Teachers & for that matter even the headmistress of the school are always reachable and are very engaging. They give quality time to the visiting parents and leave no stone unturned to answer their queries.

I got a chance to interact with headmistress almost 4 times and i was quite surprised to see that she always had a ready feedback for my daughter. She was exactly aware of the progress as well as improvement areas of my daughter at the school. And please note that all these visits were sudden and unfortunately i was not able to take any prior appointment with headmistress.

I don’t see any harm in medium of communication being Hindi, since the main purpose of language is to transmit knowledge. Hence knowledge transmission should happen in the language which kids understand. Since for most of the Kids Hindi is the primary language, Amiown gradually introduces English to ensure optimum learning by the children.

One other very important thing to note is that Amiown is not used like a money making machine by its management. They have one time activity fees payable once in a year which takes care of all the events they wish to organize. There is no additional money charged in the name of taking kids to museums, organizing festivals, fun fares etc. When ever school organizes any event they arrange for free food for the children and the person accompanying the children. I don’t think this can be said about other schools like Mother’s pride who ask you Rs. 6000 for creating a photo album of your kid!

I think all this goes to show how sincere the management is towards imparting knowledge to kids.

I think Amity has created a wonderful educational institution. And Amiown has lived upto the heritage of Amity Institution. Amiown is a great example of imparting modern education with strong connection to our cultural values. I have heard my daughter who is in Nursery class recite English poems as well as Sanskrit verses with same ease. On one hand she has developed inquisitiveness to question things scientifically and on the other hand she has developed enough faith to enjoy festivals like Teej. I would like to thank Amiown for grooming our child in this wonderful manner!

I have a 4 year old son going to Amiown and we are actually more than satisfied with the school. Although this school was not our first choice when we shifted to gurgoan last year and there was very less feedback available about the school.
The coordinator (Nupur) and head mistress (Nina) were actually very polite and courteous during the whole admission procedure even though our kid had never been to any preschool but still he was given admission and no such questions were asked and all our queries were answered, this is totally opposite to what is mentioned above. May be that wes on of the case.
The school is amazing when it comes to pick up and dispersal of kids. It is so well planned and as we pick our kid by ourselves we generally find the staff and head mistress keeping a watch and interacting with the kids or the staff on duty.
The kid is extremely happy to be in the school and trust me except for the feedback above I am sure you will hardly find any bad feedback about the school.

Regarding the language and meals. I have been to the class several times and I have never seen the teacher interacting with kids in pure Hindi, rather it is mostly English.
The meal served to the kids is good as our soon learned eating lot of things from there only and is happy to eat at school.
I would suggest not to make up your mind by just one feedback. Please visit the school and talk to some of the parents.
Believe me we are finding it hard to trust any school with our kid because Amiown staff is so caring.
Please feel free to speak to us if you want. Just let us know if you want to speak to us on this website.

I would never enforce my personal experience to be the only guiding light for other parents to decide. I know feedbacks are very important in helping one decide the right school for their kid as I myself have been researching for over a month now. Amity School has always been my first preference and so that is the reason I wanted to go in for Amiown so that my child sticks with the Amity group throughout. Anyways, everyone has their own perception and mine was based on my own experience, not exaggerated . Good to know that a lot of parents have come up with all good things about Amiown.
I too have had a chat with the headmistress herself a couple of times now. Lets see, now just waiting for the results to come out ( which strangely are not out yet, its been a long time ). Does anyone have any idea as to when are the results going to be declared for the Prenursery interactions held in the first week of feb ?

Hi Jasreen,
I am quite surprised after reading your feedback. My own child is going to that school and I am quite satisfied with the school. My daughter is finishing her Nursery in this session from Amiown and the way school has groomed her, is really worth appreciating. The language teachers are using to interact with the kids is a mix of Hindi and English but more focus is on English words. Kids may not be making full sentence in English on their own but they are well versed with the words. During our first visit, we were taken around the facility. I am not sure, why you had such an experience but to be honest, its been around one year we are in touch with the school and to me, Amiown focuses so much on inculcating culture and good values in children that I haven’t seen in any other school. We have also interacted with the Headmistress and found her quite caring, loving and cooperative. Kids are so much attached to her that they just walk-in to her cabin and she attends them very nicely. My daughter even tells that she keeps visiting to their class and interact with them. I can assure you from my side that school teachers are quite dedicated and spend lots of time with the kid. My daughter loves going there and I am very positive about the school.

Hi Amit

I have also applied ar Amiown for my son.i am bit confused abt. the right age of admission in prenursery for my 2 yrs+1 month old son as on 31st march 2011. will it be right to put him in the pre nursery at this young age.

Kindly advice.

Raj Goel

We also had a interaction/Interview with Amiown gurgaon in the month of Jan, our experience was similar to Jasreen (mentioned above). The interviewer had no interest in us or the kid and she was in no mood to hear our replies, she would often ask another question by interrupting us.

In the interview they more concerened if our kid can drink milk in a glass or do we need day care.

The school has good infrastructure however the bathrooms for kids were smelly/dirty, were are also concered if they would be able to take care of soo many kids as they have 9 to 10 sections.

Its has been a month now, with now signs results comming out, i am now seriously thinking of putting my kid in Panchtantra.

Does anyone have any idea as to when are the results going to be declared for the Prenursery interactions held in the first week of feb ?

Any clues as to when are the results going to be declared for the Prenursery interactions held in Feburary ?

Well, we have been constantly in touch with Amiown people for last two months, and they are no signs of result comming out, they have even stopped picking up the phone.

Anyways we have put our Kid into a different school, Amiown is simply not worth it, dont waste your time waiting for the results..

We have also slashed out Amiown from our list coz of the feedback given by some parents. I am considering putting my daughter either to The Ardee School or Panchtantra. Can any parent whose child is currently studying in the pre-nursery sections of the above mentioned schools give me some honest feedback to help me take the final decision?

We at Amiown Gurgaon are very open to feedbacks. The above mentioned concerns have been noted and are being addressed by the school. Being a Pre School we are very sensitive to the needs of the parent and the child and it is our constant endeavour to take care of the same.

It’s good Amiown is open to feedback. However, from my experience as a father of one of your school’s child, I can say with some good certainty that there has been no change in the attitude of the school. The school is run by three coordinators. The three coordinators rule the students and parents like an autocratic authority. They bent the processes and decisions for their convenience and ease.

Being a coordinator is one thing and being an administrator is another. The reputation that the school gets from the Amity brand would not take you far.

My child is studying in Amiown, Gurgaon in class Nursery. I am very proud to say that I took a wise decision of putting my child in this school. although i wanted my child to go to DPS because my elder son is in DPS but unfortunately we did not get thru to DPS and we have to put our younger one to Amiown half heartedly. I would say that our interaction was okay nothing great as it is in the case of other schools. I was not very happy to have two children in two different schools.

But I was proved wrong with in some days as my child started going to amiown. My child has changed so much, he has becom more confident, more focussed, he has learn how to sit at one place and finish a puzzle with concentration, which he would not ealier. He has become more sensible and when u make him understand something he listens. H
He would not eat on his own at home but since he started going to Amiown he is eating on his own n he is eating everything what ever is given in the school. His class teacher makes sure that he finishes the food. He has become more independent, makes his bag on his own a night before. He wants to change his clothes on his own, even when i insists he will not be able to, he says “let me try mama”. He wants me to teach him how to wash his potty, which is so surprising to hear from a 4 1/2 year old. Amiown has definitely inculcated very good habits in my child.
The school child proof which i have not seen in any other schools in gurgaon, the play area is a place where any accident can happen but yr child will not get hurt because of the child proof flooring.

We get meal menu every month and I always feel that the menu is made keeping in mind the health of the little ones. the quantiy is is neither too much nor less, so that the food is not wasted. They have a different menu everyday through out the month.

The functions which are conducted in the school are done in such a way that each and every child get enough to speak and the best part is they have some functions in the classroom itself, and you get to see your child performing, not like othre schools where you will blink and miss the performance. Since the functions are not on the stage, you can see your little ones performing confidently, with lots of courage.

I really feel that i took a wise decision by putting my child in Amiown. As this session is going to an end our 1 year journey in this school was really a wonderful one.

Last but not the least. This has taught me that first impression is not always the last impression. When we started a year back I use to tell my son lets go to school but today when he goes he says “mama I am going to Amiown”

My son is studying in Amiown since april 2010, and I am extremely happy of taking the decision to put my child in amiown. Although initially amiown was no where in my list of schools because my elder son is studying in DPS and my choice was only DPS, unfortunately my younger son could not get through DPS so we had to put him amiown half heartedly. It was really tough decision to have two children in two different schools.

Our interaction for the admission was okay as it is in the other schools, nothing great. but once my son started going to Amiown we could see drastic changes in him. He all of sudden became very responsible, focussed ( it was really difficult to make him sit at one place initially) and his concentration improved a lot. He became more vocal, confident, and over and above, he looks forward to go to school. If he does not go to school he miss his teachers, classmates. It shows that child is really been taken care of and we are rest assured that our child is in safe hands.

The teachers, staff in amiown are very warm and welcoming and they are always ready with a solution to your problems. They really take care where your child is lacking and they consistently work on to improve the same. Amiown is a perfect combination of academics and extra curricular activities which we hardly see in other schools. They are either too academic orieented or too lienient with studies.

I am very proud to have chosen amiown for my child, although it was my second choice and I was forced to think that first impression is not always the last impression.

When i tell my child lets go to school , he happily says “mama lets go to amiown”


My son Vedant Kapur is a student of Amiown School, Sector 27, Gurgaon. He has been in this school since 2 years and our experience has been very good with the school.
Vedant has learnt so many new things from his school right from the basic table manners to the extent of who wrote the National song of India, why is children’s day celebrated on 14th November, about environment etc etc.
The best thing what I have liked about the school is the strong communica tion channel between the school teahers, headmistress and the parents.
I would make specific mention that when our house help went on leave and Vedant was unhappy about it and did not participate actively in his class, I had his teacher’s feedback to me trying to enquire if everything was fine with Vedant at home.
This is what parents of preschool kids expect from school staff.
Vedant started eating vegetables only after he started going to Amiown.
He has learnt so many new words in English and knows how to use them correctly. He has picked this from his school.
The headmistress is very caring and concerned about the kids attending her school and knows probably each student by name.
She is always found actively involved in all the school programs.
His present class teacher is excellent. I appreciate her patience and efforts to give regular feedback about childs performance to the parents. I doubt if any preschool teachers would be doing it.
In fact our experience with the Neena Soni mam has been excellent each time we have visited the school.

I m in a process of searching a pre/nursery school for my son in gurgaon. Amiown is a choice, however wanted to know is the admission to std 1 smooth or is there any hitch from the school.

Our 4 year old daughter is studying at Amiown school, Sector 27, Gurgaon in Nursery. We have been so happy with the progress she has made in the span of 1 year, that we are sure that in time our younger son will definitely go to Amiown too. It’s surprising to read such critical views about the school and Mrs Nina Soni from parents whose children haven’t experienced the environment at Amiown Sector 27 yet. Speaking from personal experience we have found the environment at the school really conducive. We have seen a marked difference in the confidence level of our daughter. She speaks both English & Hindi languages comfortably and we feel so happy when she says things like “ ok , mom I am going to wind up now” after she has finished playing with her toys or finished her homework.
We have experienced high level of interaction at all levels of the school. The extent of courtesy & effective communication is such that while we drop our daughter at the main gate, we feel surprised that even the guard and maid at the main gate of the school knows our daughters name and welcome her with a “good morning” wish. Its sheer passion and superb training that could lead to such responsible staff. So many times Head mistress Ms. Nina Soni receives all the children in the morning, personally at the reception which is very rare in other schools. Our personal interaction with her has always been very comforting right from the beginning.
We have a wonderful experience with amiown, the principal, teachers and all staff members. We can proudly say it is really a caring pre-school…and safely recommend it to every parent.

My daughter goes to AMIOWN and we are very happy with the way, our child is growing and learning there.

The school follows a intersting and a playful methodology of teaching. It is great to see her progress and everyday when she comes back home, she has something new to tell us. Her class teachers are very caring, patient and loving, even the headmistress is greatly involved and equally active like any other class teachers. I have seen my daughter making greeting cards @ home, not only for her class teachers but also for the headmistress mam and I am sure she as a child does it so passionately, only because she gets equal love and attention from all of them.

In our experience, Amiown is one of the best preschools in Gurgaon

My child will be joining Amiown in april. We had a very good experience so far . When we interacted with the person in charge of admission in the month of October this year, we had so many queries , she was being so pateint and answered each of our query very politely. Also our interaction was very nice ,donot know the name of the lady(wearing specs) with whom we interacted , but she made us very comforatble and kids were taken care of very well. Separate play area was given to them and a maid was there to look after. We are hoping for more such enriching experience with the school.

I am a parent of a 3 year old boy and while going through internet for schools I read all these reviews above and had a few things to put up as well.
firstly, thanks for the lady ( Jasreen ) for putting up such a bold face and giving a feedback regarding the school because I guess parents usually dont have the courage to do so and that too openly right after the interview with the fear that it might backfire and their child might not get selected.
Secondly regarding all the positive feedbacks, its feels strange that all of them have come on the 24th and 25th Feb ( a few within the span of 1 to 2 hours ) as though trying to defend Amiown, seems a pretty big coincidence or was it a revolution against that lady’s negative feedback in the starting ?? !!!!

I totally agree with Mr. dinesh that how come all of a sudden positive reviews came on one day and only in praise of the headmistress Ms. Neena. In all the feedbacks lot of praise has come up only about the headmistress and no feedback about the teacher . Iam wondering that why the exisiting parents had nothing to say about the teachers . This is quite strange .

completely agree with mr. dinesh and mr. kumar. all the “praises” look fabricated..I had double thoughts approving them and even wrote an email to the school regarding it..but of course got no reply!

We had an interaction in the month of January and till now the result is not out .. On one side the somment from the school says ” Being a Pre School we are very sensitive to the needs of the parent and the child and it is our constant endeavour to take care of the same ”

The comment from the school is so ironical if they are sensitive to the needs of parents then why the result is not out as of now .Totally unprofessional and insensitive attitude…

I am finally planning to slash off amiown from my list of short listed schools, as rightly said by mr. Sanjay above, its been so many weeks after interaction and yet the result is not out, when they said that it would be declared within 2 weeks. Amiown cant take it for granted that we would keep on waiting forever for the results and that too when we are not sure if our child will be taken and miss on the dates of all the other schools.

Also, regarding the feedbacks above, I too totally agree with the parenting fundas that they all seem pretty much fabricated. Are these actually the parents themselves who have written essays advertising the school and specially praises about Ms. Neena, why all of a sudden all these parents have got up to give such elaborate comments or explainations ?
Also, as rightly said by Mr. Kumar, if the parents are so happy why have not even one of them mentioned any teacher’s name to appreciate and strangely the only name highlighted in all the feedbacks is that of Ms. Neena?
Dont parenting fundas feel that all this should be brought to the notice of Ms. Sapna Chauhan ( Vice chairperson) ?

Amiown result is out, its available online on thier website, you have to login using the Addmission form.

I have read all the comments posted by all the parents above . But here one thing is to be noticed is that all the negative feedbacks have come up from the parents who have not yet joined Amiown.

I understand that first impression is the last impression. But in schools unless until you take the feedback from the existing parents then only you know the true picture.

E.g Sriram school is supposed to be the best school in Gurgaon but when i interacted with the parents they were not at all happy.

My child is going to Amiown and we are very happy with the learnings. My child’s class teacher Komal mam is always putting her 100% and is always polite while handling our queries.

So would request parenting fundas to ask the existing parents to give feedback. A volunteer from parenting fundas can visit the school on a surprise visit , the way they did earlier at the havan ceremony and see for themselves .

Thanks for the offer. i wish it was done by some authority from school then I would have surely visited sometime.

At first the negative reviews actually sound like sour grapes, we on the other hand have always had a wonderful experience.
Amiown, lives upto it name ” A Caring Preschool”. Our Child loves going to school. The Headmistress interacts with children and parents every now and then. She infact even remembers the names of each and every student. The teachers lay the foundation for our childs growth, education & overall developments. They infact can be termed as “pillars” of our society. The Teachers use the surroundings, cultural events as pivotal tools for enhancing the thought process and the overall development of our child. The interaction with the school staff and people of other realms of our lives has actually brought in a lot of respect and gratitude for them not only from our children but from the parents as well.

We thank Amiown for their patience, perseverance, for making our child reach an epitome of overall development.

After reading all the reviews, i like to join my kid in Amiown. anyone pls help me out:: what would be monthly fee for nursery child including transport, whether nursery admission still open.

Hi Mamata my child was going to Amiown till the last week and I was paying a sum of Rs 10,000 per month incl meal, transport etc. There are no other costs which they charge from us for the last one year even for organising big events like christmas carnival. Amiown is an excellent choice I must say you will not regret your decision. all the best.

Kavita T Gowda


We had our son’s Kushagr’s graduation ceremony at Amiown on 23rd of March. I must say it was wonderful experience to watch all the children performing with such great confidence. I am sure it must have been a tough job for all the teachers to make all the students learn their lines and dialogues. Hats off to all the teachers, staff and the headmistress Nina Mam to put up such a spectacular show. It was very well organised.

This was the end of our one year journey in Amiown but I must say the memories will remain in our heart forever.
I must thank all the staff and teachers specially Shilpi mam (Kushagr’s class teacher) for showing great care, patience, support and showering all the love and making our journey so wonderful. Shilpi mam you are a wonderful teacher, you have a personality which makes the children comfortable talking to you. My son Kushagr just loves you and says shilpi mam is the best. Thanks for everything you did for the last one year.

Nina Mam thanks so much to you and your staff. You are doing a wonderful job and we wish that all the parents you have in Amiown go through the lovely experience which we have gone through. Please keep up the good work and our best wishes will always be with you.

Thanks and regards
Kavita Thapliyal Gowda

As suggested by one of the reviews by a mother to go and see to know the reality about Amiown.

I also visited the school and met the headmistress Ms. Neena on 29th March. She seemed totally uninterested and was not keen on answering to my questions. After i finished my first question she would say ,we are closed for admissions okay ,thank you. From her body language i could make out that she was hinting at me to go as the admissions are closed. I can understand admissions are closed but as a parent we can enquire and get the feel about the school.

She is the ambassador of the school and our first impression of the school was very bad…

I was late for my daughter’s admission for nursery and as mentioned above by parents , even I went to get the feel of how Amiown is and if it was really the way it has been hyped up .
To my utter disappointment, I too was not treated properly, firstly I was not being allowed to meet the principal, anyways after lots of waiting and repeatedly going, she agreed to meet.
Sorry to say, her behaviour was so cold, she dint even offer me to sit down and just said that admissions are already closed. She could have atleast heard me out and tell me something about the school. I felt bad. Does she only behave nicely and caringly to parents who already have their kids in school and not others ?? because what I see from the above reviews is that only parents who have the kids are praising about her ( strangely !!! ) and all parents who went for the first time were not treated so well ??!!

We had interaction in the school in mid of March and we have been informed that the results will be out in the first week of April. Now the session is started and results are still not out.

When we call to know the results we don’t get any convincing reply. Even they say that no more lists will be displayed. When I asked why the admissions were opened when there were no seats available, they didn’t have the answer Even the admission counselor say it’s the management who decide and they left on us where we don’t have any good answer.

Their employees also know it was just to make some money out of the registration fee. It’s straightaway cheating.

I totally agree with the father . We also met the coordinator in Amiown and asked her why the list is not out and what is the procedure of selection.
She seemed totally clueless about the school policies . The management should step in and take some steps.

Its very strange that no body from the school authorities are responding to such negative feedbacks. We also had a similar experience and the lady at the reception ANU was unconcerned and said these are the policies of management and if we have further questions we can feel free to write an e-mail.. now we have put our child in IDiscover i ..

After reading all the reviews. I would definitely not go for Amiown. As i also called up and had a word with the lady at the reception ANU, she was not at all courteous on call and on asking about the procedure of admission she said the school is closed for admissions and hanged the phone.

The schools i would recommend would be Panchatantra, I discover i,Ardee school. Thanks to parenting fundas, the reviews really help

pls give me comment on amiown schools as my child is 2.6 years and i wants to put him in nursery school

My son is 2.4 years too. Have applied for admissions at PV branch and had a good interaction. The lady interviewer was warm and courteous, and simply tried to get a feel of the family background and the child’s habits and likes etc. In fact, I was concerned since my husband was out of town and could not attend, but she assured that this will not impact the interaction. I am eagerly awaiting the results now. I totally loved the school and can’t wait for my son to join it. Hoping for the best.

Amiown is simply a no no ….. The admin lady Ms Anu is always rude while handling the queries . I think she needs to go for anger management classes. Iam planning to take out my child from Amiown next year as cannot take out my child in the middle of the year… I think the management should step in and see the way the parents are handled by admin person Anu bhasin.

I will not suggest anybody to put their child in amiown school.I would not like anybody to make such a major mistake of getting their child admitted to amiown.They are just sitting there there to grab your money.No headmistress in school.School is run by co-ordinators only who are not competent at all.Yes, the above post is very much right.ANU really needs some classes for herself to correct her behaviour.Their chairperson is sitting in California and running the school from there.Till last year the school was worse and now it has become worst.A big NO to amiown.

Hi, I agree to most of the last few comments……My daughter has been going to Amiown since last 2 years and my experience is not great too….I have got her her admitted there with high hopes and expectations which so far have not been met. Though her pre-nursery journey was quite fruitful as her class teacher Ms. Ranjana was quite interactive and supportive and she helped my daughter to grow in the right direction. However, her nursery teachers are least bothered and caring for children, I attended one parents teacher meeting where to my surprise I found entire class very quite and introvert….let me highlight here that my daughter is an extrovert and she has become slightly introvert too now perhaps the impact of the company and her surroundings… I guess the balancing and lot of fine tuning is required at Amiown, they follow few international methods of teaching, yet they need to learn alot to meet those standards……I completely agree that administrators and even gate keepers are good and they do recognize kids with their individual names atleast in my kids case it’s true…..However, being parents our expectations are much higher then this…and yes, communication is another factor where not only Amiown but other Gurgaon schools fail too….they need to realize the importance of correct communication as these are their foundation years so they need to put lot of effort on communication and language development which will help these kids to excel further in future for sure. I have tried to compile my feedback for all those parents who are looking for a decent school in Gurgaon for their kids…..I am not too sure if this post helps but I have tried to share my mix feedback to help them in making their decisions.

Hope Amiown authorities should also read this and work on improving their standards.

Experienced Mother

Thanks for a detialed feedback. In which class/section is your child going?

i also agree amiowm is altogether not a good a school

Anju Sharma
6th Aug,2011.

My son is Sep,08 born. I want to know that what age will be perfect for him to be admitted in Amiown Pre-school. Is it ok if I’ll admit him in April,2012 or its too late. I want to know the whole procedure for admission i.e. interview,fee structure,donation other etc. One more thing i want to know that after Amiown will he be promoted to Amity Int. School. is there any other admission fees and donations for that. Plz reply me as soon as possible.

Dear All

We at Amiown are very sensitive to the needs of children and parents.We have made a note of all the above feedbacks and will be addressing them suitably.However, we assure you that our services in the past and at present aim at the holistic development of the child.

Hi. Any body has an idea when is Amiown, Gurgaon result coming. ?Because nobody is picking the number 99-711-33582 given on the website..

Hi Amity Team ,
Kindly advice me what will be the right admission time for my son as his birth is 18 may 2010… when will be the admission open & sessions start time….

looking for prompt reply …

can anybosd share the Amity school fees per month for sector46, please

Hi Amity Team,
Kindly advice me the right admission time for my son (born on 25th Feb 2010). When should I apply for the admission .
My daughter is already studing in Amity 46 .

Iam still wondering , inspite of all the above feedbacks to amiown, gurgaon team, not much change has happened, the receptionist lady is still not at all courteous in handling the parents concerns.Now that only three months are remaning for the term to finish , we are taking a sigh of relief as we are taking our child out of this school.

I am not sure who you are referring to as “the receptionist lady”, as there are no receptionists in the school. The interaction is mainly done by co-coordinators.

I am a father of a student of Amiown whom we had admitted to the school last year. And all this while, I have found the school improving. Initially, I had some concerns with the school administration and management, however, when I had discussed these concerns with the school authorities, they were listened and noted down.

Now, all most after an year, I can say that those issues are not existing any more, all of them were addressed. I and my daughter are happy with the school experience and are looking forward to put our younger one there too.

Is there anybody whose kid is in Amiown Noida? Pls give us your feedback as my kid is selected and I am thinking of paying the fees there!. Any comments for this?


My daughter is studying in Nursery section.

My feedback till now:
1. Student teacher ratio: 10:1. Plus one/two helpers (didis).
2. Teaching Style: Very relaxed, there are two teachers per section of 20 kids. In most sections, they have a combination of a very senior and younger teacher.
3. The school has lots of extra-curricular activities and there is a growing emphasis on learning by doing methodology.
4. The schools also actively involves parents in the learning process of the kids, there are classes for parents as well. These are conducted by their research wing, which is in the same compound.
5. All classrooms have CCTV cameras.
6. I have seen the chairperson of the Amiown personally monitoring each function and the monthly school activities. She personally attends the classes for parents as well. I can’t re-call any visit to the school when I had not seen her, so she is definitely not in California, as commented out above in post 33.

Can somebody tell wheather amiown students are directly put into amity school .

This is very Important Question. I am also want to get my daughter admitted in Amion PV. Will she automatically become eligible to Amity school or not?

Please guide me the admission procedure for prenursery at amiown. as I just received a call from mother’s pride that the minimum age is 20 months bt i am interested in amiown.. what will bw the fee structure

Pls go to the school reception desk, fill in the form and it should be easy.

hi, parents
to whomsover it may corncern,
i am mother of two. one of my child is studying in amity 46 and doing very well in the school. the moment my second child was born i was sure that i will put him in amiown preschool gurgaon. when i applied for for pre nursery in nov-12 the list is not yet declared still my child is on the waitlist. they declared first list with only 35 students and in second list they declared only 20 students. the school still not sure that they should that they should admit the student or not. co-ordinators does not know wht to do. school Amiown is in worst condition. chairperson say they do nurture the student but they nurture the children and parent with tension. they don’t have seats for sibblings

Mother’s Pride preschool rocks! I thank the teachers and the staff with my whole heart. Thanks.

Attention all parents of toddlers, if you are working in shifts and are looking for an alternative for babysitting, well I am glad to introduce a Day and NIght child care.
Its address is in Gurgaon sector 57 sushant lok 3.My little one also goes here.

Check their facebook page here:

Mother’s Pride is too good
Mother’s Pride school’s environment is too good. The faculty there makes the child who is entering an altogether new place unknown to him, comfortable and the teacher’s put in enough effort to keep the child happy. It is truly the best home away from home.

yes; i also visited many schools and specially at Amiown teachers were not interested to have discussion related to admission. She just replied please check on the website (the only answer of each question) i got.

Lot of noise of children coming from each class but fine. I saw children playing and jumping on stairs without any teacher around them, i was worried that what happen if someone falls down.

So i am also not as such convinced to get my child admitted into that school. As if they don’t have manners what they will taught to children.

I have 2+ year old son. I am evaluating Amiown noida as Playschool for him.Our biggest consideration is to improve his comprehension and speaking ability.Can anyone guide if Amiown Noida is right Playschool.Will appreciate your feedback.

If you Are looking for best kids play school or Pre Nursery School in Gurgaon, so visit once in Blooming Buds, it is an initial learning center and kids play school in Gurgaon here your child’s bright future begins.

Third class school with no values for morality.Managment of Amiown is also not reliable nd does not have any commitment for their words they are enjoying on the money cheated from parents.

third class school do care parents felling only want money . results are not available even after 7 months. Managment of amiown is also money minded and selfish.

Amiown is the worst pre school as compared to other play schools in NOIDA. at the time of admission all the faculties and staff members are so polite but as soon as you get your kid enrolled they are least bothered to communicate…
Moreover at the time of admission to Amiown the faculty assures that the kid studying in Amiown gets automatically enrolled in Amity international school. WHICH IS BIG LIE..
The parent has to go through all the admission procedure and many of the AMIOWN kids are not selected in Amity.


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