Review Of Indus World School, Gurgaon

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Indus World School

Plot No- 4109, DLF, Ph-IV,

Opposite Galleria Towers,

Near Mothers Pride,

Gurgaon, Haryana 122009,


+91 124 4059866/4059867

Website –



Mrs. Indira Ganeshan

C 30/3 Institutional Area,

Sector 62,

Noida – 201301

Ph: 0120 647 9666 / 647 9667



Indus World School is started by people who found Career Launcher, India’s no.1 academy to prepare people for competitive examinations. Its founders are the alumina of IIT and IIM, so it came as a surprise to us when the school’s Principal told us, “We are not here to get your child admitted to IIT or IIM. We are here to provide him/her what his interest is!”

“If your child is interested in music, we will tell him to go to Royal College of Music, Trinity.” Impressive.

It was the first school where I was not doing the talking but my husband was ( because his ideology matched with the principal’s). The Gurgaon school is till grade 3 and plans to extend till class 12th. However, there are no exams till grade 3, only assessment. The junior school (up through Standard II) is called “Ananda.” The school with classes above Standard II to VIII is called “Jigyasa” and students from IX and X is called “Sadhana.”

The Indus World School was established by IIT and IIM alumni comprising of R. Satya Narayanan, Gautam Puri, Nikhil Mahajan, Sujith Bhattacharya, R. Srinivasan, D. Vijay Kumar and Shiv Kumar who wished to create “a place of learning with a difference”.

The principal at the Gurgaon branch told us that the teachers of this school undergo a mandatory training for 10 odd days and only then they enter to teach. Also, they do not believe in “Franchise” systems like their neighbours Mother’s Pride and DPS.

“We are not DPS. We have learned our lessons,” the principal, who has more than 20 years of experience, told us. This Gurgaon branch will only operate till class 3 but the school has acquired land on Sohna Road and will have a campus till class 12th there.

Sports are a part of the school curriculum. Till class VI, all students are expected to play at least three sports. After class VI, students pick up the sport they enjoy the most and work at attaining a level of expertise in that sport.

Some of the sports at IWS are cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, athletics, hockey and badminton.

In class IX, students who show promise in a particular sport graduate to sports academies. These are residential academies where the students can hone their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. ( from wikipedia)

All IWS buildings are Wi-Fi enabled and VoIP will be used for teacher training.

So if you are looking for best pre-school in Gurgaon, where they don’t focus on “teaching” but enhancing your skills, then this is the best school. It is a school which has a class-apart ideology and are not into money-making or extracting money like its other counterpart schools.

The building and design of the school will make you get nostalgic about your own school. Though we did not get the chance to see the school’s classrooms from inside ( as it was closed on Saturday), but whatever we saw was very basic, all that a child needs at this age.

Fee Structure


Session 2010 – 2011


Security Deposit – 10,000 ( Refundable)

  1. Registration – 500
  2. Admission Fee – 15,000 ( One Time)
  3. Tuition Fee – 9000 ( quarter)
  4. Annual Charges – 8000 ( every year)
  5. Transportation charges extra

16 Responses to "Review Of Indus World School, Gurgaon"

I wish to apply as a Basket ball coach for the beginners and advanced,for the summers .I am a sports teacher in Delhi,s elite school and since I stay in gurgaon I wish to serve in your institution with ur permission.

Thankingyou in anticipation

warm regards

Angelina Samuel

B.P.ED. Punjabi University.Patiala.

I am looking for admission in UKG for my daughter and she will be 4 yrs and 3 month old on 01-04-2011 and she is in LKG in a convent school at Panipat and now I am shifting to Gurgoan.Please suggest me some school of good quality where admissions are available.

the principal at Indus world is telling whatever she has been taught otherwise no one can tell about the child at this early age as there interests changes many times as they grow. A child has to make his own track to do excellence in any field by proving him or herself. a child if is taking help of these kind of institutes even to express his interest how can prove him or herself. Dhoni did not take there help to prove himself. A child with talent would definitely express and prove himself one day.

There is huge hype created about IWS, Gurgaon. Although the founders are from IIT/ IIM’s we have strong reservations on –
1. Capabilities and abilities of the school teacher. When we visited we were also showered with statements like teachers have to go through mandatory training (which every school do), our founders believe in child interests etc..etc…But none, of the teachers were capable of telling how they identify talent or child interest. The teachers were so meek they were not submissive and in from our experience they either were support teacher in previous school or just begin their professional careers
2. the admin staff is highly unprofessional. We are confident that they do not have any experience do handle the front desk
3. The school fee structure is kind of OK. But they have subdue standards. The wash rooms are not clean. The water cooler had lot of dirtiness.
4. Do not expect any support from the school, they have very limited bandwidth to support wrt playground, outdoor expeditions
5. We tried to call on thier land lines and most of the times it was watchman who receives the call

I Manju Sethi
yes i agree with Mr. Manish as i have worked as a teacher in Indus world school for 9 months , i can tell you the truth that they never train the teachers before they enter in the classrooms. their curriculum is not at all practical to make kids learn. teachers are often involved in politics and no one is their to keep a check on them as Ms. Uma, the principal comes on Tuesday and Friday only just to listen complains of teachers against other teachers which usually aggravate politics in school. so ultimately we can say this school is totally BARBAAD.

Well…. take my words seriously …it’s a horrible struggling school. I took out my child from this school. uma the care taker is jus horrible n how they portray about them is so different to what they actually are… Our kids are not taken care off in the school. I would never ever recommend anyone for this HORRIBLE school.

Hello Helena thanks you have taken out your child as I told you in my previous comment that this school is totally barbaad .just a place for bloody politics,leaded by uma

My kids (yes, 2 of them) are in this school and so far my experience has been quite positive.

I have my child studying in IWS, dlf branch. I just read the comments of ms. manju sethi and manish…and got a shocker of my life. It has been almost 2 years with this school system and I have never found any negative thing in the school. On the very first day, when my child went to school he was so warmly welcomed by the team and was settled on the very first day. The current team prerna mam, neeti mam, aakriti mam,is so wonderful, full of energies especially there headmistress Gunjan Sharma mam- I would say very committed, child friendly, approachable, responsible, proactive,informative and educative. Whenever we meet her and the team…we get so much positive vibes.Their ways of doing agenda setting with children, morning assembly, birthday celebration, QCT, circle times, story telling, festival celebrations are just commendable. Every morning my child feels so excited to come to school, and as a parent i need nothing more than this. Thanks to the team…..

With you entirely, Preethi. It is the best school in sight. Really run hands on by the founding group and good mentors. Uma is the best math and science mentor you can get. She is particularly popular and respect being an IIT Delhi alumnus herself. The mentors are very friendly and warm. Full of commitment. IWS and my child give me a lot of joy.

preety some peple have tendancy to get good impression when they get smiling faces infront of them and ignore the experience of others

My son has been in IWS for about 4 years now . We in fact pulled him out of an established ‘branded’ school and enrolled him in IWS .It was just their second year then . My son Joined the school for KG .He used to be a very shy and introverted person . An advanced reader but a poor writer . While he was constantly reprimanded for his bad writing in his earlier school IWS gave him the space to explore his strengths .He could read all the books in the class room library..(incidentally how many CBSE schools really have a classroom library ?)… ..If he already knew things that were taught in the class room and felt bored he was allowed to go to the library and read a book —I cannot imagine any other school to have accommodated this .Today he hums music and shows me dance moves he picked up in school ( this is a kid who was awkward about dancing even as a toddler) .While things are lenient in the early years I have also seen them slowly increasing their level of activity and move towards a structured environment in grade 2 & 3 .

Now two particular areas that I would really like to comment on

1) Quality of staff
I loved the staff in IWS ..yes there were some really young people and freshers .But they were extremely warm and could really connect with kids which should be the only thing that matters for early years .I I am yet to see somebody like rachna (she was probably 23-24) who taught grade 1 for my son .My son while having lunch one day discovered that his reflection on spoon was inverted –both rachna and my son went on to discover the reasons over the next few days . The problem with parents is that very often they make the assumption
“experience makes a good teacher ”
– While this might be true for all professions I think it fails miserably when it comes to teaching -@ the end of the day a teachers job is to “enable a child to think’ and I have seen enough teachers in IWS who have been able to achieve this . That doesn’t make them experts or customer service professionals who can answers questions like ” how will you .identify talents” . There is no process maps or flow diagrams here .They listen thats it ! I am really surprised by manish’s comments here ….I am really uncomfortable about how parents tend to intimidate teachers –if you have to judge them you will have to observe how they interact with your kids NOT WITH YOU (Please….) .


Again I am yet to see a better use of infrastructure in a small space .In the middle school campus we have cricket pitch , a place for foot ball as well as basket ball and more importantly at least 3-4 hours a week for every to actually use them .Thay have bought substantial piece of land and the construction is going on for the high school .

Every new school has teething problems and IWS definitely has had an equal share . Their system is still evolving and there is always scope for improvement .The best part is both Uma and satya are people who would accept that and be open to feedback .Its possible to have a dialogue unlike other big schools where the principal enjoys a ‘god-like’ status .In IWS parents are treated as stakeholders and above all the kind of passion that the management brings on to the table is unbelievable ..its contagious .You will have to experience it to believe it .

I know this is a really long post – but that’s how much i believe in this place. I am not a part of the management nor am I a teacher here . I am just a parent who appreciates a good learning environment ! In a time when 13 year olds are in the news for hitting pubs and cyber bullying on FB I think its really important to be in an institution were parents have a say , were parents are treated as equal stakeholders and to me IWS is just that .

This is my experience. When we initially put our daughter in IWS, I had several reservations, though my wife had none. They had the challenge of being a new school in Gurgaon and not one endowed with large land or school buildings. I was not sure if the lack of “big school” infra as well as my daughter being in the seniormost class would be a good idea. However, I trust my wife when it comes to these matters as she has worked with several educational institutions and she also knew some of the people who were teaching there. It’s now been four years since our daughter has been going to IWS, yes there have been many struggles on the way, many related to the Infra but there have been none which have been there as far as her learning is concerned. She always looks forward to going to school, every single day, and it doesn’t matter if the class is air conditioned or not, if the bus is small or big, if they do fancy school days or not, what matters is whether she is getting ready for life or not, which is the one purpose for which schools should exist. I have seen her come along from a toddler now to grow up to be a fine young girl, sensitive, mature, caring, wise. Much of the credit for this should go the school as well, which has nurtured her special talent. Yes there are times when I have felt that things could have been improved, or could be better but I have also seen one thing which I have not seen in any other school. The founder’s of the school, send their daughter to the same school and she studies very much like any of the other children, with the same facilities and teachers and resources. For me that’s a huge vote of confidence. Also they have never hiked their fee’s or been unreasonable in terms of various other charges that different schools tend to extract and they are not a snobbish school or one which has many airs about it.

How is the school otherwise and what is the strength of a class because we are planning to shift so i few details and reviews of the school

“poor school methodology to promote school by showing other schools in bad light.
What is this…
We are not DPS. We have learned our lessons,” the principal, who has more than 20 years of experience

Hey. The information you provide is very useful but can you please let me know the extra curricular activities they provide.

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