Review of Presidium School, Sector 57, Sushant Lok II, Gurgaon

Posted on: March 15, 2010


Block G/2, Sushant Lok II,

Sector 57, Gurgaon- 122011, Haryana

Tel : 0124- 4117015, 9313402801

website – 



My First Memories

The very first time I heard about Mother’s Pride group of schools was way back in 2003. I was working an intern at The Hindu newspaper and was assigned to cover this school’s annual function. The first question that came to my mind when my editor Mr. Ashok Kalkur told me about it was – How can a paper like The Hindu cover a playschool’s annual function? Well the reason was simple. The Chief Guest of the function was M. Venkaiah Naidu, the well known Indian politician.

Though I wasn’t a mother back then (not even married) but I could make out the school’s policies were more focused on getting media publicity rather than anything else. The function was held in a big auditorium in Delhi (sorry don’t recall the name now) and had huge media presence just because of the politician.

Small children (must be around 2 to 3 years old) were made to dance and recite rhymes with teachers. Good effort but I really wish everything was no so over the top. They were made to wait a long time since the Chief Guest’s visit was delayed by 2 hours. I hope they were well taken care of back stage.

About Presidium Gurgaon

Well I am not going to delve into more details of that function way back in 2003 but tell you about how I found Presidium Gurgaon – the formal school of Mother’s Pride, which is also going to start its first batch of playgroup this year (2010). The child should be 2 plus by March 2010 to be admitted to their playgroup. They have pre-nursery, nursery, kinder garden as well.

The Presidium Gurgaon is till class 8th but plans to be till 12th, by adding successive batches each year. The school follows CBSE pattern and boasts of great infrastructure, provision of extracurricular activities, computer education from pre-nursery onwards, centrally air-conditioned classrooms, taekwondo and much more.

The classrooms for playgroup and nursery are obviously well-done. Smart tables, small chairs, lots of toys, blocks etc etc. However, I did find them to be a bit small in size. My personal opinion.

I believe that if small children are given a lot of room and space (rather than too many tables and chairs and toys) that will be good for them. You yourself are a better judge. If you leave your child in a small for say 1 hour would he/she be happier to just sit there or rather in an open room (like they have in iBambini or iDiscoveri playschools). You know the answer.

Fee Structure

Roughly till class 3 – 1 lacs 16 thousand annually


Registration – 25

Admission – 200

Caution Deposit – 500

Annual Charges (payable annually) – 12,000

Development & Others – 10,000

Tuition Fees (4800 per month) – 14,400 (quarterly)

Transport (1500 per month) – 4500 (quarterly)

Book Set – 4500 (not applicable for playgroup)

Hocus Pocus Bronze Album – 10,000

Total – 56, 125

My Observations

  1. The kids admitted to Mother’s Pride (the playschool) do NOT automatically get admission in Presidium (the formal school). The branches are Not interlinked. They are competing against each other. So why would most sensible parents want to admit their kids in Mother’s Pride? Wont they just choose Presidium?
  2. From next session onwards (we were told this by Kamayani, one of the person from Admin) that you MUST get your child admitted this year itself because the school will make it mandatory for every parent to pay TWO LACS ( 2 lakhs) as Donation ( 1 lakh plus fee separate) We must admit now or regret later!! I found this VERY Commercial. Looked like we are at the table striking a business deal rather than admitting our kid to some educational institution!
  3. Unlike Mothers Pride, which offers Corporate Discounts, there is no such facility in Presidium. They are just “different” :–)
  4. There was a stark similarity between the reception areas of their next door neighbour “Scottish High International School” and Presidium. Both have a huge entrance, hotel-like lobby with two coffee tables on side and a reception with two ladies! ( talk about competition) The Presidium Gurgaon is not only Scottish’s number one competitor in fee structure ( both have 1 lakh plus fee annually) but also in infrastructure.  
  5. There are several complaints of Mothers Pride in Consumer Complaints India forum, Mouth Shut website and many other blogs ( if you want the link I can forward you, mail me at My question is..Is it only from parents who cannot afford it and hence vent out or are the parents who have put their children in these schools foolish? I just want to know why there aren’t so many complaints of other playschools as well. The ratio was really less.
  6. I would like to hear from other parents whose kids have studied in Presidium and they are happy. Tell me something more than celebrating grandparent’s day or baby shows.


This is my bid to find the best playschool, nursery school and formal school in Gurgaon. Let’s see where Presidium will feature.

Presidium Locations

1. Ashok Vihar :

PS 2, C-3 Block, Ashok Vihar, Phase II, New Delhi. Tel : 011- 4178 1100, 9310981302

2. Dwarka :

Sector – 16B, Dwarka Phase II, HAF Pocket – A, New Delhi. Tel : 011- 32418882, 9311585474, 9312982169

3. Pitampura :

Near Agrasen Bhawan, Behind Rama Market, Pitampura, New Delhi. Tel : 011- 47591101, 9310981306

4. Gurgaon :

Block G/2, Sushant Lok II, Sector 57, Gurgaon- 122011, Haryana Tel : 0124- 4117015, 9313402801

5. Indirapuram

Habitat Centre, Indirapuram Tel: 9311819385, 9310134353


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looking for an opportunity to work with PRESIDIUM

i got my daughter registered a few days back at mothers pride dlf gurgaon but then heard mixed reviews of the school.. Confused of whether to send my 2 yr old or file for refund.. Pls help.. I want her to grow confident and smart besides learning academically.. Is mothers pride good option 4 it???

hi komal,

wanted to know hows your experience in mothers pride I’ve register my baby there, but still confused whether it will b gud for him or not….
Please suggest…

Hello dear,
My baby is going in mothers pride deepali branch from july onwards & i am happy with her performance. She is actively participating in all activity & performing well.

same is with me

absolutely…my son was with mothers pride for 2 yrs and then in presidium from last 2 yrs. I am very happy with the ways they teach and handle these little kids.

hi komal, i am meenakshi from gurgaon . my 5 year old son is studying in presidium sector 57 . i really like this school for curriculum and academic activities done inside the school . speacially teachers are very good in their behaviour and very nicely as well as very resposible towards their students an d their parents also
the main usp about this school i feel my kid has no fear about study also he has much interest towards studies bcos of the play method of the school
but yes this is commercial if you enroll or show ur interest to get admission in this scholl u may hav get atleast one call from them daily untill u will finally enroll
but if compare this school management teachers and curriculum with other same expensive scholls i found this is best bcos they will take their students and their parent at the top priorty when ever any body have any complaint or i can say they will listen us 24*7 for sure
any ways take ur proper time to decide before ur final decision to any school bcos after that switching SCHOOL will be a unsolvBLE PROBLEM

hi meenakshi, i hav just taken admission in presidium for my 2 kids, one in grade 1 and the other in kg, kindly if u can tell more about the school both pros & cons, as i m quite new to te gurgaon itself. i m shifting from south india. what about the fee rise structure, do they increase steeply or do they have any trend…kindly help me, i m worried that if i hav made a right choice……

try your luck somewhere else, girl. this is a school with no

Can any one let me know Presidium School at Indrapuram. I need feedback for class 3, 4, 5 and 6 please


Please let me also know feed backs about Presidium School, Indirapuram for class 3rd and PREP.

teachers are good well educated and young they will nourish ,give knowledge and pamper ur child but i dont have any idea abt management of indrapuram

in my view not a good school a brand machine only teaches to be showie rather than to be practical and intellectual…pathetic curriculum,max admissions cancelled every year as it increases new admissions and more money into the system….fees are revised as per there mood

i agree with you. i have worked in presidium for few months and found the school is built on all the other things except moral values. the teachers are forced to get admissions; its a pathethic and i hate myself to have wasted my time and energy with this group. people are sitting and eating the country’s future.

I’d like to know about Presidium Indirapuram too. How are they academically? Too much extra-curricular activities, it seems.
Plz share.

spent an year there, shocked with the system and its processes…not yet registered with CBSE only commenced verbally,if you ask for the registration no, they will ignore..


got admitted my kid to Presidium,Gurgaon…..confused….pls guide!

let your child complet this year… after a year, you will realize what foolish mistake you have done. this school promises big and delivers zero.. the teachers are actually dumbs. take their grammar tests and they will all flunk… i bet on that.


Can you explain why we should not choose presidium?

madhumai can pls give some reason regarding ur comment
my child is also in presidium i am thinking for pursuing also pls comment

want a feed back on presidium.pls let me know.

Dear All.
I have been skimming through the reviews posted by many people against PRESIDIUM & MOTHER”S PRIDE.

I disagree with all the points mentioned above . I would like to answer them one by one.
1) The children studying in Mother’s pride donot get admission in Presidium because mother’s pride is a playschool and Presidium is a formal school. Some parents would not so much liek a 2 year old going directly to a formal school so hence they have a option to put them in mother’s pride

2)There is no person by the name of Kamayani in ADMIN and there are many school who charge hefty amount in the form development charges (Donation)e.g Suncity School, Scottish high.

3)One always learn frm experience may be because of the negative feedback of the corporate discount scheme they didnot wanted to repeat that in Presidium

4)I beg to disagree reception areas in all branches of mother’s pride and presidium are huge n scottish high is there next door neighbour and the layout of both the receptions are different and the experience also. The lady sitting at scottish high reception is so rude and high headed unlike soft and gentle lady at the reception of Presidium

5)Mother’s pride has many branches in NCR and is quite popular unlike other schools whoa re silently workinga nd i donot see any harm in doing marketing if bigbrands like LIC n Amity for common wealth games are doing marketing whats the harm

Iam very happy with presidium as it is a new school not many people know about it. The best part of teh school is that they are not only concentrating on the curriculum but are also putting lot of emphasis in developing the LIFE SKILLS of the children , which are very very important.

Please write to me at if you have any questions

Thanks parenting fundas for all the reviews.

hi nidhi plz tell me if u know abt presidium is the schul is it worth to send my daughter to nursery in this schul….

dear monika

sorry no idea about dwarka but i blv presidium all over india wld work on same strategy!

Hi Monika,

My daughter is in presidium dwarka branch and is in 3 rd std. its her 2nd year in the school (we have come from Bangalore) and initially even i was disappointed with the school. I agree that the extra curricular activities are quite good and done in a professional manner but still the level of education was quite low.. I think that the disappointemnet was more to do with the fees.. our expectations increases when we pay more… however this year.. i feel they have increased the emphasis on studies and not only that i have started comparing other schools with presidium and realised that apart from admission fees.. the diff in fee structure comes to around 50k annually, but many other schools are much lower in academics and also do not pay attention to the kids as it is done in pres. eventually i am sending her there because i know that she will be safe, its a hygenic atmosphere which i did not find in many schools and she loves her school.. some how that 50 k is worth it.

Please understand development of life skills do not require school these days . Just give some time to your kid they will learn themselves . Rest may be some more part they can get from school . But essentially life is not just learning fluent english or dancing , singing specially for indian kids . The way we are moving in India the competition is tough . Please go and take survey of south indian schools like bangalore etc . They have only one target ie acadmics and I feel that is correct as what ever we are in India we are got to find a service to live . Life skills is always secondary in India and will always remain secondary .

I certainly disagree , The overall personality development is more important in today’s time. Certainly the development of life skills do not require school but the School is the place where Life Skills are inculcated in children.

what a narrow thinking mate, that is the reason India is lacking in sports because our kids are only bookworm…..

I fully agree with you

Hello Nidhi

My child is also in Mother’s Pride in Gurgaon.Good to heard the positive feedback of Presidium.Since this article is now 2 years old could u please share the latest feedback


ha ha ha… good joke…ha ha ha

@ KINDLY NOte- Comment no 8 – You can e-mail me at

I truly agree with what Nidhi says there is no harm if you are marketing through baby shows as you need to bring more children to your school ,My child also goes to Mother’s Pride Gurgaon and Iam satisifed as the confidence and discilpine ,I have seen in him in past 1 year is immense.There are things we teach at home but when we see that they have learnt it from school it makes a complete paisa vasool to us .Rest there are are many schools who takes donations and I have just heard school like Manav Rachna taking donations up to 2-3 Lakhs for a Nursery admissions .All schools are same minting money so please don’t write wrong things only for MP and Presidium .
Atleast the fee structure is almost the same for all these premier schools .

I have been reading the comments for long. Some says Paisa vasool, some says minting money. Some says the school is good, some says ‘please avoid’.
My question to all would be, what you actually want? If you all understand the child behaviour and physcology, they don’t require a good school name for honing their confidence. Home is the best institution. If your kid is smart, it’s just because you have raised him/her in that manner. I remember, when I was a kid and someone paid visit, we brothers and sisters were asked to be in another room and were asked to maintain silence. Today, when I am blessed with a daughter and a son, and someone pays visit, they are very much their, though in discipline. They play around and mix with the guests. This boost their confidence. Just one example. They are asked to do the things by their own. They are asked to go to shop and buy whatever stuffs asked. They go to playground, run, jump and slide. They watch TV and ask N number of questions. It depends how to answer them. All that is required is time. In todays time, how much quality time do we actually give to our kids when both parents are working? Was the education in our time so bad? I really doubt. If I remember, my batch mates, all are either engineers or doctors. Few would say, there are other professions apart from these two. I agree, but in the end who is more successful?
The important thing to understand is the education system. Earlier it was academics now we talk about overall development of the kid. Genuinely answer, do you think any institution, no matter how big or small it is, can groom your kid and enhance the overall personality in 1/4 of his total day time.
We are moving towards west but remember, the population of west is much lower than our country and they still immigrate qualified professionals from India. The kind of education system we are following now, west has been following it for ages and they don’t have qualified professionals. What an irony. 35% docs in America are Indians, 17% engineers in NASA are Indians, 56-62% IT professionals are Indians. End of the day when the Kid would be 19 and would be struggling to find place in the competetive world, it would be academics only. Every year the competition %age increases by 2%. Thanks to population. When every college/university is going for entrance tests and the cutoffs of the regular colleges are 99% imagine how the overall development would help you to achieve this goal when 50% of the school time goes in extracurricular activities. I am not against it. It’s just the right balance has not been striken yet. Education institutions are selling and just selling. The day is not far when school would focus on the extrovetness of the kid and parents would focus on the studies. Which should be other way round. Think how your kid woud react at the age of 13 when you would ask him to focus on his studies rather than going for a singing competetion or for playing a music.
No school is good or bad. No parents are good or bad. No kid is good or bad. All what kid requires is caring parents, kind teachers and helping hands. Also, it depends what kind of kid you have, extrovert or introvert. School checks kid before giving admission. hahahahahahaha and the parents are happy. I live with this irony coz this is how it has become. Thanks to economy, pocket size and parents without time.
All what I have written are my views and are not against anyone. Please take it sportingly. Thats what personality development is all about. Right?

yes i actually agree with all u have shared abt education system and todays we people should change our opinion and procedure of current admission procedure
but i also beileve that school play a important role to a development of a child
so not school but we parents should decide that which school will actually meet to our requirement (like distance from house and curriculum ) but unfortunately we people are doing nothing practically to change the system

wow!! fantastic lines.Each sentence teaches something and i have learnt a lot from it. I am a stressed out mom looking for nursery admission in Gurgaon for 2013-2014. Running from progressive schools to conventional schools, checking out reviews on net. im exhausted. finally narrowed down to 3 schools..and one among that is presidium coz of distance factor..

hi there- very sensible and really well written! all of ur points/thoughts are very logical and relevant in todays times- made me think twice too as i’ve just come back to india and find this crazy school/admission talk- all sounds more like “social chatter” rather than real time talk- most of it quite ridiculous! and yes i have to truly agree that parents are ready throw any amount of money- and so the schools charge crazy prices… 🙂 Nah! dont see no value story here i’d say!

i’m from an ordinary private school from a small town – was an average student- loved to have fun with friends, had a great family atmosphere, the usual haappy-go-lucky kid, and was very never fond of public speaking etc— well, have been all over the world related to my work, have big travel/investment plans for my business, all my batchmates from that school are in top jobs, investment banking, law firms, consulting, even artists- background editors/ assistant directors in bollywood- with mostly well settled personal lives- so i dont understand why paying a few lakhs admission fee, then a quarterly fee of 30K-50K— for a 5 year old- will teach her exceptional cursive writing or better addition/subtraction or teach her exceptionally better manners etc etc….??? absolutely nuts- these crazy education concepts that parents today have… 😉

one of the schools that i spoke to that quoted a quarterly fee of 67K- in gurgaon- was justifying that they have world class labs, and so on and so forth— but i kept asking why so high for my 5 1/2 year old- as they would not labs etc or quite a few of those things that they offered… no answers..just ridiculous amounts of money for a class 1 child!!

at the same time i’d like to say- that yes good schools definitely do help- but that does not necessarily mean that each n every student that goes to a top school comes out a winner in life…??? the home atmosphere, attitude/involvement of the parents, nature and aptitude of the child herself/himself matters a lot- and then yes the kind of teachers she/he meets along the way, and the circle of friends as they grow up… a lot comes from all these things, not that the best teachers are in the most expensive schools, the ‘best’ most brightest and most well-behaved kids are not only from the most top notch schools…!!

in fact i’d put my money into top notch universities- as that’s what really changes the game for your child…!! good luck parents 😉 and a bit of advice to those parents who feel bad that they didn’t manage to get their kids into the so-called best schools, either cz of finances or cz of no seats… trust me, your kids will be just fine even in average rated schools/local schools, and as brilliant as can be with the right attitude from you and the atmosphere around in their daily lives – lots of activities etc are nowadays learnt outside of school anyway- focus and perseverance will go a long way certainly… so have faith and dont burn that hard earned money away to these “money making institutes” with a very tiny value story!

i m fully agree with ragini bhartari and nidhi


Can someone guide me abt Presidium Gurgaon. How is the school ?


can any one tell me that new session 2011-12 schedule in Mother Pride.


Dear All.
Will strongly recommend not to put your child in Mother’s Pride Sec52 Gurgoan. Reasons Lack of experience teachers and staff, not ready to listen to your concerns or query instead they put all the fault on the child, they are bias if you have not put your child in presidium. Another laid back attitude is commercialization and marketing of presidium. They just get to your nerves for admitting your child in presidium and in 2years (my child did her pre and nursery here) i have not seen any “TIPS FOR HAPPY CHILDHOOD” by Mrs.Sudha Gupta being followed here.
PS: yes the only things were grand annual functions which also is a marketing platform for presidium which mother s pride is famous for.

why mother pride there are many other school like one example i remember that is amity pre wing amiwon where u put all ur effort and money to enroll and get admission there and after that even didi present in break time scold a 3 year child so badly that even any body can hardly understand
also the school behaves very rudely with parents that what is the surety that ones child will remain safe in there premesis .
even one of my freind told me that they even did n’t call her from school when her child got insured in school
if commericial is the question then i must say that each school is actually commercial but in different manner u only get know after experience the same

You are completely wrong Nitu!! Kindly dont generalise the comments.

why people r behind mother pride n presidium. No parents r forced to admit their chid to these schools. Every parent has right to selct school for their kids. My kid goes to MP and i find their is no such issues with them.

Nobody is after MP or Presidium, \When it comes to the matter of your child’s development and learning. You have all rights to question and you will definitely choose the best out of the rest. Someone who has to pay in lakhs will surely inquire and criticize.

which school your kids goes to

I strongly agree with Evneet points.

What you have written is wrong or may be not aware. kamayani was the lady from marketing during start of batch in 2010, who made lot of pomises to parents including ” Mrs. Sudha gupta will the Pinciple of the school” She will visit school regularly. Even she pointed towards the poster pasted at reception. Today the situation is that the principle hired is one of the branch coordinators from Mother’s Pride(Play School) Sector 5 branch. She is a good lady but have no experience from formal schools management. Also there is no good administrator and management. At reception is Ms. Ruksana, who does not know anything. So the kids studying there are at stake including my child. We are thinking seriously to withdraw our child from next session. Even all the sections in last session were not at equal level. Lot of doubts ? Increased the fee drasticaly this year. Stoped providing afternoon meal but no reduction in fee accordingly. Also there are other commercial offers available at school e.g. one time payment of around 14 lacs etc. School management is more into commercials than focusing on education of children. Heard (Not confirmed) that teachers are given taget to bring some minimum no. of admissions to their school.

you are very right. sudha gupta and her team is not interested in educating the children but setting the targets for the teachers. the one who gets more and more are offered thousands of gifts. This is a perfect example of business school.

Would request to Mrs. Sudha Gupta to work something and look personaly into Sector 57 Gurgaon Presidium branch otherwise we shall be forced to withdaw our children.

i called presidium ,sector 57, on 14.05.11,morning on the only no available in the newspaper ad in the times of india for summer camp.a very rude person called shilpa kaliya,business manager of the school answered and started shouting that how did i dare call her on a sunday morning.she was so rude and abusive that i did disconnected the this quality of people in a school and camp meant for children of impressionable age?how can we leave our children in such an enviorment and expect them to learn good manners.

then you should go to school like dps… they will not even let you inside the school on weekdays…. mate presidium staff is awesome…,please look into the matter if you r somebody responsible in presidium.

my child is studying at dlf branch Presidium…the lifts do not work and the kids of nursury and prep are made use the stairs and walk 3 floors…many times a day. There is no splash pool, activities like music, theatre etc for which we are charged a handsome amount…we have decided to take our kid out ASAP….we feel cheated!!!

My daughter is studying in the school since class nursery. she is now in 1st and I find the school quite good.. as for increase in fees structure I think all schools have increased their fee structure, the school still provides afternoon meals to nursery and prep students. even in grade 1 the school provides refreshments- mostly fruit or chips and biscuits during the 2nd break, the kids are required to bring their own lunch for the first break. I can’t comment on the level of studies for higher classes last year but I found the level of studies for prep and nursery as good as any other school- even the extremely academically oriented schools like a DPS or an amity…In 1st standard as well I find a good mix of academic and life skill development… they focus on phonics for english as well as making the kid fluent in conversational english… subject matter for other subjects is equally good and they have adapted the CCE pattern of CBSE education quite well.Even the focus on life skill development is appreciated. Yes I do wish they had more open space for the kids to play around in the open and I hope that they do expand their building .

I refer to Presidium sec 57 gurgaon and not the DLF branch

I richa, pls drop in you contact no on, would like to speak to you before its too late

My daughter was in Mother’s Pride play school in DLF-IV, then Presidium nursery and so on, now she is in Class II. Recently they have done away with formal subjects like EVS, Science and have introduced Theme Based Learning (TBL). I only hope it succeeds as it is a whole lot of readjusting for parents who have no books prescribed by the school to guide them. Also I do not see much extra-curricular activity- like I have never hea my child come and sing a good song from her music class or see any real activity as part of her club. A lot of it is about branding and external show than developing real quality in individual child.

please suggest if Presidium is right choice??

My kid is admitted to Presidium on 1-AUG-11 in Nursery but after reading u people’s comment i m quite confused…

Please suggest if Presidium was right choice ??
and leave a reply on

its my personal experience about presiduim, there is nothing special in this school.All promisis what they had done not fullfilled.Every thing is fake.All time they have done promise…promise…and promise, but never take any action.

last day there is rain dance held in the school, so teacher wants to bring extra pair of undergarments of children.But when my daughter came to home she didn’t wear any undergarment.When i talk to her teacher abt this she told me there is 25 student in the class and dosen’t look after all the children.And her behaviour is also rude for me.

I ve just admitted my daughter to prenursery presedium gurgaon pls genuinly suggest hw is the school

Hi, I hv enroled my daughter in presidium sec-57 in nursery for the 2012 batch. Pls give me an honest feedback about the school. I’m getting mixed review about the school bcoz of which m really confused.

Pls help …


Presidium Gurgaon 52 Sector is a big no . Please do not spoil your kids future . Printed syllabus and just pampering them as leaders will not help . until they learn academic well . They do not know how to teach senior classes . Good in playing but definetly lacking in academics .

please email me at, which school do you recommend in gurgaon…as we are also very much confused

thinking of getting my child admitted to Presidium for third grade.Please advise me…

bakwas school hai seriously…………not worth sending any child over there , as no focus on studies, more of extra caricular activity

same method schools follow in developed countries and they are developed in every area and we are only developed academic wise and still after our schooling and college we want to go to countries like USA, australia, canada or UK


m impressed with the infra of presidium indrapuram. Have to finalise on my boys admission there. Pls suggest. Also is any one aware of theirfree edu plan by paying 11.5 lac advance? Pls advic of th pros & cons of ths scheme n the school.

Hi All!
I read the above stated review; its true that Brand building is the main activity in Presidium n MP and I donot see any harm till its not the solo focus point and I feel there lies the problem. The promises they make are not converted in action. My child was a Mother’s Pride child and honestly speaking it was an amazing experience to watch her growing happily; thanks to her teachers. so after her preschool we decided to go for Presidium, but there we made the mistake. Presidium is not putting even iota of their philosophy in action. I m really disappointed the way they teach and treat child; most of the teachers are clueless. Fee is not the concern if you get the value for money; but it start pinching when your child is neglected even after paying so much. Moreover, as most of the teachers are from Ms. Sudha’s factory..oo.sorry..Academy,.. where they are promised two years of employment without being bothered about their standard and quality, so the teachers are there with their wards and TEACHERS WARDS are given preferences every where…. That’s so frustrating that despite your child being more talented the teachers ‘wards will lead —– just because her/his mother is a teacher in PRESIDIUM.

Presidium Sec-57 is worng choice…..


I am not satisfied with presidium indrapuram…bakwas schol hai

you are also not satisfied with this school….

presidium school sec 57..i had heard good reviews so had called to chek regard admission in the month of novmber later called in january 7th 2012 and 9thjan2012 to check regarding the forms and fees etc…i was amazed to listen the lady had my details though was like how many times u call…u have no work,,,come on ya.,what nonsense is this cant i call the school and check the details,,before i admit my child in school.the lady on 7838654109 was so rude an was like you think we don’t have your numbers..etc what kind of behavior is this. who would want to put the child in such kind of school where the staff has no discipline at all to talk.

Dear parents now days presidium principal is busy with interview. She don’t want to meet any parents.

Does anyone know anything about Presidium Ashok Vihar? I have admitted my daughter there, but have opted for her classes upto class 1 be taken from the Punjabi Bagh branch, where she is ging to Mothers Pride currently.

Hi all,
Is Presidium CBSE Affiliated? would like to know about it? Pls reply


shaily i m also looking frwad with the same question i f u confirmed with somewhere pls update me at


I am not satisfied with presidium Sec-57…

Hi, I’ve got my daughter admitted to Presidium, Indirapuram for session starting 2012 but am now worried after reading all the negative worries. Is there anyone whose kid is going to the Indirapuram branch, please let me know what are the problems with this branch. would really appreciate the help.

Hi Alina,
Reviews can easily confuse you to the core. I’ve also admitted my kid to Presidium, Indirapuram for the next session. I underwent a deep research and balanced out most of the factors as compared to other reputed schools.

– They have a well-defined and organized curriculum.
– The fee structure is a little high but when compared to other schools – donations & paying for any extra-curricular activity throughout the term, it comes around to the same or maybe more.
– Kids learn in every environment and for helping them out at every stage of their life; we as parents need to be the guiding force. You can’t expect all the faculty doting after your kid.
– There might be some issues which can happen everywhere and to which you can look for a solution too. It is not the end of the world.

So, have faith and look forward for a bright future!


Hi S. Kapoor,

really liked ur spirit, i have enrolled for sector 57 presidum. u knw m in mumbai & all the formalities are done by net,,,online..m also banking on the reviews itself…i hope for the best..

my kid went to nursery in indirapuram we got transferred so shifted to gurgaon branch.i must say it was very gud decision toput my child at indirapuram presidium.child is nourished wholeheartedly by the teachers.theyare really dedicated for the all round devolopement of the child.children grow beautifully.lets see hows the gurgaon branch.

Hi Tarun, I do not know why you feel this way, everytime i have gone to presidium i have been able to meet the teacher, academic head or the principal. It is the only school that has a smartboard in every classroom unlike other schools which have max 2-3 AV rooms. It has a tie up with Ryders for which they take no extra cost. The curriculum is created centrally by professionals. It is a school that cares , What more can we want as parents !!!

can somone tell me about presedium sec57 gurgaon, for class 2nd.which school is best in gurgaon pls help me

Presedium is d BST school… As mah nephew is studying in presedium ashok vihar . Dre is a prsn in my knwn whose daughter is stdying in p.sec 57..n she is fuly satisfied with d skull. U cn drop Ur num on my email.. so dt she cn tell u abt sec 57

I read whole discussion, and found we are not getting any positive response overall for Presidium.
My views:
My daughter studied at Mother’s Pride, Anand Vihar and the experience was awesome. Sometimes, I felt is it necessary to teach so much at such a tender age? But, later on I realised that was a true and fruitful base she got.. There, they never forced us to join Presidium later in Nursery.. The incharge conducted seminars and told about other schools as well.. They never criticised other school negatively.. We were well informed about what are the criteria, etc. It was clearly informed that we should apply to as many schools as possible. Parents also gave their respective comments on their experiences. In that process, we were informed about Presidium as well. No biased treatment.. May be this was their way of being Modest.
We had applied to few schools.. First experience was too bad with Amity, Vasundhara. We had submitted form fees and we got a particular date to visit.. It was like so and so date from 9:00 AM onwards. We reached there at 9:30AM. The reason why we got late was, we could not find the school. But, the staff denied to even talk to us even for a minute. We requested them, to just do the formailities and later obviously it is upto them to consider her for admission or not. BUT, THEY VERY RUDELY DENIED. What Rude behaviour was it.. They said : “It is ur responsibility to come early, if u did not know the location, u should have seen it before or should have moved very early.” We were surprised of their ATTITUDE. Immidiately, we decided This is not we want for our child. These days, kids already feel so much competition, and if Teachers are not like Mothers then, what impact will it have on kids….
So, we decided no more rejections and we got her admitted to PRESIDIUM, INDIRAPURAM. I must say, I did not find the quality of education what I expected, after when a whole year with Mother’s Pride. I feel they still are trying and testing. May be because PRESIDIUM is not affilitated with CBSE till now.. Which Hopefully, they will in coming year. Ashok Vihar , oldest branch is affiliated. I must say curriculum of Mother’s Pride was far much more better. Whole year of Nursery, kids learnt writing only small alpahbets. Writing of numbers 1-10, orally 1-30. Very few Rhymes are taught from the poetry books provided by school, written by Ms.Sudha Gupta. No competitions like Drawing, craft, quiz, fancy dress.. (All this was in Pre-Nursery, Mother’s Pride). I must say, I feel disspointed is because WE EXPECT MUCH MORE WHEN WE PAY SO MUCH.
But, One thing I must say- Staff at Presidium, Indirapuram is very cooperative, always smiling, veyr cheerful. We never see frowns on their faces. Security is Excellent. Amibience is excellent. Kids love Food. Kids love thier Teachers. EVEN if we want to change their school, they do not want to go. My daughter is very happy as she stood 1st in class.
Spoken English is very bad. No stress on 100% english.
AND WORST PART IS SCHOOL HAS INCREAED THE FEES THIS YEAR BY 20%. IT IS NOW TOO MUCH.this should be looked upon. I might change in Class 1, but not sure. Lets see. Overall.. School is good but not excellent as far I feel. May be in coming years it will be on top.

I am confused, on

hi neha
actually i m fully agreed with u the thing fortunetly but even i had the same experience abt presidium as well as with amity (amiwon) when went there for admission . it was not time issue but they were really rude not with us but with all parents who were sitting in the hall
also they treated all parents like if all come to them for begging or we were requesting for unaurthoized help…….
any way what i feel that we means all who actullly love some of qualities of presidium SHOULD talk to each other through mail or phone and jointly should apporoach to sudha gupta
if u agree pls contact me at

Neha, I doubt to understand why you are confused. You aren’t getting what you were looking for. Believe me, you won’t get in any of the present schools. Check for the quality of the teachers and teachers who actually knows their job. Don’t go with good food, infrastructure etc. etc. These are secondary. Rather selling elements. You won’t be pasting the pics of your kids school on facebook. Trying to add humour. If you have a heavy pocket, go for Sri Ram, Heritage, Matri Kiran etc.. you will get best of the infrastructure and extracurricular activities. If you are looking for academics, go for schools which emphasizes on studies. They would be preparing kids to fight competetive exams. Look for the kids crowd coming for middle or upper middle class families. Where they don’t flaunt gadgets, gizmos and cars unless you don’t want to grow your kid like that. Spend quality time with your kid and prepare the kid to fight the world. Teachers won’t teach them as they can never be their mother’s. You have one or two kids, they have to handle 30kids. How can you expect that they would be able to give personal attention.
I hope I was of some help.

absolutely …and i would say the perfect answer to all the parents who are confused for admissions and school …..For me also now it is very clear that if we cant chnage the things at least we can change the direction for best.


do anyone having idea about K R Mangalam south city 1 gurgaon. Please let me know if someone have reiview for this school.

I went to Presidium for my daughter’s admission. I told my daughter is mild autistic. They asked me to deposit 30 K as admission charges. No reciept was given. Later on neither they took my child nor returning my money…. Its an scandal. I was not given any receiept. Blind School administration want to have luxury on our hard earned. Money…Shame Presidiums..

Shameless ladies, please return my money. You always threat me if I ask my own money. You all are politically powerful and get me killed even but as a father of two daughters want my money back. I am taking you Goondagardi seriously. My death will have impact on you.

Hi, please let me know your feedback on Sec 52 Mothers pride gurgaon. I am hearing many negative comments.

my children are stduying in presidium ip, i have experience of nur-class. i have the same option that infrastructure is good, teaching staff good, adnministrative staff esp reception not so good though improving. but they lack in extra curricular what i feel they only boast not really apply that but chidlren love to go school and study . i dont know why that made me confuse

Mother’s Pride is too too commercial, it corrects its like doing a business deal over the table. Iam not comfortable just chasing and teaching my child just chasing money.

i had read all the comments or feedback or review.. agree with Neha Mehrtra…but i think all parents have different views and their thinking…some parents wants good studies some says about gud activities…but i think that its only depend on our kid that how much he/she capable of adapting today’s atmosphere which is totally different from our school time…as far as concern with mother’s pride ..i was happy with that n satisfied and now my daughter is in presidium indrapuram in prep n now i m making some differences with other schools regd studies…is they r slow or fast in studies?
but i m satisfied with the activities they hav…plz share ur views…

“Presidium is one of the worst school i have ever dealt with. It should really review its marketing process. I had approched to school to have a look at it for admission of my son. Marketing person asked me to deposit Rs 2000/- to reserve a seat which actually i had no intension to reserve but it was insisted by Presidum’s market person that it is totally refundable within a weeks time so i did it. But to my surprise, when i went there i had been told it will take one month and cheque will be sent to your address. However even after 6 months (14-Jan till date), that day has yet to come. I have visited several times to Presidium sec 57 and completed all formalities (filling withdrawal form, writing applications for refund etc) but the day is yet to come. I have also been getting offers for some deposit (Rs 10 lacks to 15 lacks like banks) to get free education of child’s education but that refund is never entertained.

I have spent more than Rs 2000 and valuable time to chase Presidium on this.

In my opinion, any institution acting like this may be a good source of earing money by unfair means but never become a place to gain good values by childrens and i do not think one can ‘be what one wants to be’.

So be carefull before taking any impotant decisions in this regard

Hi All,

I read all the comments some are positives and some -ves. Recently i visited Presidium , Sec-57 for my kid to enroll into this school. I would say fees structure is very high. I don’t have much information right now because i only had a discussion with the business development manager over there but she explained the things in very polite way. But still reading all your views i am confused what needs to be done. Please anyone give me true feedback about this school.


hi all,
I just visited the presidium school gurgaon few days back.Everyone were sweet and friendly.The curricullum they showed were child friendly .All private schools are commercial thesedays . Most of my friends say tht this school is for working parents who have no time for child’s homework …….. i am a homemaker and have ample time for my child but i do not want to stress my child unnessesarily…….

stupid discussions

Hi all,
What’z ur opinion for Presidium school, Ashok Vihar?

Hi Seema

I stay in Gurgaon and my child goes to Presidium school here, I must say I am really impressed with how they manage everything starting from communications with parents to curriculum of students.

What I really like about Presidium is that other than the basic academics, the school indulges children in various extra-curricular activities. Both I and my wife are working and we are not able to give that much time and attention to our son’s activities in school. But that day when he showed us his projects and participations we were really proud of him. A big credit goes to school.

can anyone guide me about performance of presidium sector 5. I have been offered seat there. wanted to know if these guys meet their promises in terms of extra curriculum activities (skating, dancing, music) for nursery

Hello All,
Presidium schools are teaching what not to both my children. Touch wood both my sons are good in studies, but what is surprising me is the other activities they are participating and winning trophies and medals. This one thing I really like about the school is that they are giving children a big platform to practice their extracurricular skills and motivate them to do better and better.

We just moved to Delhi and my big headache is over as I took the decision of getting my child into Presidium school. My child has been so happy, made new friends and loving the school. I appreciate their standards of curriculum.

The curriculum of Presidium is simply amazing. They are so interactive that my child could just learn anything now in no time. I must confess that I am really impressed by the teaching methods. Great Job Presidium!

Anyone looking for a Day care for your child ??
Try BITSY BOOTS in sector 57
They are open 24/7 and accept kids from 6 months onwards

Anyone wants to nurture their child in good care and love. Can contact Day Care Center ‘The Family Tree’ . Limited seats available. Age above 6 months onwards
Mob 9555222462

hi think presidium is best….

The PTM of Presidium School where my son goes is really very helpful. I get a chance to interact with his teacher often because of this and the insight I get is helping me a lot to take proper ways to teach him at home too.

Riya kumari i agree wtih you. because I feel glad my child goes to Presidium school. It has a good name. But what I like best is the teaching standards and TBL, PBL methods of teaching in the curriculum. I am happy my child is in good hands.

hello riya right baby,…..
What I really like about Presidium school where my child studies is that it is always there not only in all the district and zonal competitions but also many national championships. I dint earlier know but this school is really one of the best in India.

Presidium has made my daughter much more confident and seeing her win so many contests makes me all the more grateful for the exposure and motivation she gets at school.

It was a memorable moment to see my son Divyam win a Silver medal in the Skating Competition held at Ashok Vihar branch. Tnx…. Presidium

Attention all parents of toddlers, if you are working in shifts and are looking for an alternative for babysitting, well I am glad to introduce a Day and NIght child care.
Its address is in Gurgaon sector 57 sushant lok 3.My little one also goes here.

Check their facebook page here:

Hello ,
Can anyone guide me about performance of presidium Gurgaon- sector 5.

It’s been 3 years since I got my child admitted in Presidium. The faculty there is qualified and supportive. My experience has been good till now, touch wood!

Respected Sir/Mam Myself sheela kataria.l want to join your school as a teacher.I live in gurgaon village,near community centre, sec-5,part-6,gurgaon.haryana.l had passed b.ed after graduation.I request you to give me a chance to prove myself. Thank you.

Hello all, I attended the Positive Parenting session by Mrs. Sudha Gupta (chairperson) and it was really helpful. Now I understand my child’s frustration and why he became quiet at home. I guess I was making a lot of unreasonable expectations out of him and restricted him way too much from playing with his friends. I will surely apologize to him and be less controlling. Equal time should be given to studies and playing. A special thanks to Sudha Mam!

I study in Presidium, IP. We got the opportunity to attend the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra that gave a priceless performance. The musical pieces of Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky, among others were astonishing. I’m very grateful to presidium & the teachers there for giving me this opportunity to attend this function at Siri Fort Auditorium.
Mann Narang, Grade IX

Sannidhya won in MAARS spelling bee national championship
My daughter Sannidhya Gupta of Grade 4, Presidium Gurgaon won the 1st prize in MAARS spelling bee national championship and is now been selected at the International level. This is such a big achievement for all of us. All the credit goes to her teachers. A big thanks to them for encouraging Sannidhya to take up such opportunities. I am so happy!
-Mrs. Sonali Gupta (mother of Sannidhya)

When is the last date to register my kid for summer camp, Dwarka-22 branch? Please reply.

I have earring problem my daughter janmika mahadevan Now she was is two years back presidium nobody helping to teach

Play school like Blooming Buds in Gurgaon aim at all rounded development of a child at a tender age. They include physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of child.

Dear parents
Please give me some review of presidium Gurgaon. Why is it not a sought after school by parents??

Based on some of the reviews on this school, I also chose presidium Dwarka for my 4 year old daughter. Couple of months later, my husband got transferred to another country because of which we had to request for withdrawal. The school authority made us run from pole to post for our own hard earned money. We chased them for over 3-4 months for a full and final settlement but they kept ignoring. Even after leaving from India, I continued to follow up with the school head (Nidhi) and accountant Sanjay but without much success. 5 months later, after several emails, phone calls, the school accountant transfers an adhoc amount to my bank account after deducting almost 70% of the total fees and never gave us any explanation. They charged us for the books which were never given to us either. They are a bunch of highly unprofessional people robbing money from innocent parents. Please beware!

Hello everyone,
Pls suggest me about the presidium school. We r shifted in Raj Nagar Ext Ghaziabad. We are in big dialimia after reading all d comments. One more branch is open in raj Nagar Ext. So Pls suggest its right decision to take the admission of my daughter in grade 1

Wht abt the 10th result in this school.

Presidium school Gurgaon reviews, Fees structure 2016 and other details at SchoolWiser.

Hello All

I just want to ask one thing that do Presidium have any bond system to pay the fee of a student for whole session….. the amount of that bond is 11lacs paid in3-4 installments….and once your child is passed out (12th)….you will get 25lacs….I heard the same from one of my friend and it was quite shocking for me

Pls revert on the same

Thanks & regards

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