Review of iDiscoveri Preschool, Gurgaon

Posted on: March 14, 2010

iDiscoveri Preschool and Daycare

Location : (Near Shaheed Bakthawar Chand Chowk), Nursery School Site (Adjacent park), Sector 46

Postal Code : 122002

Telephone : +91 9212804500/9818208833

Location 2 : Park View City 1, Sector 48,

Sohna Road

Postal Code : 122018

Telephone : +91 124 4307520/4307521





iDiscoveri believes in one motto – “Every child is a star” and that is evident from the way they treat kids. Just like a star. This pre-school has a three hour program for toddlers where they tend to learn and absorb quite a lot. The kids first go to their respective classrooms and place their bags and water bottles in their respective places that have their names imprinted on it. This way they tend to recognize their names slowly (through daily repetition) and by the end of the month or two, try and keep their things there.

(Having individual cubby holes with their names also ensures that the school follows the concept of maintaining the student teacher ratio to 15:1.)

Then comes the task of putting today’s day and date on a small board followed by weather. Though you might feel that it is too early for them to learn about day and dates (and weather would be last thing on your mind!) but the school believes that through repetition, they would get a fair amount of idea of all this. This may take time (a month or maybe more) but if your kid imbibes just 50% of what they are trying to teach, that’s more than enough.

Another thing that I really about the school is – their green and environment friendly approach. All classrooms have different coloured three dustbins for bio-degradable wastes and other waste. All the children are taught to put the respective waste in its dustbin. And instilling this habit at this tender age would be a great step to a greener environment.

The school also gives kids a chance to explore themselves. There are separate corners for reading, writing and maths in the room. Depending upon what the child’s interest is the child is given a chance to explore it. Every week the assessment is sent to every parent for the child’s progress.

In a bid to hone their physical skills, the school also has a jungle gym, a sand pit and most interestingly – the kitchen garden with small water tumblers. Each child gets a chance to be close to nature and explore the way the small “baby” seeds develop and blossom into “big” plants. The concept is wonderful.

The pre-school also gives a lot of emphasis to dance and music. Once in every week, the kids are taken to music and dance room, which is on first floor, and given a chance to dance in front of mirrors. The floor also has a play den area, which houses a miniature kitchen with small utensils, a replica of refrigerator, toy cars for boys, doll house for girls and much more.

They also have a day care facility (where the kids get to sleep on small beds) till 5:30 pm and serve food there. After coming back from this school, I actually felt that all the three hours that my kid will spend there, he would be well taken care of and would learn immensely. Not like other schools, where they fail to tell details about their delivery mechanism system and you keep asking, “ What will you do in 3 hours?”

I would love to hear views of all other parents who have sent their kids here. I am highly impressed by this pre-school in Gurgaon. I went to see the Sector 46 branch and the principal’s name is Shalini ( a wonderful, gracious lady, who herself took the pain to tell us about all the aspects of her school). Most other schools I have been to usually task junior teachers to do so. They also have a branch in Sohna Road in Bestech city. I have yet to see this school. I would like to hear views of all the parents who have put their kid here.

A bit more about the school.



The iDiscoveri XSEED preschool curriculum, XSEED is scientifically designed keeping in mind how each child can learn best. It is built around the most recent evidence from child psychology, brain based research and experience of leading practitioners.

The curriculum draws from Western and Eastern educational philosophy, like the works of Sri Aurobindo, Howard Gardner, J.Krishnamurthy, Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori and most importantly our own work with children over the last decade.

The curriculum integrates children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

Theme based learning: Children learn better when they can make connections between what they know and the knowledge being imparted to them.

Fee Structure

Though on the higher end, but it will be worth.

  1. Admission form – 500 ( One time)
  2. Admission fees – 6000 ( One time)
  3. Administrative fees – 1500 ( yearly)
  4. Event charges reimbursement – 450 ( quarterly)
  5. Activity and stationery charges reimbursement – 500 ( monthly)
  6. Tuition fees – 3900 ( monthly)
  7. Transport – upto eight kms – 1650 ( monthly)


This is the search for my best pre-schools in Gurgaon. And iDiscoveri pre-school Gurgaon is definitely in the list.


14 Responses to "Review of iDiscoveri Preschool, Gurgaon"

Many Thanks for your review

just wanted to point out that the student teacher ratio is 1:10
2 mentors and 1 maid with 20 students in a class


Hi Shalini
Thanks for adding up to the review..I was told the student teacher ratio wld be 15:1 , hence wrote that 🙂 It would be really wonderful if its 1:10 !

Can you please tell me its only pre school or upto which class they serve.

Most pre-schools have classes till Nursery as thereafter most parents plan to out their kids in a formal school. Even this pre-school have classes till Nursery.

In response we have the folllowing classes:-
Toddlers 18 months to 2 years
Play Group 2-3 years
Nursery 3-4 years
Kindergarten 4-5 years

Shoudl you have any further clarifications please feel free to call me at the above numbers
Shalini Gauba

Dear Ms Gauba,

, do you have any tie up with Idiscoveri K 12 schools, after children finish their kintergarten….



Dear Saurabh

After Kindergarten the parents have to exercise their choice as to which school they want to join
No we do not have any tie ups with any school and iDiscoveri does not have any K-12 school in Gurgaon of their own and at present we are only running preschools


Shalini Gauba

Dear Shalini,

Thanks for the clarification. However I did visit the Park View IDiscoveri , and was given to understand that the Principal was working on a tie up with schools..
Is it also true that there may be problem with other schools accepting transfer certificates of preschools?



Dear Saurabh

As of now we do not have any tieups and if Parke View has informed you that we are looking for tie ups that is without any liability on us as there might be and there might not be
At iDiscoveri Sector 46 we do not have any tie ups with any K-12 schools as of now and we will not comment or confirm the same
As and when and if we have any tie up we will certainly inform the parents


The 4th Annual Event of iDiscoveri Preschool SECTOR 46 GURGAON
on the 27th of November 2010 at 1130 hours
“The Child who Loves Colours”
for INVITES please send request mail to

iDiscoveri XSeed Preschool Sector 46 Gurgaon now brings you the Daycare facility for your kids between the age of 2 years to 8years.
Lil’Sprouts Daycare at the iDiscoveri XSeed Preschool is an after school programmes for kids which provides a comprehensive childcare catering to the physical and the emotional needs of children through:
• A warm, friendly and safe environment for every child to grow
• A clean, hygienic and spacious place for your child to play and rest
• Learning through fun, games, art and craft, cooking and music
• Age appropriate toys and activities to allow the child to explore their creative side
• Both Indoor and Outdoor playtime each day to sharpen their observation skills and express themselves freely
• Carefully cooked and planned nutritious meal for children
• Drop facilities
• Day to day parent interaction about the child development
• Trained teachers and maids to take care of the children
The Daycare will run on all days Monday through Friday and Saturday (Extra charges) and will remain open except during the government holidays or the festival holidays. The Daycare will function even during the long school holidays.
Send your queries and feedbacks at or call Jolly at 9818252654

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This is to share feedback with respect to accessibility or availability of XSEED books on the scenario of lost/stolen books.
XSEED books are supplied only through school management and if school management is unresponsive towards organizing replacement for lost/stolen books then it is very hard to to get XSEED books through any other source unlike many other ICSE/CBSE books are found in known book shops or order online.
Please consider this as feedback regarding challenges faced by parents on accessibility or availability of XSEED books in the information age (21st Century parents who order many educational materials online).

hi shalini,

I would like to know one thing. My kid is going from LKG to UKG. so will he be able to join your school for an year before his 1st standard? But he is 5 years already. Is that ok? this is because he is march born.

Let me know


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