Is it possible to successfully potty train a child before she is 2 years old?

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Mommy no. 1 : Sure its possible. They can be trained when they begin to walk and take their pants off. My kids were both potty trained at two…. I was potty trained at 12 months and my sister was 18 months. Currently people are a little lazy and its easier to put their toddler in diapers until they are 3 or 4 rather then put in some effort to potty train their children. Back when cloth diapers were used parents had their kids trained at very young ages!

Mommy no. 2 –

Had my son potty trained by 1 1/2 yrs. and completely out of night time pullups by a little over 2. He wore the pull ups at night, but never wet the bed, it was a “just in case thing”. I have always been told that girls are easier to potty train than boys, I don’t know from experience on that one though.
My son loved the fact that he had cool big boy underwear, so make sure you take her to pick out her own. She will feel independent, like a big girl, and want to go potty because of it. There’s also a good book that was great. It is called “It’s potty time” I bought it at WalMart for $7.00, but helped with making my son want to go potty. Even has a little button that sounds like you are flushing the toilet. Good Luck! =)
Mommy no. 3 My oldest daughter was almost fully potty trained (except from naps and bedtime) at age 2. However, we got a foster placement of a 9 month old and she quit trying completely! AHH!!!
Mommy no- 4

While a few babies are clearly ready and able this early, for most toddlers, ‘potty training’ turns out to be either ‘mother training’ (noticing when she’s about to pee/poop and rushing her to the potty), or simply keeping her sitting on the pot so long and often and you manage to ‘catch’ most of it.

Is SHE interested? Does SHE want to use the potty/wear undies? Is she dry for several hours at a time? Can she manage her own clothing with minimal help? Is she aware of at least the feeling that she IS peeing? (Ideally she needs to be aware of needing to go.) If so … by all means give it a try. You may be lucky. If not, or if you try and make no progress in a few days, forget about it for a few months. There’s no rush, and a child who is *ready* should be making good progress within a week or so.

Mommy no. 5 – It’s possible, each child is different and will be ready when they are ready. My daughter is 28 months and I am only just about to start, I am not lazy as another answerer said, my daughter wasn’t ready before now. I have read several books on the subject and it seems that 2 and a half is the perfect age. A child under 18 months cannot control their bladder and a child under 12 months certainly cannot do it. Parents who scoop up their child and plonk them on a potty as they are about to wee doesn’t count as being potty trained! Some children aren’t ready until 3 or even 4. See how your little one is, if you think she isn’t ready wait a few weeks and try again.

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