Why This Blog?

Posted on: February 22, 2010

About My Passion For Blogging

I started blogging way back in 2003 with a blog on rediffblogs. That was a time when blogging was just introduced in India and was a craze among those who loved writing. And for a person like me, who has always maintained a dairy, (as far as I can remember from 5th class onwards), blogging was a way to express my daily rants and raves.  

Blogging In Its Initial Days

I had so many blog friends, almost of same age group, who would update their blogs daily and wait for comments. There were times when one would get as many as 50 comments in just one hour. The whole blogging phenomenon was becoming an addiction (just like Twitter and Facebook are now). One would write a post on anything, be it your love life, your work, anything amusing and your blog friends would simply come and write their views on it. You reply to them and so on. No one knew of google ads thenJ. It was simple pure pleasures of anonymity.

Unlike today’s time, blogger in 2003, use to decorate their blogs, with sparkles, animated cursors, chat boxes, songs, texts appearing as footnotes, blog stats and much more! Even I learned html just for the sole purpose of decorating my blog! One use to add friends in blogroll (just as today) and wait for posts. And if a person failed to update his/her blog for more than a week, everyone use to literally write on his comments seeking a post!

Bloggers Meet

While all this while I was in a small town, people in metros, mostly Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore etc were actually meeting in real world as Delhi Bloggers Meet. There were photographs of the meet and it use to be fun to see the faces in real.

I even know of a couple who got married through blogging. I wont reveal the names but as far as I remember, they must have been the first ever couple who met in blogsphere and tied the knot.

Famous Bloggers Then and Now

It was also the time when Indian’s most loved author Chetan Bhagat had come out with his first book “Five Point Someone” and was heavily into blogging. I remember his blog title on rediff was fpstwins ( it doesn’t exist any more..he has migrated to his website) and we use to share one to one comments with him. I even remember he wrote about how he managed having twin babies and waking up all night. It was the time when his twins were on their way into this world and he posted cute pics of their feet!

My Earlier Blogs

I have come a long way..ever since my first blog ( parts of which I deleted ( don’t ask me why!) . Meanwhile, I completed my PG in Journalism and Mass Communications, worked with Times of India, writing from Outlook magazine, Press Trust of India, Tribune, Sahara Times, The Hindu newspaper and many more. Then got married to an army guy and got posted to Srinagar.

After Marriage

After I tied the knot, blogging took a back seat for a while (due to non-availability of internet in J&K) but then maintained another blog ( – which was an attempt from my side to write down my experiences as an army wife.

Journey To Mommyhood

I decided to take life a step ahead and plunged into motherhood. But not every experience of being a mother is unique. I first became pregnant in 2006 and was detected with pre-eclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) or high blood pressure in pregnancy. That was the time I really started searching on internet on every aspect of pregnancy, PIH and remedies to control it. The entire nine months were rocky with me being admitted to army hospital several times and coming back home when my blood pressure became normal.

First Pregnancy

I was induced on June 25th 2006 but as fate would have wanted, my baby’s cord was tied around the neck and she suffered from acute asphyxia. That was the only time in my life when I felt really helpless as I had to stay in hospital for about a month fighting for my baby girl’s life. I tried to write an account of myself and my baby’s agony on a blog which can be found here ( ) I still cry whenever I read it.

Second Pregnancy

Lost Sharanya on July 23, 2006. Since life had to move on we decided to give parenting another chance and tried for Intra Uterine Insemination ( IUI), nine months later. That was the time when I turned to Yahoo Answers for every damn thing that came to my mind regarding pregnancy, child birth, pre-eclampsia, IUI, hypertension, trying to conceive and much more.

Why Yahoo Answers

The best part about yahoo answers was – you post a question in respective section and there are several moms and experts who are reading your question and they reply immediately. Most of them had been through similar experience; hence they would give accurate and most unbiased answers. In this blog I have tried to put all my Yahoo Questions and Answers in one category (there are about 100 of them I guess), so that moms like you could benefit from the same.

Handling My Toddler

Now that God has blessed me with a 2 year old baby, I still frequent yahoo answers, but find that the information on it is very global and non-India centric. Though an Indian parent can find ample information on pregnancy, baby, infants etc but there is hardly any information on ages beyond 2.

Why This Blog

At the age of 2 and above parents usually look around for questions like What are the best pre-schools in their city? What is the fee structure of those schools? What are the reviews? Should I send my child to pre-school so soon?

Very few Indian sites provide this information. And this blog..and subsequently my website, will try to answer such questions.


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