Three Month Old Baby Putting Fingers In Mouth

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Answers 1
ha! I think its the cutest thing as my 2.5 month old tries to get BOTH her fists in at the same time!
We actually have an ultrasound picture with her fist in the mouth.
Even after I am done feeding she does this but I know she is full…she’ll only puke if I feed her more so away she goes on the fists! We have tried soothers but she hates them…so back to the fists for her! She doesn’t seem agistated, more like its something to do…”look Ma…two fists in my mouth!”
I sucked my thumb as a child and everyone is shocked as my teeth a perfect, so why be worried?
She’s having fun :o)
its normal…
Answer 2

my son used to do that all the time and now at 11 months old..he still does it but only when he is eating..he feeds himself and he likes to suck all the goodies off his…

But its perfectly normal..

she might have also started teething..when my son started doing this about a month and a half later his first 2 teeth came..

By all means let her keep doing it. I would be concerned if a baby didn’t do this. They are discovering their hands and mouth and need to pacify a sucking urge. She could also be starting to teeth. Mine did that for the entire time she eas getting teeth, beginning to end.
Answer 3
My son was doing this, and I asked the PED about it.. she said it was COMPLETELY normal and that a majority of babies do it.. it’s just your little one discovering her hands.. but shortly after this, she’s gonna start putting everything in her mouth, so watch what you leave around her.

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