Mothers Crying While Giving First Shots To Your Baby

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Last time I cried when my lil baby was given her first DTP shot. She screamed like never before. Was in fever and cried and had bad pain even after Tylenol. I am again going for her shots today and wonder if I wd be able to control myslef from crying. Can I do anything else to comfort her. I give her Tylenol before the shot, pamper her, offer her my breast most of the day ( she loves to suck) but still she is under so much pain that she hardly opens her eyes for next 24 hours of shot and remains very fussy and cries often. I hate to get her vaccinated but I know I have to..

Answer 2:


hey…I cry all the time…thank god it is all over now…you wont believe me I got tears while reading your question too…I cant stand babys crying…ooh poor babies…I always think that somebody some day should invent a medicine (may it be a shot) that has to be taken by the mother while she was pregnant to avoid all those diseases for babies in future….hope somebody will really do that….I wouldnt mind taking 30 shots per month….but I cant see babies crying…
Answer 3 –
yes i cried too it is the worst feeling in the world knowing ur child is in pain and there is nothing u can do about it.
are you sure you are giving her enough tylenol?? and regularly fo 24 hours after?

try swaddling the was the best result for me. it would make my daughter quit crying instantly.

Answer 4 –
The first time my husband and I brought my son in and my husband held him (there was no way I could watch them sticking my baby), but they made me hold his leg down, but told me when to look away. I felt like the biggest baby ever bc when he started whimpering I started bawling, but I had to get over it…2 mo, 4 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo, 15 mo, 4-6 yrs…good god…too many sticks for me to cry about! Now with my new baby I had to bring her in myself (yes – I had to prepare myself for possibly having to actually SEE them doing it), but I held her and just turned my head. Luckily neither of my kids react to shots at all, really.
But I always prepare to baby them for the next few days. It sounds like you are doing what you should be. Depending on the shots, they tell you to do warm or cold compresses, too, but you have to ask to make sure when and what temp.
Not all vaccines will cause the same symptoms afterwards. It is hard but remember it is your job just to act like its all going to fine and then comfort her. If you get all worked then it just confirms her fears that something is wrong and things are not okay. I have gone through it with 3 and I dreaded it for a week before every vaccination appointment but you just have to learn to get that reassuring mom voice and face and stay calm despite what you feel like on the inside.
Oh yeah, I cry every time. In fact it takes all my strength just to hold back from smacking the nurses out of the way 🙂 I know I am doing this to prevent her from suffering certain diseases, so I just remind myself of this. The nurses are used to seeing this emotion from mothers, so don’t be embarrassed. The thing that I found that helped the most for me was I would give a dose of Tylenol beforehand to help take the edge off, then I would breastfeed her IMMEDIATELY after the shots, because nothing offers more comfort. If you are breastfeeding, then just do that as much as she wants during the time frame after wards, and know that you are a wonderful mom!!
Answer 5
Yes, I did with all my kids cause I know how much it hurts. Infact this might sound silly but I think I get more upset then they do.

I did found out a trick though. When she is about to get her shots breast feed or give her a bottle then they don’t really notice the shots.

My fourth one was really fussy after all her shots but Its only a couple years thens its all over with till Jr. High so relax a take a deep breath.

All us moms cry we just can’t stand anyone hurting our babies.

Answer 6

Omg..when my son was only 4 days old we had to take him back to the hospital because he kept throwing up his poor baby had to get an IV and it took them 3 attempts until they finally got his vein..each time they slid the needle through his hand it lasted at least 5 was horrible..i wanted to slap that nurse for not getting his vein the first time..i had to go outside the room because i couldnt stand was the worst experience ive been through..hes almost 2 months now and im dreading the fact that he’s going to start his vaccinations soon..

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