I am few weeks pregnant and feel very very sleepy, which makes it hard for me to work. Any suggestions?

Posted on: February 19, 2010

writing work demands stories as per deadline..but i feel so sleepy as the pregnancy progresses..tried the small naps..drinking water..and even logging in to yahoo answers..:-) but cant control sleep and lazyness. anyone facing similar situation? What all shd i do?

Answers – 

This is normal. I was very tired and slept whenever i could. Its hard because you cant take any meds that can help you stay awake. i would talk to your doctor and he may be able to reccomend something. ask if energy drinks are ok. Trust me if your only complaining about being tired, just wait…you will really be complaining at the end. Then you wont be able to sleep at all b/c u will be uncomfortable all the time. Your boss wont let you write at home on your own time? When is your maternity leave? u may want to talk to your boss and see what the situation is and if you can re-arrange ur schedule. Stress and not enough sleep are no-no’s when carrying a baby. Get this straightened out before you do damage to your lil’ one. Ask for time off. I dont know your circumstances so i cant give u a ton of info. wheres the babys dad? can he pick up another job so you can cut back to part time? good luck

  • The occasional bouts of tiredness you experienced in your first month may now give way to total exhaustion. Last month you wanted to rest; this month you have to rest! Your hours of rest must increase. If the time is not spent sleeping, at least you may need to be off your feet.

    Many women describe this fatigue as “bone-deep.” This feeling is nature’s way of compelling a busy woman to slow down and direct her energy where it is needed. You may find that you have to walk more slowly and you get out of breath more easily, even during normal walking. For your own sake and your baby’s, listen to your body’s message and rest as much as you can. If you have a demanding job, a demanding spouse, or a demanding toddler, leave work early, order take-out, or plug in the Sesame Street videos and sack out on the couch

  • The joys of the first trimester. You just have to try to get through it the best way you can… it’s hard because you don’t really tell a lot of people you are pregnant until 3 months. Keep in mind that you can drink a cup of coffee per day… not sure if you already do. Caffeine during pregnancy is okay as long as it’s under a certain amount and you don’t overdo it. One thing to look forward to is the burst of energy you get in your 2nd trimester. The only advice I have is to get to bed early and make sure you get 8+ hours of sleep. Napping wasn’t my think either… it’s nearly impossible. KJ

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This is a natural part of pregnancy. Notice the times you have more energy and write during those times. Hopefully, you work from home and can rearrange your schedule to include little naps and write in the moments that you can’t sleep. Often, this will be at night, when you just can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Let your body guide your work schedule and don’t fight it.

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