I am 11 and a half weeks pregnant and feeling a starnge prick like pain in my left nipple. It is very

Posted on: February 19, 2010

puss moving in a wound. Its painful and I am not able to sleep. Please help what to do, Its 4 am in the morning here and cant call my doctor yet for this problem.
The nipple is also hard but i think hardness if ok. I am very uneasy. Any remidies.
PS: Its my second pregnancy after 9 months of losing my first baby. Anything to do with milk formation in glands?


Well milk doesn’t normally ‘form’…it mostly comes in after the baby is born. I would think that the pain is probably caused by the hormone changes in your body. My breasts usually experience quite a bit of strange pain etc whenever I am pregnant. As for the hardness, yes that is normal when you are pregnant. Usually when I am pregnant I walk around with constant hard nipples. (tmi I know)

ps. I recently just lost a baby at 12 wks. I’m sorry that you had to experience a loss.

  • So sorry about your first baby. There is probably till some milk in there and that could be pretty painful especially since your body didn’t get rid of the last batch before it started making more. Since you are pregnant right now I would say you could go either hot water bottle or cold compress whatever works for you. Or you could use a wash cloth in hot or cold water. I hope this has helped you and Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I do know painful nipples if very common with pregnancy. However, pain so great to cause sleeplessness seems abnormal to me. Maybe a warm compress could help until morning, at which time you will call your doctor. In the meantime, here is a website where you may have more luck finding answers to your OB/GYN questions. It’s one of my favorites.


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