Did any of you breastfeeding moms altered thier diets drastically to suit baby's needs?

Posted on: February 19, 2010

My doc told me to eat EVERYTHING, just to avoid spices. However my mom in law and all other aunts at my place say its bad to eat green leafy vegs ( they say they cause stomach pain to my she is VERY gassy) , to avoid nuts, and so many other things…What all you ate and avoid?? pls share your experiences. thanks
 haven’t avoided anything and my 3 month old was gassy when he was first born. He’d also been introduced to the bottle first and was sucking air as he got used to the breast. He had a bit of nipple confusion, but we fixed that after I was able to bring him home. I do also have a bit of overactive letdown, but I’ve been able to keep that at bay now and he isn’t having problems with gas anymore. Is she nursing well, or could she be sucking in a little air while she eats? One step ahead sells a product called Happi Tummi that worked wonders for us.…
To address the food issues, broccoli, cabbage, beans, etc (anything that makes us gassy may cause the same in baby) CAN cause baby to become gassy. I eat them all and spicy food also. One thing you can do is eliminate them from your diet a few days and reintroduce them one by one and see if she becomes gassy or not. You could either write it down in a notebook, or right on the calender (I write everything on mine). You could also go on eating as you are and write down what you’re eating and when she’s gassy. You’ll notice if she’s only gassy when you eat brocolli, etc. If she’s frequently gassy, you may want to try the first method.…
Now, to address peanuts and nuts. I’ve found that esp if you have a family history of peanut allergies, they should be avoided. Some countries recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid nuts and peanuts. There is so many foods cooked in peanut oil, etc that I’d find this to be very hard. Had I’d known ahead of time, I may have considered it, but he’s already been exposed.……
If you go all the way down to the bottom of the kellymom link I gave you, it talks of peanut allergies and provides additional links. I do watch my fish intake and there is some controversy as to whether or not the FDA recommendations aren’t enough.………
I can’t find all the sites I found yesterday, but this should give you an idea.


mom of 3 bf boys
I cut out chocolate because I thought it made him fussy, and for a while I cut out dairy too, but I am not sure it helped. For a little bit I cut out broccoli and other cole veggies because of the gas thing, but honestly I think that’s an old wives tale.

By the way, I would not recommend cutting out spices. The baby has his first exposure to different flavors through breastmilk (actually, they also taste the mom’s food in utero through the amniotic fluid). Studies have shown that babies exposed to different flavors in the breastmilk are more likely to enjoy those flavors later in life. So if you cut out all spices, you’re likely to have a baby who does not like spicy food. If you normally eat a lot of Indian food or Thai food, I would keep eating those foods, otherwise your baby might not enjoy them with you when he’s older. Besides, I have never heard of not eating spicy foods — what was the reason for that suggestion?

There’s also some new research saying that avoiding foods while breastfeeding will not decrease the chances of food allergies:…

Eat Fruits And Veggies While Breastfeeding And Baby Will Probably Like Them
“The results revealed that breast-feeding confers an advantage for baby’s acceptance of foods during weaning — but only if the mother regularly eats those foods.”
I nursed both of my babies. With my daughter I didn’t have to change anything although with my son he was a little gassy and it was because of lettuce and greens. I didn’t stop eating them I just didn’t have them as much. Also there’s an all natural medicine in the baby section at Wal-mart it works wonders.
My mother in law advised me to do the same, eat a bland diet. I didn’t avoid anything, I just took it as trial by error. When I found something that bothered her I tried to avoid it, but its hard to deprive yourself if its something you love or crave. One night I had a big slice of pecan pie and a glass of milk and I thought she was going to crawl out of her skin and she was so miserable, it was terrible. I think I ended up limiting garlic, anything too spicy, anything too sugary and milk. My daughter was gassy too but there was a difference with her gas and the stomach upset associated with something in my milk. She never burped easily for me and my husband, to my dismay, would use gas drops that did actual give her some relief. My mom could always get really good burps from her when I never could.
I had to eliminate leafy greens because it caused excessive gas in my oldest, but when he was about 4 months old I introduced them into my diet again and gave him Mylicon drops and that worked well. With my 2nd baby, I was told that i had to stop breast feeding because he is lactose intolerant (still is at almost 8 years old too). With my 3rd baby, I had to eliminate ALL dairy and eat only bland foods as he was lactose intolerant and has reflux really bad. One Dr told me to put him on lactose free formula because I could not nurse him with him being lactose intolerant, but another told me to adjust my diet. It was a small price to pay to be able to continue nursing him! With my 4th, I started out bland and I slowly added dairy and she could tolerate it. As she got older I started introducing the leafy veggies into my diet as I did before.
I would talk to the Dr about the veggies making your daughter gassy. They might have suggestions for you. Also, I have heard that red spaghetti sauce can make the milk taste different. (I have reflux so I cannot eat it so I would not know how it effects babies)


mother of 4
 have been nursing my 2.5 year old daughter and will nurse our new baby boy due 3/1/08 and the only things I actively avoided was tree nuts. I know its a controversial food item, but it was a decision I chose to make to avoid early exposure for my daughter to something that is a commom allergen until her system was more mature. She still doesn’t eat PB and neither do I.
I know many moms that have changed/restricted their diets to exclude dairy only when their child seemed to have a reaction that could not be helped otherwise, and it usually would improve as the baby matured. This could possibly be the culprit of a very gassy bf baby…. just see if it imporves if you limit/reduce dairy or other suspect items for a week or more.
I have never heard to avoid spices unless you are noticing a reaction from Baby, but I have heard its ok to consume about 500 extra calories/day while bf… and leafy greens I would think are good for you!
Best of luck!…


Check out the Le Leche League website, as well as and Dr. Sears website for lots of good bf info. Also – check with local hospitals, many have awesome support groups for bf moms!
I exclusively nursed both of my kids and I honestly ate pretty much everything, I think I was easy on super spicy foods at first but besides that I ate whatever and both of my kids are perfectly fine. I seriously wouldn’t worry about it.
Your Dr and your family are all wrong. There is no need to forgo any foods unless you notice an obvious reaction in your baby to a particular food.…

I ate pretty much everything. Spicy, garlicky, leafy greens, the so-called “gassy” foods.

Eat to your hearts content. If your baby does not like it, he/she will let you know.

didn’t do anything differently with my diet. But my girl has a stomach like mine (thank goodness….my hubby’s is so sensitive!!!). But if I had noticed that something in particular was bothering her, I would have avoided it to some degree at least. I mean, it isn’t fair that, cabbage for instance, gives her gas pains but you “force” them on her via breastmilk. Ignore the aunts. Listen to your baby.
there is no general rule of what food to rule out as all babies are different but what you eat obviously passes through to him/her.

thats why you are told not to drink too much wine while breastfeeding because it will pass into your milk and to your baby.

my baby didnt like me eating raw onion or too much cabbage. it would give him a bad tummy but that was probably down to me overeating the two things.

i think its moderation with food like with alcohol.

a little bit of alcohol is fine but too much will affect your baby
and i personally think food is the same. too much of one thing might upset his/her tummy.

hope this helps

No. That is a wrong assumption that you have to eat more than before, it makes you hungrier because you’re burning more calories, but it doesn’t effect how much milk you produce at all! Also, sometimes spices bother babies, sometimes it doesn’t (think of Indian children… their moms eat Curry, do they stop nursing? No!)
I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter for 14 months and still going strong. I love spicy Mexican food, peanut butter, salads, leafy greens and I haven’t avoided ANYTHING (with the exception of Alcohol and illegal drugs which I never used any of those before becoming a mother anyway!).

A great website to visit is It’s the best resource on the internet for breastfeeding moms! 🙂


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