Can a 6 month old suddenly develop lactose intolerance? Since last one week, whenever i give my baby her

Posted on: February 19, 2010

formula milk, she immediately has a bowel movement. I asked the doc and he put her on Wallamycine for three days but it didnt help her. Then I consulted another doc and he put her on Nutrolin-B, which is basically lactic acid and riboflavin. Its the second day and I dont see any improvent. He told me to continue this medicine for 3 days and then come back again. Anyone faced the same situation where baby cant digest milk after 6 months? What was the solution? She is both breastfed and on formula since day 1.

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Occassionally a baby will development a termporary difficulty with lactose if she had a bout of severe diarrheah or a tummy bug that irritates her intestines. It should clear up in time.

Here’s a good (if fairly techincal) site on lactose intolerance in children/babies.…

More to the point though, why do you think she is lactose intolerant? Unless she is having actual diarrhea, frequent stools are not a problem, or a symptom of LI. (And if she WAS sensitive, it would take more than a few minutes for the lactose in the formula/breastmilk to cause her to have a bowel movement.

Sounds to me like she’s just having frequent stools, or something completely unrelated is going on.


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