C-Section And Its Association With Back Pain. Myth Or Reality?

Posted on: February 19, 2010

No it does not cause intense pain at all. Its very terrifying knowing the complications that can occur but you can’t worry about that you need to be in a pleasant state of mind to deliver a healthy baby. trust me its not half as bad as the stories you’re gonna hear. i’ve had 4 with no back problems in 10 years. every experience is different some ppl have good ones some have bad. None of that stuff will matter after you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. It’ll all be worth it. Good Luck!!
Answer 2 :
the worst thing i found was trying to put my knees on my chest so they could get the spinal block in. yes it hurts but i think its more scary than painful. and i havn’t had any back problems and my kids are 14 n 11. the actual recovery after the c-section is a lot worse than anything but after a few days you’ll be ok and forget most of it.
it is definitely uncomfortable. they insert a small needle and inside that needle another one that is about 7 or 8 inches long. but after that everything goes good. once in a while you will experience pain in the site of injection, but other than that you should be fine.
Answer 3
I had 2 c-sections and both with epidural and my 1 st was with triplets so I don’t think I had time to think of the after pain but my daughter’s birth brought on intense back spasms and inability to move while these were happening but don’t let me scare you they are really helpful and you really don’t feel anything all I felt was them pulling my kids out
I ahve heard of it interfering with a nerve in a persons back and also causing migrains (I have had these more often since my c-section, but also a screaming baby.) Also I ahve had a numb and tingling sensations where it was inserted. But I have not noticed my back to be any weaker.
But right after, when it was wearing off, I had such bad shakes that I could not even hold my child and I felt like I was sitting in a freezer. It was actually a little painful, especially since I was shivering and so I was feeling where I was cut, but it wasn’t too bad (that aspect.) And I could not stop shivering for at least a half an hour. I think more like 45 mins cause it started while they were still working on stitching me back up.
And no, not intense pain, but it is more sore now-a-days and tense, but I also breastfeed slumped which is probably it.
Good luck!!!!
Answer 4:
 don’t know if you have ever had a C-Section yourself, but the process starts by them having you sign a waver. The info in this waiver includes the facts that a spinal block “could cause” all of the things that you stated and more serious injuries such a permanent paralysis and even death. It is a legal must for Docs to have you sign this form not “just because” but definately because C-Section have resulted in all of the things listed here. Several of my female pts. as well as friends and family members have complained about things from as minor as a noticeable knot in the back where they were injected to things as major as sharp shooting pain when they turn a certain way or a permanent numb spot in the back or down the leg. You have to remember that the doc is putting a needle through one of the most vital nerve centers in the body.
Yes the C-Section causes weakness in the back as it does injury to the skin, muscle and nerve tissue that the needle pushes through. Of course some women find this an acceptable alternative. Additionally, I must admit that the procedure is safer and less risky than it was say 50 years ago. However, you will note that they still have you sign that waiver, and won’t perform the procedure unless you do. Hope this helped! good luck!

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