Any particular foods to be avoided after delivery of the baby, especially when its c-section and you are

Posted on: February 19, 2010

breastfeeding the baby? And anything one should add in the diet ? I heard many old wives tales that suggest so many foods to be avoided or rather having just bland foods for a few weeks, so just wondering if any of it is true? Some women say we should not hve cold water after c-section as it leads to a bulging tummy later on. and one should hve boiled water..rather luckewarm one….Any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Personally I would avoid foods that would make you gassy for awhile just so that it doesn’t cause you any extra pain or the baby. Beyond that pretty much anything is good just remember that strong flavors like coffee, cinnamon, garlic etc will transfer to your breastmilk. Also consider avoiding foods that you noticed gave you problems through your pregnancy since thats one way your body tells you what a baby can and can’t handle.
    I’m not lactose intolerant but with both pregnancies I’ve became intolerant and son ended up being highly allergic to milk products. We don’t know yet with our daughter.
  2. After I had my C-section the hospital gave me a bland menu to order from. I was starving & I got to eat beef or chicken stock & jello. After the first day though I ate anything.
    If you are breastfeeding you may want to watch gassy foods. I ate horseradish sauce one night with dinner & my son had bad gass pain after he nursed.

    The cold water thing….I’ve never heard of it. I had cold juice & iced tea & my belly is flat now. Old wives tale maybe….not sure.

  3. The only thing I would look out for is alcohol as one person suggested and stimulants. The caffeine in some things can get to your baby more than you realize. If you avoided things during your pregnancy for one reason or another, more than likely, your baby is unfamiliar with the taste of it. So if you eat like you did when you were pregnant, then you should be fine. Oh yea and maybe limit your amount of dairy products because sometimes the lactose can make the baby gassy. These all have easy fixes, but you still might just want to be aware of it. You will see very quickly how things affect your baby through your body. Congrats. As far as the C-section, I didn’t do anything special except try to rest as much as possible.

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as far as staying away from cold water… I was told that I had to pass gas before I was able to leave the hospital after my c-section. A nurse on my 3rd day told me to ditch the ice water and drink room temp water. Cold water keeps your body shut down. Within 3 hours of room temp water, I was good to go.

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