Alphadopa ( Medicine to Control High BP) In Pregnancy – How Safe?

Posted on: February 19, 2010

 Alphadopa 250 mg and ASA 50 help maintain a normal blood pressure during pregnancy. These will be continued till you deliver. The BP comes back to normal within 6 weeks of delivery if it is high only during pregnancy.

Its one of the safest drugs you can take while pregnant. I was on it up until I was 6 months pregnant. It kept my BP down but gave me nasty heart papiltations, and I ended up in the ER. So I got sent to a Cardiologist and he gave me Toprol. But put your mind at ease with the Methyldopa, its totally safe, it has been around for many years, and its primarily perscribed to pregnant woman, it will have no effect on your baby. Good Luck!! 

Alpha dopa contains methyl dopa.Methyldopa is a category B medication. It has the longest safety record for treatment of hypertension in pregnancy.So kindly follow the advise of your doctor.  Check for more info.

“It’s not genetics. It’s not random. The cause is NOT unknown. Toxemia CAN be stopped. PreeclampsiaA-toxic-condition-developing… CAN be stopped. Best of all, YOU can stop it!

HOW? All the scientific research being done on toxemia and preeclampsia these days is focusing on treatment, and none of it is promising. But the research has already been done, many times and many ways in the past 50+ years, and we know that you can PREVENT this from happening to you in the first place, no matter what your personal history may be. The simple answer? GOOD NUTRITION.

Hypertension and Salt Restriction…

The Doctor May Stand Between You And Good Nutrition…

7 Responses to "Alphadopa ( Medicine to Control High BP) In Pregnancy – How Safe?"

does it effect getting pregnant?

thanx Alphadopa tablet .

Thanks to all.

It is safeset drug in treatment to pregnancy induced hypertension.trusted from years.apldhadopa 250 was previously used but now alphadopa 500 is launched just to reduce the pill burdento the patient.

Good one for during pregnancy women

What should be dose of alphadopaif bp is 140/100

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