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Dear Expectant Mothers and and also friends of Expectant parents,


Please visit us on 3rd February, Sunday, 2013 at our store in Galleria. To celebrate motherhood, we will give the below mentioned to the pregnant walk-ins or anyone who refers a pregnant friend-

1. Readers Digest Pregnancy Manual
2. Rs. 2000 Diet Clinic gift voucher for post pregnancy weight loss valid in Gurgaon
3. Vlcc gift voucher for free foot Massage & Manicure, Pedicure & Face Clean-up for Rs. 999 valid in Gurgaon
4. Isaac Aesthetic Rs. 2500 gift voucher for complimentary blow dry, foot reflexology & extensive skin analysis with dermatologist recommendation valid in Chattarpur extension, Delhi.

For any more details pls call 0124-4105735.
Looking forward to see you!

Many factors conspire to make this particular purchase a highly personal one, including your lifestyle, your height, your arm strength and your personal preferences for various bells and whistles.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you start shopping around, but take heart: The following tips can help you choose the best set of wheels for your baby.

1. Check on all options and decide your budget.

2. Kick the tires. OK, you may not literally want to kick anything as you shop around, but it’s of paramount importance that you test out a wide variety of strollers before you make any decisions. Visit stores in person and try opening, folding and carrying different models with one hand. Make sure the stroller feels sturdy, not flimsy.

3. Remember seemingly small details. If more than one person will be pushing the stroller, adjustable handles are an important feature to have. Other features that can quickly become indispensable are a cup holder, a canopy to shield your baby from sun or rain, and a basket that’s big enough to store your stuff. Another key detail: Be sure the stroller fits inside your trunk.

4. Newborns have special needs. A newborn baby needs a stroller that lets him or her lie down or that works in concert with a car seat. After your baby reaches about 6 months of age and can sit up – but not before then – you could consider a stroller that doesn’t recline.

5. A lightweight frame also could do the trick. If you know you want the ability to use your baby’s car seat with your stroller, you could spend less money by buying an empty frame that rolls an infant car seat around. The frames tend to be easy to open and close with one hand. The drawback: By the time your child turns about a year old and outgrows the car seat, you’d have to replace both the frame and the seat with something else.

6. Go off road. A jogger or all-terrain stroller has three heavy-duty suspension or air-filled tires and is ideal for off-road use. These strollers also are great in tight or crowded spaces where you might want good maneuverability and the ability to turn on a dime. Bear in mind that three-wheel strollers are not appropriate for babies under 6 months of age – that is, unless you also want to invest in an adapter system that will allow you to snap your baby’s car seat into your three-wheeler while your bundle of joy is still very small.

7. You might need more than one. You buy a pram for a new baby and also invest in a low-cost umbrella-style stroller can save you after your baby reaches 6 months. They’re convenient and lightweight – often under cheaper than prams. Sunbaby and Meme have economical range while Chicco strollers start from INR 4500 onwards. Mums N Munchkins offers FLAT 10% off on strollers and prams.

8. Stay focused on safety. Never leave your baby unattended in a stroller, especially when he or she is sleeping. The baby could strangle by sliding down into a leg opening. Always remember to use the safety belt or harness, to avoid overloading the stroller, to lock the stroller’s wheels when you’re standing still so it can’t roll away from you, and to return the stroller warranty card so you can be contacted about a recall.

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Mums N Munchkins is offering 10% Off on various strollers and prams. They stock have Sunbaby, Meemee and BSA Prams and Strollers. Can also get Chicco Snappy and Chicco London strollers. CALL 0124-4105735 for directions

Disposable v/s Cloth Diapers

Diapers are a mom’s best friend, undoubtedly. Once the baby born, most hospitals will put disposable diapers on your baby! So, it’s okay to use it right after birth! Each day, a baby needs to change diapers between 8 to 12 times (average). It’s really a personal decision- but disposable diapers- are absolutely fine on a newborns skin. In my experience the best disposable diapers in India are as follows:

  1. Pampers New Baby – Victor Mills was an American chemical engineer who, while working for the Procter & Gamble Co., revolutionized child care with the invention of the disposable diaper. He began work on that product in the 1950s, using his grandchildren as test subjects. Today, Pampers are found around the world. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, Pampers are sold wherever diapers are sold.
  2. Evy Baby New Born
  3. Pigeon Small
  4. Wipro Small
  5. Huggies New Baby – Owned by the 140-year-old Wisconsin company Kimberly-Clark, Huggies are distributed in 150 countries. Varieties include newborn to toddler diapers, overnites, jean diapers, swimmers, baby wipes, and diapers for bed wetters, among others. Available everywhere diapers are sold.
  6. Mamy Poko Pants ( easy for babies who  can stand up – 1 year onwards)

Many parents prefer to buy large packs of Diapers, depending on their budgets and suitability to child. For the first few days, buy small packs of diapers and see which one suits your baby’s skin the best in terms of absorbance, rash, bulkiness and leak-proof material.

Diapers available at Mums N Munchkins are Pigeon, Evy Baby and Pampers Active Baby. Best Price for Diapers 10% off on All Diapers in Gurgaon.

Features to look out for in diapers –

Wetness indicator – Some diapers, such as Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, have a wetness indicator that lets you know your baby needs a change.

Cutout (for newborns) – Newborn sizes of many brands of disposable diapers have a curved front or cutout to avoid irritating the still-healing navel area. Some parents just fold a regular diaper down until the area fully heals.

Stretch sides – These sides help the diaper to do a better job of molding to a baby’s body, which can help stop leaks. Diapers with stretch sides can be more comfortable, too. This feature is found on disposable diapers and on waterproof cloth diaper covers and all-in-one cloth diaper styles.

Diaper Rash

Babies  who wear diapers may experience skin irritation, commonly referred to as diaper rash, due to contact with fecal matter, as feces contains urease which catalyzes the conversion of the urea in urine to ammonia which can irritate the skin and can cause painful redness. The best diaper rash creams have the highest amount of zinc oxide in them. The higher the ingredient of zinc oxide, the better it is at protecting the baby’s skin from allergies and rashes. Other method is to simply use Vaseline petroleum jelly to your baby’s bottom before you put her in diapers. The jelly acts as a barrier between the skin and diaper, thus preventing the rash.

Best Diaper Rash Creams Available

  1. Sudocream
  2. Desitin
  3. Mothercare Nappy Rash Cream
  4. Chicco Diaper Rash Cream
  5. Pigeon Diaper Rash Cream
  6. Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Cloth Diapers

Other way to prevent diaper rash is to put the baby in cloth diapers though it increases the work load for the mother. Cloth diapers can be much less expensive than disposables.  After paying the initial cost, you’ll save huge money by reusing cloth diapers again and again.

Various Types of Cloth Diapers are Tinycare’s Square Nappies, U-Shaped with cord, Triangle Nappies, Nappies with outer plastic inner cloth, with valcro etc. You can also choose diapers with inserts (cloth pads or disposable pads added to increase absorbency), waterproof covers to lock in moisture, and/or flushable liners that help to contain the mess. Liners eliminate the need to rinse cloth diapers before depositing them in a diaper pail.

For Flat 10% Off on Diapers click

To sleep peacefully during pregnancy is quite a task because of sudden weight gain (anywhere between 10 to 12 kgs). Many women experience moderate to severe back pain. Since it is almost prohibited to lie on one’s stomach and back lying can restrict the flow of blood through the blood vessels of the heart, which can cause feeling feint.
Sleeping on the left side prevents the large organ of the liver sited on the right side of the body being compressed, which could prevent it filtering the blood supply as efficiently. Also lying on the back can restrict the flow of blood through the blood vessels of the heart, which can cause feeling feint.

The only other position would be side lying. But for some women side lying may lead to pain in the knees and hips. That is when Pregnancy Pillows ( also known as Maternity Pillows, Body Pillows or C/U-Shape pillows) come to your rescue.

Whatever your choice when it comes to choosing your pregnancy pillows, make sure that the filling of the pillow itself is hypo allergenic and can be washed or dry cleaned. The pregnancy pillow is placed alongside the body and not across it. It is either placed between the knees or the upper leg can be rested on top of it. See pictures for more details.

The pillow is available at
Mums N Munchkins
SF 24, Galleria market, PhaseIv.
Call 0124-4105735 for directions.

Medela – serves customers in more than 90 countries and provides the most technologically advanced, superior-quality breast-pumps and breast-feeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world. It is the only company to develop products based on research by the world’s leading lactation experts. As a result, Medela’s breast-pumps are the number one choice of 80 percent of U.S. hospitals.

Now the products of this brand are available at Mums n Munchkins ( store in Galleria market.

For more details Contact – 0124-4105735.

Check the products here…

When I was pregnant with my baby for the first time it was way back in 2006 and maternity wear was not much heard about that time. The only true maternity dress I possessed was this black tunic one piece from a brand called “Sweet Dreams” which my brother and his wife picked up from Lifestyle for me. Since I was living in a small town during my pregnancy so I could not even explore many options what a big town has to offer. My only options were kurtas from W’s or Biba teamed up with matching churidaars and lowers. I longed to fit into my regular jeans and t-shirt as I piled up several kilos but could not do so even after a year of giving birth to my baby.

But women today are blessed with such a huge choice in maternity wear. Be it jeans or capris or cotton trousers, everything is available in Maternity wear now. And not to forget about summer dresses and the all-time favorite dungarees, which makes every women look cute . For more range of maternity wear in Gurgaon check this link

Pigeon has even come up with a support belt that is to be used during pregnancy and it provides support to your back and baby bump. Mothercare has a range of pillows that can be used not only during pregnancy but also post-pregnancy to feed the baby. Check it out

Talking about undergarments – Bodycare and several other brand have maternity panties which are really high waist and come with smooth elastic which does not hurt the growing belly. See

Post pregnancy – the options suddenly seems huge. Initially only feeding nighties were available for a new mom, which were mostly front open and had to be zipped down to feed the baby. Now the mother can choose from nighties with flaps, side zips and even night suits. Night suits come with feeding option and are teemed with pajamas tootoo.

But can you wear nighties and night suits if you going out and have to feed the baby? Ofcourse not. For feeding the baby on the go, there are nursing tops which comes in various sizes and designs and have a discreet zipper or flap which can be used to feed the baby while traveling or on a visit to doctor. So be a smart mom and look hot while still feeding the baby.

A new mom also suffers form sudden milk leakages and that is where it helps. They come in both disposable and washable options. For initial few months, opt only for disposable option as you would be too busy with your baby to have time to wash and dry and then use them. Avent, Pigeon, Chicco, Medela all have disposable breast pads.

Breast feeding is the best gift you can give your baby and a breast pump really is of great help in case you plan to join work sooner and still want baby to have breast milk. While talking to several mothers I came to this conclusion that electric breast pumps, though a bit painful initially, are the best bet than the manual ones. Check Medela’s Mini Electric Breast pump, which costs around 6995 – tops the list as the most preferred breast pump used by mothers, followed by Avent’s Manual breast pump. Many mothers also use Pigeon’s breast pumps (electronic and manual both) and have mixed reviews on it.

Regarding post-natal girdle or– Farlin is the choice for most mothers. It not only offers back support but also help bringing back the tummy to its original pre-pregnancy days.

For new baby clothes
Here I am copy pasting the list of new baby clothes and accessories:

1. Vests – Front open/wide necked/Thermals for winters (Bodycare/Neva)
2. T-Shirts – Front Open/Wide neck
3. Cotton Nappies – U-Shaped/Triangle/with valcro
4. Payjamas – Diaper Payjamas/Normal/Booty Payjamas
5. Towels – Hooded/Non-Hooded
6. Wrapping Sheets – Hooded/Non-Hooded/Warm fleece in winters
7. Sweaters for winters
8. Cotton Caps
9. Mittens
10. Booties
11. Rubber Sheets – Quicky Dry Sheets/Macintosh
12. Sleeping Suits/Onsies/Rompers – Full Sleeves, Front Open
13. Blankets – Swadling Blankets
14. Sleeping Bags
15. Baby Wipes – Hand and Mouth/Anti-Bacterial (Pigeon)
16. Baby Bottles (Dr. Brown’s, Pigeon, Avent, Camera, Nuby Medela)
17. Baby Bottle Sterilizer (Pigeon, Chicco, Avent, Nuby)
18. Formula Milk Dispenser (Nuby)
19. Bottle Cleanser (Pigeon, Chicco)
20. Laundry Detergent (Chicco, Pigeon – Liquid and powder)
21. Mosquito Nets, Bedding with mosquito nets
22. Bedding with booster pillow and neck pillow (Mom’spet)
23. Bath Tub, Foldable Tub and Bathing Chair
24. Baby Toiletries – Massage Oil, Head to toe bath (Mothercare, Chicco, Pigeon, Johnsons)
25. Bottle Brush (Pigeon, Nuby)
26. Nail Clippers (Nuby)
27. Disposable Diapers (Pigeon, Pampers, Evybaby, Wipro)
28. Thermometer (Nuby)
29. Medicine Feeder (Nuby, Pigeon)
30. Bottle Warmer
31. Pacifiers (Pigeon)
32. Nappy Rash Creams (Chicco, Pigeon, Mothercare, Desitin, Sudocream)
On The Go
1. Baby on Board Stickers for cars
2. Baby Carrier/Sling (Mothercare, Chicco)
3. Baby Car Seat (Mee Mee, Sunbaby, Chicco)
4. Baby Carry Cot (Baby Boo)
5. Baby Pram (Sunbaby, Poly’sPet, Babyboo)
6. Diaper Bag / Mother bags with multiple pockets and changing mats (Carters, MeeMee)
7. Baby Cots (Sunbaby)

For the Mother
1. Multipurpose Support Pillow/Feeding Pillow (Mothercare)
2. U-Shape Pillow or Body Pillow
3. Breast Pump – Electric/Manual (Medela, Pigeon, Chicco, Avent, Nuby)
4. Feeding Bras (Bodycare) and Maternity Panties
5. Breast Pads – Washable/Disposable(Pigeon, Chicco, Medela, Mothercare)
6. Breast Milk Storage Bottles (Pigeon)
7. Post Natal Girdle / Belt (Farlin)
8. Nipple Shields (Pigeon, Chicco, Medela)
9. Nursing Gown/Night Suits with Side and front opening
10. Stretch Mark Cream (Mothercare, Chicco)
11. Mother Bags (Carters, MeeMee)
12. Burp Clothes
Available at:
Mums N Munchkins
SF 24, FF, Above Guardian Pharmacy,
Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV,
For directions call – 0124-4105735

Intellitots Preschool is a fun and stimulating experience for young children. The preschool offers a creative learning environment where children are free to explore, express and experiment.  Located in DLF Phase IV close to Galleria, the preschool attracts children of discerning parents who are looking for a world class preschool.  The preschool also offers a high quality afterschool care program with a number of enrichment programs to choose from.

Intellitots preschool is known for their child friendly instructors and very good child teacher ratio. The school boasts of a child teacher ratio of 7:1 and has live music in classrooms with specialized and internationally trained staff for musical drama, storytelling, baby yoga and phonics instruction. The classrooms are air-conditioned and there are a number of specialized outdoor areas for physical activity. Parents are regularly invited to interact with teachers, watch morning assembly  and volunteer for storytelling sessions and other activities.

The child-focused creative curriculum developed and followed by Intellitots revolves around development of vocabulary related to real world themes, with an emphasis on the development of language and numeracy skills. The preschool values the uniqueness of each child as a competent learner who is eager to learn and can be resilient and self-assured given a secure and stimulating environment. Intellitots strives to get children to experience the joy and highs of learning and set them on the path of becoming confident and successful individuals.

Mausmi Dubey, mother of 4 year old Anahita states ‘Intellitots according to me has  a unique environment for young children which is a combination of intelligence, creative skills and affection that helps them to stimulate their young minds. The structure of their programs are designed and formulated to bring out the creative skills in every child and they are committed towards effective child development. My daughter has been associated with them for over a year and we are very pleased with her development. The best part is that she looks forward to coming here every day.’

Landline : 0124 – 4223860
MOB : 9990800892
ADD : Intellitots Learning, 4101 DLF Phase IV, Near Vipul Square(Naivaidyam), Gurgaon
Email :


Chk out our previous review here

The first thing we have in mind when we visit a preschool in context of getting our child admitted is who the person behind this institution is. Many websites are filled with school reviews regarding the fee structure, its curriculum, its methodology and much more (which too is of utmost importance) but how often do we get to know the brain behind all this? As a keen parent I was always interested in knowing the principal, how she interacts with parents while we visit the school and what her background is and many more but couldn’t really find out any way to do so. What better way than going out myself and interviewing them. This is the first in the series of interviews of the principals of Gurgaon pre-schools and formal schools where we give you more information about not only the school but also the person behind it.

We also encourage readers to ask queries, doubts if they have any in mind, regarding the pre-school and education in general. All the queries will be addressed to the principals directly.

Our first principal in this initiative is Ms Shailini Gauba – Hony. Director, Founder and Principal at iDiscoveri Preschool Sector 46 Gurgaon – Idiscoveri Pre School (sector 46) in Gurgaon. Ms Gauba has over 20 years of experience in this field and is the person behind the “best pre-school” in Gurgaon. On visiting the pre-school a year ago, I was showed the school in detail and told about its curriculum etc about which I wrote a review here ( .

On my second visit for her Interview – I came to know many new things like the way school imbibes modern values and restores the customs and traditions too. The idea of celebrating “Grandparents Day” reflects the school’s belief in respecting the elders and celebrating their presence in our lives. In today’s world it’s very important to imbibe these core values in kids not only through their parents but also through the school.

On the “Grandparents’ Day” no parent is allowed to come to school but only grandparents of the kids. The way they are welcomed and given due respect is just worth a watch. I saw the pictures and was impressed with the whole idea of celebrating this day.

“Most grandparents have tears in the eyes when they see their grandchildren performing on stage. The whole environment is so emotionally charged,” tell Ms Gauba adding that the school doesn’t have the tradition of inviting any “Chief Guest”.  “This is just waste of time and we believe the only chief guests could be parents in itself.” This is a fresh change from all the schools where you see so many chief guests in the form of politicians and ministers which have no relation to the school. Hats off for this initiative!

Prior to iDiscoveri, Ms Gauba ran a pre-school called “Tender Years” in Delhi from her home as it was the time she was also devoting time to her two kids, who are now in higher classes. The school is now closed and she focuses her entire creative energy on iDiscoveri.

I asked her certain questions that many parents asked me on my blog. First one was regarding her views on cut off age group for nursery.

Me: “My kid is November born and she misses the date of Nursery admission in many schools by one month and would have to wait for entire one year before she gets admission in nursery. Some schools also recommend me to change my kid’s birth certificate and alter her age by 2 months. What are your views on that?”

Ms Gauba: I don’t think there is any need to alter the age of a kid to get her admission in Nursery if she falls short by a month or two. I have two sons, one is born after September and one prior to it. I did not try and tweak the birth certificate of the December born just because he should get admission. Though his cousin and he are same age group and she is one class higher than him, it doesn’t really matter.

I actually feel that the kids who are eldest in their class are actually stronger in their concepts and have better understanding and maturity than the smallest ones. They have strong grasping power and have deep rooted concepts. So it’s always good to let the child be in the same class as he deserves to be in. Don’t try to rush into getting admission early. It won’t help any way.

Another parent on our blog questioned: “My child is just 2 year old and I am scared if I put him to a pre-school, chances are he could get bullied by older kids and would not be able to tell about it to teachers and us. What does a pre-school do to address this issue?”

Ms Gauba: There is usually a child in every group who is hyperactive and may have tendency to bully other kids or kids of younger age. We generally tackle this issue by keeping our student teacher ratio in balance and taking special care of such kids. If ever we find such kid who has the tendency to bully other kids, we talk to the parents and give special attention to the kid.

“My child remains very quiet in class and doesn’t take the initiative to talk and make friends. I am afraid he will become an introvert and would like to know how the school can help me address this issue?”

To this question, Ms Gauba had a story to tell: There was a child in their class who remained quiet and didn’t want to make friends. He didn’t talk to even the teachers. But one of our teachers (who is still with us) took the initiative to take special care of him and get him out of his shell. She asked him to become friends with her. Though the child initially did not show interest in developing friendship with the teacher but later during one of the activities in class the child held the teacher’s hand and is with her during whole time. We published this story in one of the publications after few years and were so touched by it. I am lucky to have such teachers who take this initiative and are ready to help children in every aspect.

Question: “My child becomes attached to his teacher very easily and doesn’t like it when she is absent for long or worst is she gets replaced by other teacher or leaves the school. What does the school do to ensure that the teachers are retained so it doesn’t affect the child’s psychology?”

Ms Gauba: We have teachers who are working with us since the time of school’s inception and we generally try our best to retain them. As a rule the student teacher ratio is 1:10, 2 mentors and 1 maid with 20 students in a class. So if one mentor is on leave the students don’t feel the absence to that extent as they are also used to seeing other one and the chances of both taking a leave together are highly unlikely.”

Like me, all you parents might have numerous questions in mind and also trying to seek answers to it. Please use this forum to address them and we will have more principals on board in future.

November Events

1. Blogger Meet Up by Tommy Hilfiger

Date – Nov 22

About – Now that all the festive rush has gone by and Children’s Day is just around the corner, we thought why not invite You and your kid for a day out with Tommy Hilfiger! We cordially invite you for a Store Tour cum Bloggers Meet Up in celebration of the successful launch of Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear Stores. As you interact with fellow Mommy Bloggers and Fashion Bloggers of Delhi, let you kids have a great time playing around with one another.
We’ll start with a Store-Tour wherein we will take you through the Store and familiarize your with the TH Childrenswear merchandise, followed by an Open House session where we’ll discuss Kids & Fashion and everything that comes in between.
Venue: Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear Store, South Ex – Pt- 1 Market, New Delhi
Date: 22nd November 2010
Time: 05:00 pm (Tentative)

2. “The Child who Loves Colours”

Date - Nov 27, 2010

Place - iDiscoveri Preschool, Sector 46, Gurgaon.

About - The 4th Annual Event of iDiscoveri Preschool SECTOR 46 GURGAON
on the 27th of November 2010 at 1130 hours
“The Child who Loves Colours”
for INVITES please send request mail to

December Events

1. Teacher Development Programme at Chennai by SchoolScape

Dec 10

About -

The Teacher Development Programme being conducted by SchoolScape is aimed at working teachers and parents to enable them to work with children in the second phase of development, from 6 yrs to 12 yrs; Classes 1 to 8.
The programme is being conducted to give schools an opportunity to bring in changes in the classroom systematically and easily in tune with current ideas of education, discussed elaborately in the NCF (National Curriculum Framework) documents, which are also the basis for the RtE Act.
With the programme timed to start from the December holidays, it would prepare the participating educators to bring in changes from the next academic year. The Montessori programme for this age group makes it possible for schools and professionals to decide how the principles and practices could be incorporated into a regular classroom.
The course would help the teachers ensure that they are effective in helping children to learn constructively, rather than mechanically; comprehensively rather than in bits and pieces; with understanding, rather than merely by rote.  The teacher would be able to see the evidence of her efforts in a short time as children explode into learning along with a feeling of responsibility and a psycho-social development.
Benefiting the child, the parent and the professional educator, while the composite learning levels of the school are also raised, the Teacher Development Programme will be multi-beneficial.
The focus of the TDP would be on learning the pedagogy that is intended to be practiced in the schools or education programmes. There would be a heterogeneous mix of lecture-discussions, demonstration of activities, experiential learning, presentations, seminars, group reading, observation, written assignments, games & exercises, practice sessions, along with opportunities for reflection that will all be used as a means to help the participants to discover their own potential.
Skills like singing, art work, leading a discussion, story telling, writing and reading will also be built in seamlessly into the programme.
The subjects studied would be
Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Geometry, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Art
Principles of Montessori theory and practice
Democracy and relationship to school and society
Alternative education in India
Education thinkers and practitioners
Reading will be suggested as part of the course and assignments given pertaining to the subjects being done.
Recommended books could be bought, borrowed or shared
Eligibility & Expectations of the participants
The participant needs to be an adult of 18 years or above on the day the course commences
Fluency in English will help the student to understand better as this is the medium of instruction for the course
(If, participants require translation, a especial person could be appointed and the costs shared among the trainees who opt for it; be it Tamil or French or…) 
Being a graduate of any stream will be preferable
The time schedule of the assignments as and when given need to followed
(The programme being intensive, steady work through the period will enable participants to pace the course work and complete assignments on time.)
Each individual is expected to contribute to being a member of the collective class
It is the assumption that one respects one another, with love, empathy and acceptance.
A commitment to practicing the learning in one’s work and in life would help to bring cogency to the group.
The Course fee: INR 25, 000/
Administration Fee; Rs 5000
Examination fee: Rs 2000/ to be paid by June 2011
Rs 10,000 can be paid with the application and the rest could be paid by Dec 20th, 2010
Fee is not returnable if for any reason the participant is not able to complete the course.
However, if the participant withdraws within 7 days of the course commencing, 50% of the full course fee paid will be returned.
Each participant may incur a further expenditure approx 10,000/- (approx) towards material being given or made by themselves.
Heads of schools, trainers and other interested people could attend one class or a number of classes for a particular subject. They will be observers.
The per day fee will be Rs 400/
Half a day fee will be: Rs 250/
No certificate of attendance or any letter will be given.
Permission has to be sought in advance for attending specific classes.
Admission Procedure
Submit the signed application form with two passport size photographs
Please enclose along with the application form a cv with details of your school, college and further studies
All educational and other details should be supported with attested copies of documents
The first instalment of Rs 10,000 has to be paid by 3rd Dec. The balance amount needs to be paid by the 20th of Dec, 2010. The total amount of the fee (except for the examination fee) needs to be paid before attending the classes
With the application form, a write-up on “My Childhood”, written as spontaneously as possible, should be submitted in one’s own handwriting.
An interview will be held after registering on a date notified to those who register
A letter of admission will be sent after the interview
For registration and other details, contact us at 99410 25046 / 43123363 or send your mail to

The list keeps getting updated. For more details please check News And Events Section

My Journey To Motherhood

Harpreet With Baby Meher

Harpreet And Meher

Someone rightly said – motherhood is the keystone of the arch of matrimonial happiness and I wanted to plunge into this happiness in the second year of our marriage. And what best way to start trying could be than to take a break and go for a holiday.  Both of us took leave from our respective jobs and went straight to Goa and had a wonderful time. After coming back from our fun vacation, we got busier in our lives and let things take its own course. The following month we got this wonderful news – I was pregnant.  

Though we were desperate to share things right in the first month but elders told us to keep mum and be patient for at least three months. The reasons were many, as during the first trimester we had our share of difficulties when the doctor told us that there is a slight amount of bleeding around the sac. She suggested bed rest for 2 weeks along with doses of Progesterone to support the pregnancy.

At the onset of the second trimester I was again advised to take it easy because the placenta had come down near the cervix. After another few weeks, by God’s grace my condition improved and the rest of the time went smoothly and happily. It was then I realized that pregnancy has many benefits as for the first time in my life – I enjoyed eating with out feeling guilty!

We both looked forward to my visits to the doctor for ultrasound as it gave us a chance to have a glimpse of our baby, listen to her heartbeat and see our bundle of joy more closely. My due date according to my doc was 21st Jan, but my girl could not wait that longer.

 On 12th Jan midnight, I started having mild period-like pains. I immediately called my doc and she said they were very early labour pains and can also be false labour. She asked me to wait for another one hour and see if the intensity increases. After one hour it was still the same kind of mild pain after a gap of 5-7 minutes. It was then that my doctor asked me to go to the hospital and the time was 3 a.m. At the hospital the doctor confirmed that I was actually having contractions but at a very early stage. She gave me sedatives so that I could sleep and the pains would subside if it’s false labour.

Next day when I woke up the pain had increased a little in intensity but could not be called actual labour and the dilation was also of about 1 cm. Doctor asked us if we wanted they can induce the pain and deliver the baby today or we could wait to let labour progress on its own. We decided that we did not want to hurry things and let nature take its course. The whole day of 13th Jan I stayed in the birthing suite of one of the cities best hospital, meeting friends and family, watching TV with my husband.

By 13th night the labour pains increased a little more. But now the doc said that if I do not go into labour by morning they will start inducing. By 14th morning the contractions were coming more strongly but the dilation was not satisfactory. So they planned to induce me. After some time some doctor came in and broke the water bag. All this time my sister,  who herself if a doctor herself, was with me.

When the water came out it had a greenish ting of myconium (baby stool). And after this with each contraction the babies hear beat started dipping. My doctor saw what was happening and decided that a C section has to be done urgently as baby was in distress. Then everything happened so fast, taking me from my room to the OT and getting me ready for the C section.

I was given a spinal anesthesia, which took some time for the body to go numb. But I still could feel the pulling and tugging; think they had already given me a cut. Since I was not mentally prepared for a C section and didn’t know what to expect during the operation, I panicked.

I had a notion that I wont feel anything but could feel every movement, although without  pain and  this got me really scared. I panicked more and starting saying, “I can still feel everything.” I got so stressed that my heart beat went up till 130 bpm. Then all I remember is some thing getting injected in the IV tube and a foggy mask

over my nose and mouth.

I woke up with the doctor knocking on my forehead saying,” Harpreet..wake up… You have got a baby girl. Congratulations”. With that I was taken to the recovery room.

Finally I met my baby Meher at 9 p.m. that night and she was born at 11:42 a.m. on a very auspicious day Makar Sankranti. And she also shares her birth no.14 with me and my hubby. All I can say is she was worth waiting for and we have never felt so happy and content.

Motherhood has relaxed me in many ways. You learn to deal with crisis. I’ve become a juggler, I suppose. It’s all a big circus, and nobody who knows me believes I can manage, but sometimes I do!

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